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Carrier Bagged

Blast Corps: Over time, clear a path for the carrier on every stage.

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How to unlock the Carrier Bagged achievement

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    Most of the levels are easy and straight forward that they don't really require a guide. There are however 2 levels that I'd consider to be very hard, Oyster Harbor and Diamond Sands.

    (For all the Main levels I would recommend you end the level by entering the truck as soon as you clear the path as this will help the time trials you need to complete to unlock the ability to get platinum)

    Oyster Harbor

    1. As soon as you start this level pick up all of the ammo crates and make your way down to the oddly colored grass and start shooting the freight containers you only need to destroy the first 2 groups.

    2. Make your way NW and you'll see a ramp that will take you down to the lower level, walk over to the bulldozer (You may need to walk around the freight containers) and destroy any containers left. Slightly north of where the Bulldozer is there is a crane and a whole bunch of TNT, hop in the crane and put a TNT crate onto it, It is crucial that you put the TNT in the dead center of the structure as that will destroy the entire thing (and not just a section).

    3. Ideally you want to beat the Carrier across the path you just made, (if you don't, don't worry just go around the long way)

    Read the next section before you start it.

    4. Next up are holes in the ground there are square and diamond ones, start by filling the first square, then destroy both buildings nearby and fill the second square, NOT THE DIAMOND! (if you put it in the hole it was next to then you need to restart) Behind the buildings you destroyed there is a pathway blocked by a hole, move the diamond block into this one this will give you 2 more diamond blocks, then move both of those into the holes on the main path. There is a square to the left of the 2 holes, and the last square is to the north behind the giant Gas tanks. then destroy the small factory looking thing.

    5. Go across the first boat then turn left you will see a second one, drive across it and ignore it for now and park the Dozer on the third, reverse the boat into position. Drive to where the second boat needs to go and you will see a foot bridge, walk across it then to the second boat and reverse that into place and then get back in the dozer.

    6. Park the Dozer on the first boat (make sure it isn't in the way).

    If the Carrier hasn't reach the holes you filled then continue as fast as possible, if it has you will need to wait until it has passed the first boat (pull down the right stick to check don't drive towards it)

    Drive the boat all the way forward and you will see another dock that has a TNT on it, very quickly push the TNT onto the boat. Now drive the Boat back. You will need to push the TNT across the boats and into the large building at the end. (If you had to wait for the Carrier be extremely careful)

    Diamond Sands

    This level is straight forward but I found it hard due to the vehicle you have to use. All I can say is make sure you know how to use the Dump Truck effectively and focus on one building at a time. When you start go to the opposite side of the tracks first before you start to destroy the buildings, the reason is that you will need to be on the left side of the track at the end of the level to destroy the final building.

    As soon as you destroy the final buildings at end the both of the levels, immediately get into the large truck and end the levels so you don't have to repeat them later in the time trials.
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    ShotyMcFatIf it's the Dump truck you have drift into the buildings and hit them with the back end of the truck.

    The bulldozer will destroy building pretty much as soon as you run into it, if dosen't look like your doing anything you will need a large mech.
    Posted by ShotyMcFat on 08 Aug 15 at 06:51
    Cr4ck Sh0t23I have found in diamond sands, if you angle the truck in a way that it is grinding the side of the tracks at an angle and hitting buildings at the same time, it destroys buildings a lot faster and easier than having to sideswipe. It is hard to explain without a picture but grind the truck on the edge of the tracks won't lose too much momentum and sometimes instantly destroys them.
    Posted by Cr4ck Sh0t23 on 10 Aug 15 at 16:08
    Flatline1775Just a note for Oyster Harbor. It is probably quicker and easier to just drive the motorcycle thing to the end and jump out, run to the dozer and use that to clear the shipping containers. You end up having plenty of time to get across.
    Posted by Flatline1775 on 18 Aug 15 at 01:25
    Cr4ck Sh0t23Sucks for you. I personally think think this is the best game in the bunch. I got it back when it was on the N64 and still have it today.
    Posted by Cr4ck Sh0t23 on 31 Aug 15 at 00:59
    CreepyB4byI am not at all a fan of this game. I'm getting good at it, so I guess it's growing on me, but I would rather not play it, however, I need the achievements, that being said, tips for Oyster and Diamond--

    Oyster Harbor - You can get out and run to the ramdozer, but try to get a shot or two at the last pile of crates as you pull up to the cliff, it's a little faster to go straight through than run around.

    Diamond Sands. Start on the left, there will be 2 groups of 5 building pieces each. Destroy the first five pieces on the left side, then go the right side and destroy the first five pieces on the right. Then, drive past the remaining 5 houses on the right side and you will see two blue tankers. If you blow these up, it will take out the last five houses on both sides of the tracks, granting you precious time.
    Posted by CreepyB4by on 13 Sep 15 at 01:30
    WeezleramCr4ck Sh0t23's advice is the only reason I got past Diamond Sands. If you drive right next to the track and slightly angle toward the track when you meet a building part, it will fall immediately.
    Posted by Weezleram on 19 Sep 15 at 05:12
    MikeButCrackshot23, you're a life saver. I was about to give up on this completely after an hour of trying and only regressing from being able to get to the end to not even being able to clear the second set of houses.
    Posted by MikeBut on 21 Jan 16 at 23:38
    PinskiCr4ck Sh0t23's tip was amazing. I did this level in just a couple of tries. Thanks!
    Posted by Pinski on 25 Jan 16 at 10:45
    Spectre5893I can't get this achievement because no matter how many times I try I can't seem to beat Oyster Harbor. I swear that level is just insanely difficult. I'm able to make it to the part where you put the bomb onto the boats but by then the carrier is too close.
    Posted by Spectre5893 on 06 Feb 16 at 15:18
    Cr4ck Sh0t23Glad to hear people are finding it easy with Diamond Sands with my trick. For those that are having trouble with Oyster Harbor this is the video I used to help me. I did not create this video or do not take credit for it, I just used it to help me.

    I will say the hardest part for me was moving that dang TNT box. I had to play this level so many times because the TNT box would move where it wants to. Just be gentle when moving it. When moving the boats especially going for the Platinum, start with the last one first then go for the TNT. Hopefully you will be fast and far enough to where you can get the TNT box, put it on the boat and get it back to the dock before the carrier gets to the dock. If the carrier is too close you can wait for it to pass over the boat and then grab the TNT. You will have enough time though you have to maneuver the TNT around the carrier.
    Posted by Cr4ck Sh0t23 on 17 Mar 16 at 21:13
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