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Stampers Forever

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How to unlock the Stampers Forever achievement

  • SnapDragonSnapDragon1,391,315
    17 Aug 2015 17 Aug 2015 08 Aug 2016
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    The achievement requires getting every one of the 330 stamps in the game. This is, straight up, the Ultimate test of endurance. It will require hundreds of hours of play across games of all eras. But on the plus side, they are some of the best games ever made. smile Enjoy!

    Here's a task list and some tips.

    1. Old-school games with rewind and saved states (5 Milestones, 5 Snapshots each). Most of these would be extremely tough to complete ... but rewind trivializes them. Note that you cannot rewind for the Snapshots, but they're not too hard.
    Jetpac - Grind enemies/points by standing on a platform holding Fire, in certain levels.
    Atic Atac - Static map, but random item placement. I believe reloading "New Game" ensures the items will be in the same place.
    Lunar Jetman - Grind points by saving just before you destroy a base, then reloading repeatedly.
    Sabre Wulf - Static map, but item placement might be random? Use a map, and visit all the "clearings" looking for amulet pieces.
    Underwurlde - Huge static map, but you don't need to visit most of it. There are 3 possible configurations for the weapon locations.
    Knight Lore - You might want to disable the time limit. The most important non-obvious move is that you can drop an item, stand on it, then jump and pick it up at the same time.
    Gunfright - Straightforward. Just follow the pointing villagers to each bad guy. Use rewind to win each duel.
    Slalom - Simple. Note that winning one mountain doesn't take you to level 1 of the next mountain; you'll need to start all three from the beginning.
    R.C. Pro-Am - Save up weapons for level 23/24; you'll need to spend them all just to stay in 3rd place.
    Battletoads (NES) - One of the best action games of all time. :) With rewind it's not too hard. The infinite turbo tunnel achievement is much tougher than any of the other snapshots in Rare Replay, but you don't strictly need it for a stamp.
    Cobra Triangle - Upgrade your missiles/speed as soon as you have the chance. You can get massive points by shooting all the targets on a bonus level.
    Snake Rattle N Roll - Great game that nobody has ever heard of! To win you need to kill the Ice Foot on level 11, which requires continuously hitting it for a while. If you miss at all, its health invisibly regenerates. Rewind is your friend. (NOTE: Apparently getting Game Over instantly gets you the achievement for winning... d'oh!) (NOTE 2: As of a recent patch this reportedly no longer works.)
    Digger T. Rock - Annoying game. Make sure to save up TNT for the last level.
    Solar Jetman - I was an idiot and played through the whole, long, game. Apparently you can just use passwords instead. Whoops. :)
    R.C. Pro-Am II - Not as hard as the first one. I skipped the second-last engine upgrade to save up for the last one.
    Battletoads Arcade - Trivial since you have infinite quarters to spend. Using an extra controller (and saving then signing in only at the last boss) will let you do it in one playthrough.

    2. 6 Playlists (5 Snapshots each). Not too hard if you've done all the normal Snapshots already, and remember the strategies.

    3. N64 and Xbox games (10 Milestones each). These are still emulated, but there's no rewind. You'll need to play them as originally intended.
    Killer Instinct Gold - Short grind with a second controller.
    Blast Corps - BEST. GAME. EVAR. No offense, but I would personally strangle everyone reading this solution if I thought it would convince Rare to make a sequel. I'm sure you understand. (ahem) Anyway, you'll need to get Golds on everything before you can earn one measly Platinum (say, on Simian Acres) for the final Milestone. Get good at powersliding with the Backslash. :)
    Jet Force Gemini - The longest game in the collection. This will take you a good 20-30 hours even with guides. Make sure to turn on Modern controls and Widescreen mode (ooh, fancy). PSA: The Floyd achievement is NOT glitched, despite the rumours. Just get all 5 Floyd medals and make sure you have 83% completion on it before winning the game.
    Conker’s Bad Fur Day - Most of the chapters count as completed just by entering the cheat code WELDERSBENCH and playing their final scene. However, I think you still need to beat the final boss and maybe play through the first few nonlinear chapters. On the other hand, it's an amazing, hilarious game, so why would you want to skip it?
    Grabbed by the Ghoulies - Not a terribly long game; just make sure you get a Rare book in each room. Challenge 21 (which requires a second playthrough) has an achievement but not a stamp, so you don't actually need it. But you might as well do it... who cares about another few hours in a completion this massive?

