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Killer Instinct Gold: Perform a C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

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How to unlock the More Than Just a Meme achievement

  • JayD101JayD1011,144,182
    11 Aug 2015 11 Aug 2015 09 Mar 2016
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    Killer Instinct Gold Combo Breakers

    Short solution:

    - Go to "Options" and set the difficulty to Very Hard.
    - Go to Arcade and choose Sabrewulf.
    - When you are being attacked with a combo press cn_left, cn_right + cn_X
    - If it works great! The achievement will pop shortly after performing the combo breaker.

    -If it doesn't it means you were being hit with a "kick" move and need to press cn_A instead.
    - If you can't tell whether you are being attacked with a kick move or a punch move try sticking with cn_left, cn_right + cn_X and just keep trying.
    - If you are struggling and would like more information and alternative methods, please read on!

    Long Solution:

    Every character has a special move that if done while an opponent is performing a combo will do a combo breaker. It is usually the same as another move except that you need to use a punch if the opponent is and a kick if they are doing that. For example Jago's combo breaker is: cn_right, cn_down, cn_downright + cn_X, cn_Y, cn_RB or cn_A, cn_B, cn_RT. So the same directions as a classic dragon punch but either a kick or punch depending on whether you are being attacked by a kick or punch.

    So from this you go into arcade mode on a harder difficulty and sit and wait until you are being combo'd and try that. If you want to know other characters combo breaker moves you can find these in the Exercise 5 of the Focused Training Mode.

    I had trouble getting this to work so I have another method that will put all the control into your hands but it will require a 2nd controller.

    If you go into arcade and press start on another controller you can then try doing an Ultra Combo Breaker if you perform the Ultra on one controller and break with the other. You need to be quick but it's more possible because once you get the Ultra going it's all on auto and you can quickly grab your 2nd controller and do the Ultra Combo Breaker. I would also suggest going to options in the Killer Instinct menu and turning the game play speed down to 'slow'.

    Jago's Ultra: (Opener plus Ultra move when opponent's health bar is low and flashing red) cn_right + cn_RT, then cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft + cn_A.
    So a quarter circle from Down/Forward to Down/Back plus a quick kick.

    Jago's Ultra Combo Breaker: cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_downleft, cn_down, cn_downright, cn_right + cn_RB.
    So this is a half circle back, half circle forward + fierce punch. The movement doesn't need to be super fast so if it's not working for you try slowing it down a bit. This is also the same as a move you can practice when your super meter (I don't know what it's called but it's the meter under your health bar that will increase as you are attacked or block) is full. It will be a super dragon punch with fire and will take Jago up to the very top of the screen, obviously unique to his normal dragon punch type move.

    Now to make practising this easier I suggest using the "all options" cheat and turning on the "Full Super Bar" option (Hey it is called a super bar!). To do the cheat you need to start the game and not press start. Once the character bios start playing press cn_back, cn_X, cn_A, cn_RSl, cn_A, cn_back. You should hear the announcer say "Perfect".

    Just so you know if you are looking up other cheats and aren't sure because it's in the N64 controls, just use the cn_back button in place of 'Z' and any directions push on the cn_RSc.

    If you want to practise normal combo breakers and find the moves for other characters you can go to "Focused Training" and choose your preferred character and then Exercise 5 - Combo Breakers.

    Unfortunately performing a combo breaker in training doesn't unlock the achievement (well it didn't for me anyway). I wasn't able to get this to work in the main game because the AI wouldn't behave and I had already finished all the other KI achievements so I was probably a little impatient. When I found a way to do this all myself without the AI that was my preferred option and it didn't take more than 30mins of fiddling around to get this to work. Either way you do it, get your combo breaker achievement and move on to your next game!

    Other Ultra Combo Breakers: (HCDB = Half circle down from front to back, HCDF is from back to front).
    Jago: HCDB-HCDF+ Fierce Punch. cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_downleft, cn_down, cn_downright, cn_right + cn_RB
    Kim Wu: HCDB-HCDF+Fierce Punch. cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_downleft, cn_down, cn_downright, cn_right + cn_RB
    Orchid: HCDB-HCDF+ Fierce Kick cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_downleft, cn_down, cn_downright, cn_right + cn_RT
    Tj Combo: HCDB-F+Fierce Punch. cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_right + cn_RB
    Maya: HCDB-F+Fierce Kick. cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_right + cn_RT
    Fulgore: HCDB,HCDF+Fierce Punch. cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_downleft, cn_down, cn_downright, cn_right + cn_RB
    Spinal: HCDB-HCDF+Fierce Kick. cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_downleft, cn_down, cn_downright, cn_right + cn_RT
    Glacius: HCDF-B+Quick Punch Same as his Super Slam. cn_left, cn_downleft, cn_down, cn_downright, cn_right, cn_left + cn_A
    Tusk: HCDB-HCDF+Fierce Punch. cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_downleft, cn_down, cn_downright, cn_right + cn_RB
    Sabrewulf: HCDB-F+Fierce Kick. cn_right, cn_downright, cn_down, cn_downleft, cn_left, cn_right + cn_RT

