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Destroy 2 or more tanks with one round. MP only.

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How to unlock the Bombardier achievement

  • WadskiWadski664,424
    31 Mar 2016 01 Apr 2016 07 Sep 2017
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    This achievement is awarded for destroying two enemy tanks with one shot.

    This is by far easiest when playing as an artillery and requires a great deal of luck.

    Look for groups of light/medium tanks clustered together and slowly follow them with the target receptacle. If you are lucky they will collide together (this happened for me when one tank was heavily damaged and reversed into the following tank.) If you seize the moment and aim for the middle you should manage to hit both at the same time.

    This is heavily dependent on luck based on the positioning of the shot, the armour of the tanks you are firing at and the positioning of the tanks.

    Edit: Apologies - The video has now expired.

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    WadskiIt takes time and timing with a huge slice of luck.
    Posted by Wadski on 25 Feb 17 at 21:35
    Jump JokerWhile I have not got a Bombardier on the console version of WOT, I did manage one on the PC over the course of three years. Luck is a huge factor in this one. To put in perspective...I had around 12K battles on the pc before joining friends on the console. About 6,000 of those matches were arty. While I've hit multiple tanks with one shot, destroying two is a minor miracle. On the pc, mine was done with a tier six SU-8. I have come closer on this achievement on tiers 5-6 than I ever did at higher tiers. I think this is two fold. 1. Higher tier players are usually more experienced. They make better use of cover and don't bunch up. 2. The armor and hit points are greater. You basically need a large shell with the biggest blast radius and damage possible. You could use premium rounds for the extra splash. I got lucky that mine landed right between a damaged heavy and a light using it for cover. Before they added all the clutter to the maps it used to be easier to damage two with one shot. Now it's few and far between.
    Good luck!
    Posted by Jump Joker on 28 Nov 17 at 17:11
    zavorkaAfter 7 years playing WoT! Oh my god!
    Posted by zavorka on 05 Apr at 12:12
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    06 Jun 2020 08 Jun 2020 08 Jun 2020
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    If you want to do this achievement legit, use the other guides, and tear your hair out.

    If you wish to boost, use this guide. Credit to
    FLAMESTAPLES and xTAx LegndShotZ for coming up with this. FLAMESTAPLES had the original idea, and LegndShotZ had the instructions so I could do this in my session. When we used this 9/9 people got the achievement.

    This is easily done with Tier 2. Have two platoons of 5 boosters each. 1 booster has the German T2 Artillery. The other 4 have the British T2 tank destroyer.

    Try and match together. If you get in an 8v8, you are in luck. A bigger game requires much more rng luck.

    Anyways, either let the randoms kill each other, or help them die. Once the randoms are cleaned up, meet somewhere on the map.

    Whittle the target tanks down to 30 or less health. Have the target tanks back up against each other in a \|/ formation if you have 3 or a \/ if you have 2.

    Have the achievement earner move fairly close and aim at the ground behind the target tanks.

    Achievement unlocked.
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    M I K 3 IDGreat guide DURDEN toast
    Posted by M I K 3 ID on 27 Jun 20 at 16:10
  • aLynlROlaLynlROl477,134
    05 Apr 2016 20 Feb 2017 20 Feb 2017
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    I use hummel tier 6 .
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