    4. Xbox 360 games, including re-releases (10 Milestones each). These have their own achievement lists, and you just need to get 150/200 or 750/1000 gamerscore for all their stamps. If you're a Rare fan you probably have a number of these done already. I can't say too much on these, because I completed them years ago.
    Banjo-Kazooie - One of the best platforming games of all time!
    Perfect Dark - The unofficial sequel to GoldenEye, which ushered in the era of Console FPSs. Still a pretty neat (and highly varied) shooter, with remastered graphics.
    Banjo-Tooie - Longer but not quite as fine-tuned as the first one.
    Perfect Dark Zero - If you want to skip Dark Agent (which is very frustrating) and Co-op mode (which requires a friend), you sadly have no choice but to grind bots for many hours for the multiplayer achievements.
    Kameo: Elements of Power - Ok game. You might need a couple of A ranks; these basically just involve building up your multiplier, then in an area late in the level with a lot of enemies, starting a combo then pounding on all the "bonus" trolls that appear.
    Viva Piñata - Really charming and unique game. Might take a while to hit 750, but it's a laid-back experience.
    Jetpac Refuelled - Has a couple of long, grindy achievements, but you can skip them.
    Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts - A really clever and underrated game. If you build the right vehicles (especially flying ones), many of the challenges become quite easy.
    Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise - Similar to the original, fun and not too hard. Sadly, without the original 360 game and a Vision Camera, you won't be able to get 1000/1000.

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    SublimeDoubtAnd yeah this game I can tell is gonna be a hell of a grind.
    Posted by SublimeDoubt on 08 Feb 20 at 09:00
    Baby SheamusFinally got this after 5 and half years of on and off playing. I'd say the worst part of this was grinding Perfect Dark Zero, but overall was a very fun experience! laugh
    Posted by Baby Sheamus on 07 Feb at 06:15
    lilkillaFinally got this, can't wait to do a full Rare Replay series completion on my new completionist profile :D
    Posted by lilkilla on 09 Feb at 20:07
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  • ecinrunecinrun595,704
    24 May 2018 03 Apr 2019 03 Apr 2019
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    I decided to make a huge checklist of everything you need to do to complete Rare Replay.
    *=Optional if you just want Stampers Forever

    Rare Replay Checklist

    Complete all 80 Snapshots
    Complete all 6 Playlists
    *Complete a playlist without losing a life
    *View everything in Rare Revealed
    Get at least 750g in all 360 titles
    Get at least 150g in all XBLA titles
    Play every game for the first time
    *Watch the Credits
    Collect all 330 stamps

    Play the game
    Blast off from every level over time
    Rack up 250,000 points over time
    Add 250 pods of fuel to rockets over time
    Destroy 1500 enemies over time

    Lunar Jetman:
    Play the game
    Rack up 200,000 points over time
    Reach level 10
    Defeat 500 enemies over time
    Over time, travel 250 Moon Units in the Rover

    Atic Atac:
    Play the game
    Escape from the castle with any character
    Over time, have every holdable item in your inventory
    Use keys to unlock 100 doors over time
    Over time, escape from the castle with all 3 characters

    Sabre Wulf:
    Play the game
    Find each of the 4 amulet pieces
    Collect every color of orchid over time
    Over time, find all 5 jungle huts around the map
    Enter the Underwurlde

    Play the game
    Over time, defeat all of the Underwurlde Guardians
    Defeat 1000 enemies over time
    Escape from the Underwurlde
    Explore the Underwurlde from top to bottom over time

    Knight Lore:
    Play the game
    Add every type of ingredient into the cauldron
    Survive for 40 days
    Break Sabreman's curse
    Visit the 4 corners of the map over time

    Play the game
    Over time, fire 250 bullets
    Over time, spend 5 minutes on horseback
    Beat all 20 duels over time
    Shoot 100 money bags over time

