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Floyd is Not a Funny Shape

Jet Force Gemini: Get a medal in every Floyd Mission over time.

Floyd is Not a Funny Shape0
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How to unlock the Floyd is Not a Funny Shape achievement

  • CreepyB4byCreepyB4by156,543
    18 Sep 2015 17 Sep 2015
    18 3 6
    This solution is specifically addressing the Floyd Mission aboard the SS Anubis.

    The Mission aboard the SS Anubis in the Hold area must be won with a gold medal in order to receive the earplugs as a reward. The earplugs should be given to Ivana Bear, an NPC on the Ruined Water World.

    In order to get a Gold, you must complete the race in 60 secs or less, Collect all 8 Circuit Boards and Destroy all four targets. The fuel is constantly counting down. Every 100 units represents 10 seconds; you must finish with 900 units remaining in order to get a gold medal. There are 8 circuit boards scattered around the map, you must collect them all. There are 3 panels on the walls and one blue reactor that you must destroy. These are the targets.

    Here's a quick rundown with a video that has a voice over explanation. The level has a shortcut at the end behind a door with a force field. Shoot the reactor to disable the shield. The 8th Circuit Board is in the Shortcut and you MUST take it to win.

    Thanks a lot and Good luck on your 'Chievos.

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    LovelyCalf94542I only got 6 circuit boards and still got gold.
    Posted by LovelyCalf94542 on 01 Mar 17 at 20:58
    Movie MarioWill give thumbs up after edit, only 6 needed for gold, not 8
    Posted by Movie Mario on 10 Jun 18 at 06:59
    Ingen kommentarWell i only got 4 and stil got gold :)
    Posted by Ingen kommentar on 27 Apr at 21:19
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  • PinskiPinski703,541
    11 Feb 2016 12 Feb 2016 11 Sep 2016
    11 0 3
    I personally had issues finding and completing all of the Floyd missions. I found this GameFAQ written by Niveau helpful.

    Click here for guide.

    I take no credit for this, guide written by Niveau on GameFAQs.

    Furthermore, this achievement isn't glitched. Some people got the requirements wrong, flipped out, cried the sky is falling, and freaked everyone out.

    This achievement requires you to get a BRONZE or better on all SIX missions. That's all. If you get a bronze or better in all six, you'll get this achievement. Some of the missions are required to beat the game.
    Mizar's Palace - Automatically get expert for completing and needed to progress in the game.
    SS Anubis - Gold required for earplugs, which you need to beat the game.
    Final Mission after Final Boss Fight - Automatically get expert for completing and needed to progress in the game.

    Just make sure you have BRONZE or better (not Merit) on the first five missions before beating the final boss and you'll unlock this.
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    TropanGoldwood - Interior area, progress forward until you go up rock stairs, take left path to floyd door.

    Ichor - progress level, take the right door (lifeforce door) when split comes (other is magenta door I think) break glass on left, go through tunnel.

    Eschebone - continue level until you reach where you picked up magenta key. It's a little elevated pathway, 3 flyers pop up on each side, little stepping stone below (which had the key floating on them). Kill enemies, float across to doorway (jetfuel pad is on ground below if needed)

    Bronze is pretty easy for all. Goldwood took a few more tries then rest.

    After all these (before final boss) you should register 83% complete in achievement tracker.

    Thanks for the guide, just thought it needed a bit more info on locations of doors, Cheers!
    Posted by Tropan on 27 Jun 16 at 05:23
    TaeglinCould use more emphasis on the BEFORE finishing the game bit, did a bunch of them twice thinking I'd missed one.
    Posted by Taeglin on 11 Sep 16 at 05:16
    Car56+1 from me, thanks! Tropan thanks for the clarification. It made things a lot easier.
    Posted by Car56 on 21 Jan 17 at 19:20
  • TheWhiteR4bbittTheWhiteR4bbitt286,392
    04 Apr 2018 04 Apr 2018
    0 0 0
    I just want to note that you must complete and get a medal in the 5 Floyd missions found through the game before completing the Floyd mission that comes after the final boss. If you do not have the other 5 you will have to repeat the final boss to unlock this. (I had to repeat the final boss myself twice...)

    Also I can't confirm, but make sure you have at least bronze because the merit (green icon) might not count.

    If you got it, it should pop when it loads the next cut scene (the city)
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