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Ready to Launch

Killer Instinct Gold: Perform five Ultra Combos over time.

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How to unlock the Ready to Launch achievement

  • CreepyB4byCreepyB4by169,327
    10 Sep 2015 10 Sep 2015 27 Nov 2018
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    OK, here is everything you need to know to do this achievement.

    Ultra Combos can only be performed when your opponent has a flashing red health bar, you have a flashing yellow meter and you are at least one hit into a combo. Their second health bar is red, and it will flash when at 15-20%. Your yellow meter will fill fastest when you're taunting or blocking. You need to perform one move before you initiate the ULTRA combo.

    Here's a walkthrough with Sabrewulf since I learned how to play that character while trying another person's lousy advice.

    Go to Arcade mode with 2 controllers. Choose Sabrewulf for player one. Once in arcade mode, you have 99 seconds to deplete your opponent's life to a flashing red bar. At this point, use the combo cn_left, cn_right + cn_X with Sabrewulf. This is his taunt, it will fill his meter until it's yellow and flashing.

    Once the conditions are set, use the combo cn_left, cn_right + cn_Y, this will initiate a combo that looks like a cartwheel. Quickly enter the Ultra Combo NOW, (HOLD) cn_left, cn_right + cn_A. If done correctly, it will show a cutscene and you will get an ULTRAAAAAA COOMBOOOOOOO!!

    You can practice the sequence cn_left, cn_right + cn_Y, (HOLD) cn_left, cn_right + cn_A while depleting your opponent's health bar. If entered correctly, Sabrewulf should do a cartwheel, then do a yelp/howl or something.

    Congrats on your achievement.

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    Before criticizing other people, I would make sure my guide was right first...
    Posted on 30 Apr 18 at 13:40
    Movie MarioYou need to add to your solution that it's not simply pressing back, but charging (slightly holding) back that makes the combo work. I'll thumbs up when you edit it
    Posted by Movie Mario on 30 May 18 at 22:35
    planchetflawAbsolutely no need for a yellow flashing bar. Glad you edited in the hold back part.
    Posted by planchetflaw on 23 Apr 20 at 04:39
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  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
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    Go into options and change "Quick kick" to cn_RB(I only suggest that because it is how I have it setup)

    Go into Arcade with a second controller and select Sabrewolf, since his combo is far easier than anyone else's.

    When the opponent's health is flashing red quickly hit:
    cn_left cn_right + cn_Y, hold cn_left, hit cn_RB, cn_right+cn_RB

    That will do the Ultra every time
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    Glad I could help smile
    Posted on 17 Oct 15 at 22:18
    irwinp2Thank you this works great
    Posted by irwinp2 on 09 Jan 16 at 00:53
  • TenloTenlo800,091
    28 Aug 2017 28 Aug 2017
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    CreepyB4by's solution isn't 100% correct. After reading the comments for it, I managed to get it just right every time.

    To begin, start arcade, select Sabrewulf and then bring in a second player on a second controller.

    To make life easier for future use a few notes.

    1. You only need to have the health bar of your opponent to flashing red, you do NOT need to charge the power bar by taunting.

    2. The actual move to get the combo is cn_left, cn_right+cn_Y. While the cartwheel animation is going hold and charge cn_left then when the cartwheel ends cn_right+cn_A

    I found it easiest to use cn_RB and cn_RT in the first round to take him down quickly then in the second round just use cn_X until his health starts to flash. Then perform the Ultra combo input and job done!
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    It probably got few votes because it's exactly the same as my guide. The bigger question is why has the top voted guide got any at all as that is wrong
    Posted on 08 Nov 18 at 16:12
    JonoTheLadI struggled with this for about an hour till I read this solution, got my last three on the trot with this! Thumbs up 👍
    Posted by JonoTheLad on 16 Jul 19 at 20:00
    FloodABYZMuch better guide than the other dreadful ones laugh
    Posted by FloodABYZ on 02 Oct 20 at 04:00
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