    Play the game
    Over time, finish every course
    Over time, earn a total of 100 freestyle points
    Over time, earn 500 fast time reward points
    Ski for 5 km over time

    RC Pro Am:
    Play the game
    Finish every track over time
    Get 25 first place results over time
    Complete 100 laps over time
    Collect 50 upgrades over time

    Cobra Triangle:
    Play the game
    Complete every level over time
    Over time, perform 50 post-challenge spins
    Collect 100 Power-Up Pods over time
    Over time get a cumulative total of 1,500,000 points

    Snake Rattle N Roll:
    Play the game
    Complete every level over time
    Eat a total of 250 Nibbley Pibbleys over time
    Earn 100 tail extensions over time
    Get a cumulative total of 1,000,000 points over time

    Solar Jetman:
    Play the game
    Collect all pieces of the Golden Warpship over time
    Use all 3 Jetpods over time
    Over time, tow 50 items back to the mothership
    Over time, reach a cumulative total of 100,000 points

    Digger T. Rock:
    Play the game
    Complete every cavern over time
    Over time, use 25 supplies to help you descend
    Defeat 250 enemies over time
    Over time, reach a cumulative total of 500,000 points

    Play the game
    Complete every level over time
    Knock down 500 enemies over time
    Eat 50 flies over time
    Get a cumulative total of 1,000,000 points over time
    *Complete a lap of Turbo Tunnel Infinite (snapshot)

    RC Pro Am 2:
    Play the game
    Finish every track over time
    Get 25 first place results over time
    Complete 100 laps over time
    Purchase 50 upgrades over time

    Battletoads Arcade:
    Play the game
    Complete every stage over time
    Over time beat the game with all 3 Toads
    Over time, defeat 1000 enemies with standard attacks
    Over time, defeat 100 enemies with smash hit attacks

    Killer Instinct:
    Play the game
    Play as every character over time
    Perform 25 Master or above combos over time
    Perform 5 No Mercy or Fatality finishers over time
    Get 25 Supreme Victories in Arcade Mode over time
    Visit every location over time
    Complete Arcade Mode on Easy difficulty or above
    Perform 5 Ultra Combos over time
    Sample every single game mode
    Get a win streak of 10 or more in Arcade Mode
    *Play as Gargos in any mode
    *Perform a Combo Breaker

    Blast Corps:
    Play the game
    Over time, clear a path for the carrier on every stage
    Over time, find all the RDUs on every stage
    Over time, rescue all survivors on every carrier level
    Reach a Rank of 20
    Try out every vehicle over time
    Over time, destroy all buildings on every stage
    Over time, find all CPs on every stage
    Over time, earn a medal on every bonus level
    Earn a Platinum Medal
    Locate the 6 missing scientists
    Cause $30,000,000 of damage in a single stage

    Jet Force Gemini:
    Play the game
    Spend time playing as Juno, Vela, and Lupus
    Save all 282 Tribals over time
    Get a medal in every Floyd mission over time
    Over time, use every weapon in the game
    Defeat 1000 different enemies across the game
    Find all 12 spaceship parts
    Activate all 14 totem poles
    Over time, collect 300 Ant Heads
    Defeat Mizar and his boss minions
    *Feed the fish
    *Request a song from the DJ

    Conker's Bad Fur Day:
    Play the game
    Finish 5 games of Raptor in Multiplayer
    Finish 5 games of War in Multiplayer
    Finish 5 games of Race in Multiplayer
    Collect $2310 throughout the game
    Finish 5 games of Beach in Multiplayer
    Finish 5 games of Heist in Multiplayer
    Finish 5 games of Tank in Multiplayer
    Finish 5 games of Deathmatch in Multiplayer
    Over time complete all of the game's chapters
    *Meet Greg
    *Enter a Cheat Code

    Grabbed By The Ghoulies:
    Play the game
    Complete the game
    Complete all 20 challenges in 1 save
    Collect all 100 books
    Cause $500,000 of damages over time
    Encounter every enemy type over time
    Over time, sample every Powerup
    Over time, survive 20 Super Scary Shocks
    Collect 5 platinum medals in challenges over time
    Defeat 1000 enemies
    *Complete challenge 21 (20 gold medals to unlock)

