Steel Wall achievement in World of Tanks

Steel Wall

Block more damage than any player after surviving at least 11 hits for 1,000 potential HP. MP Only.

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How to unlock the Steel Wall achievement

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    This Achievement is pretty easy to get, very simple so i wont list any tanks higher than tier 6 since you should get it before reaching the higher tiers.
    Here is a list of well armored tanks currently in the game. (tier 4-tier 6):

    (If you met the requirements for the achievement before this achievement was released you should get it automatically when you start your game next time)

    Keep in mind, some of these tanks have got weak spots so you might want to try to make those weak spots hard to hit. By angling your armor it will increase the effective thickens of the armor of your tank (some tanks have pre angled armor already by, that is by sloping and angling of the armor plates on the tank(the tank's armor is not very flat, it is bent and rounded on some areas.) Lets say you are driving a Valentine and you have 65mm of frontal and side armor which means that you can angle the tank 45 degrees towards your enemy so he will get even harder to penetrate you (keep in mind that your turret is hard to angle since if you turn it away from the enemy you wont be able to shoot the enemy) here are some guides on angling armor:

    KEEP IN MIND: the lower the tier your tank is the smaller guns will shot at you, so you will need to be a few tiers up in order to get 1000 damage blocked by armor


    UK: Tier 4: Matilda: armor: hull: 75 front, 70 side 55 rear, turret 75 all around. it has incredible armor for its tier and many enemies of the same tier and lower will struggler to penetrate your tank if you use it right.
    Valentine: armor: hull: 60 all around turret 65 front 60 sides and 65 rear. -||-
    !Tier 4 can be hard to get 1000 damage blocked by armor!

    tier 5: AT 2: armor 203 front 101 sides 101 rear: so as you can see this tank has an extreme amount of armor. so this will be the easiest tank to do this achievement.

    tier 6: AT 8, pretty much the same thing as the AT 2 ^ above. very good armor, but it suffers from more weak spots than the AT 2, but it will be easy to get on it to.
    Churchill VII: armor Hull: 152mm front 95mm sides 50mm rear, turret: 152mm front 95mm side 95mm rear. the frontal armor is good, so keep your armor frontal pointing at the enemy and you should do fine.

    Tier 6: M4A3E2 and M6 both have a pretty good frontal armor, both have 100mm of frontal armor, but the M4A3E2 jumbo has better armor on its (!STOCK!) turret. but both will work if you keep the front towards the enemy and angle a little, they don't have the best side armor.

    Germany: they really do not have that many well armored mid tier tank, but go for: VK 36.01H, it has 100 frontal armor and 60mm on the side.(the armor is very flat) so angle it on something like a 40 degree angle towards the enemy.
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