    I haven't tested all these myself, I only tried Jago's so if you find a mistake and would like to let me know please do! Also I am far from an expert at fighting games I just found all this while trying to figure out the achievement for myself.

    Here is a video I found on youtube of "OldSkullKiller" performing all the Ultra Combo Breakers. This should show you how the move looks so you can practice it as a buffer, and so you know Ultra Combo Breakers actually exist and I'm not talking shit :) I had never heard of these until I was searching around trying to find out how to do combo breakers.

    Please vote on my solution however you like. I believe your opinion is your own and the positive/negative system is one that simply helps guide people to the best and most efficient solution available. It is not a sign of disrespect nor to be taken personally and thus I applaud you to vote your conscience. While constructive feedback is appreciated, it is not required!

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    KillipoThere must be some kind of AI glitch or something. I set the difficulty on “Extra Hard” and the arcade AI just kept walking backward and using ranged attacks on me over and over. Orchid wasn’t aggressive at all and just chipped away at me, I nearly beat her while she did next to nothing. Took about 18 rematches before she actually did a combo and I got the achievement
    Posted by Killipo on 13 Apr 18 at 21:01
    mocmoThe simple solution worked well for me. Popped about five tries in.
    Posted by mocmo on 10 Jan 19 at 21:28
    SirBaxter77Simple worked for me after 5-6 fights. Thanks alot!
    Posted by SirBaxter77 on 02 Apr at 21:26
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    23 Aug 2015 23 Aug 2015
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    I found using the character Combo to be the easiest. Set difficulty to very hard (Orchid is ideal opponent). She will combo you right off the bat and all you have to do is hit cn_leftcn_rightcn_B. You can do about 3 breakers before she kills you. The achievement will pop about 10-15 seconds after your first breaker! Using the other strategies I got frustrated. I suck at fighting games but Combos breaker is hard to mess up.
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    DjshepTried the first solution for about 20 minutes with no luck. Tried this solution for about 20 seconds and it worked. Thank you!
    Posted by Djshep on 09 Jan 17 at 22:50
    Agent OlasRemember, you need to hold the fist button for a second to "charge" the breaker. Then input the next two buttons. Solution worked for me when I figured that out.
    Posted by Agent Olas on 23 Mar 17 at 18:33
    raidenhardcorethe best solution!
    Posted by raidenhardcore on 18 Jun 17 at 20:34
  • CreepyB4byCreepyB4by156,584
    10 Sep 2015 12 Sep 2015 12 Sep 2015
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    OK, Here is what you need to know to do a combo breaker.

    To perform a combo breaker, you have to input the correct combo depending on your character and whether you are countering a punch or kick after you have been struck at least one time. If you try to combo break the first attack, it will not work. If you didn't get hit yet, it doesn't count as breaking a combo. If you are being hit with a punch at the moment of combo break, it will be a different button than if you were blocking a kick.

    If you don't want to use Sabrewulf, go to FOCUSED TRAINING in the Main Menu and choose Chapter 5 - Combo Breakers. The Sensei will show you exactly how to do a combo breaker with anyone you want, but you will not get credit for the achievement in this mode.

    Here is a walkthrough with Sabrewulf.

    Put the game on Very Hard in OPTIONS on the Main Menu. Go to ARCADE MODE and choose Sabrewulf. Wait for your opponent to attack. After you have been hit one time, enter cn_left, cn_right + cn_X or enter cn_left, cn_right + cn_A, whichever you like better. If you don't get it first try, wait for the other fighter to attack you again, and then give it another try. It won't take long.

    cn_left, cn_right + cn_X is for blocking punches, and cn_left, cn_right + cn_A is for blocking kicks. It's useful if you can tell if the second or third hit is a punch or a kick, otherwise; choose one. It's a 50/50 chance.
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