    Rare Replay Snapshots

    Destroy at least 10 bubble aliens within 30 seconds
    Get 3 fuel pods to the rocket as fast as you can without dying
    Assemble the rocket, fuel, and blast off within 60 seconds
    Complete 5 full wraparounds of the playfield
    Fuel the rocket and blast off without the laser

    Lunar Jetman:
    Score 3000 points in 60 seconds
    Travel forward 15m with the rover without the laser
    Shoot down the missile
    Destroy the alien base and make it back to the rover
    Score 10,000 points in 2 minutes

    Atic Atac:
    Keep your hunger above half for 60 seconds
    Find a way out of the caverns as fast as possible
    Visit every room in the basement as fast as possible
    Avoid the demon and defeat 10 monsters without leaving the room
    Escape the castle without attacking

    Sabre Wulf:
    Score 5000 points in 60 seconds
    Find a white orchid while avoiding the yellow ones
    Collect 3 orchids from 3 different locations
    Visit 10 different screens without losing a life
    Make it to the Underwurlde without losing all 4 lives

    Score 5000 points in 60 seconds
    Collect a precious gem
    Reach Depth 01
    Make it out the other side without losing a life
    Reach the bottom of Underwurlde

    Knight Lore:
    Visit at least 6 rooms in 90 seconds
    Reach the bottom door before the curse fades
    Grab all 3 diamonds in 60 seconds
    Reach the chalice and drop it into the cauldron in 5 minutes
    Make it through the spike filled room or find a different route

    Shoot 35 money bags in 45 seconds
    Wipe out your bank balance as fast as possible
    Kill Buffalo Bill
    Find your horse without shooting
    Reach a bounty of $500 in 2 minutes

    Finish the Qualifying Run in 60 seconds
    Finish the race with 25 freestyle points
    Finish the race while keeping your speed above 100km/h
    Finish the Cotton Candy course with an average speed of 100km/h
    Make it to the end of Skid Row falling less than 3 times

    RC Pro Am:
    Grab all 28 stars before the race ends
    Score 2500 points in 60 seconds
    Win the race with an average speed of 85 mph
    Land 5 missile shots and win the race
    Escape the lap and finish in first place

    Cobra Triangle:
    Score 5000 points in 60 seconds
    Score 5000 points shooting targets
    Grab 5 power ups in 30 seconds
    Avoid the Squid for 30 seconds
    Defend the swimmer for 45 seconds

    Snake Rattle N Roll:
    Score 2500 points in 45 seconds
    Swim up the waterfall and collect the life in 30 seconds
    Eat 5 fish in 60 seconds
    Kill all the mushrooms without the tongue
    Reach the exit in 30 seconds

    Solar Jetman:
    Collect all 10 gems before running out of fuel
    Tow 3 fuel pods back to base in 90 seconds
    Make it through the caves and find the Jetpod
    Recover the Gem in 90 seconds with minimal ship damage
    Destroy the Space Leviathan

    Digger T. Rock:
    Grab 4 pieces of treasure without getting hit by boulders
    Score 2500 points in 60 seconds
    Collect all 3 gems and exit in 60 seconds
    Get 5 sets of throwing rocks
    Reach the end without taking damage

    Score 15000 points in 60 seconds
    Reach the end in 100 seconds
    Survive 45 seconds in Turbo Tunnel Infinite
    Reach the end in 60 seconds
    Reach the bottom and destroy the bomb before it explodes

    RC Pro Am 2:
    Win the drag race
    Finish the race with an average speed of 75mph
    Grab 5 cash pickups in 60 seconds
    Complete 5 laps in 95 seconds
    Finish in top 3 with your speed above 50 mph

    Battletoads Arcade:
    Defeat 15 rats as fast as you can
    Survive for 15 seconds
    Defeat 15 rats in 45 seconds
    Defeat Karnath without losing a life
    Defeat both generals without losing a life
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