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Research a tier X tank.

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How to unlock the Absolute achievement

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    Hi Everyone,

    From the start, this achievement must be the longest hardest grind I have ever come across. There are no short cuts and no easy way to get round it. If you want the achievement then the only option you have is to just go for it.

    Like a number of other research achievements you only have to research the Tier X tank you don't have to buy it unless you want to spend the 6m plus silver on it. Lets face it though, after spending all that time grinding up to research a Tier X you are going to want that Tank cos you've earned and sweated every minute of every hour to get it.

    As the other two solutions point out its a grind, but hopefully my own experience will help you at least shave a little time of reaching Tier X.

    First and foremost, because this is a progression based objective, you are best focussing solely on popping this achievement. Through Natural progression if you focus on this you will also pick up other achievements along the way such as Recruit, Corporal and Captain awards as well as the Junior, Medium and Legendary classifications and a multitude of other experience based awards.

    Secondly stick to a single Country line up and follow a single tank class. Make sure you pick this early on. Ideally you need to make your mind up by the time you have reached Tier III otherwise its a long road to start over. Don't be tempted to try and progress tanks from multiple nations at the same time as it will just double the required effort and time.

    I have to admit there are no right or wrong choices on the Nationality or Tank type, but some are quicker and easier to progress than others. From a personal preference the British and German lines give you good levels of firepower against health pool. In particular I would focus on either the Heavy tanks or Tank Destroyer lines. My personal road in the end took the original British Tank Destroyer route although I did take the British Heavy Tanks to the Tier IX Conqueror also.

    Thirdly keep an eye on XP and Silver. In the early phases you can get by without a Premium account and make very quick progression upto the Tier V tanks, before progress starts to slow. As long as you are a reasonably competent in your Tank and are aware of the specific strengths and weakness you will get along quite well. Note that to progress its not necessary to buy every upgrade for your tank but it is essential to research it so long as the research path leads to the next Tier. Try and avoid doing the half measure upgrades as ultimately they don't save you time or money.

    Once you reach Tier VIII things are going to slow down (a lot). You will begin to notice a big change in the level of XP you receive and also the Silver recovered at the end of each battle. The cost of repair and restocking will often outstrip winnings and you will quickly find your stash of silver that you have been nicely stockpiling beginning to dwindle quickly. Especially in the early variants of the Tier VIII tanks when you are fielding guns of Tier VII or in some cases Tier VI yet you are more often than not pitched up against the big boys who can swat you with a single shot.

    Now is the time if you are going to invest in a Premium account to get yourself 30 days premium as this will ultimately help keep your silver flowing and speed up progress with the 50% bonus.

    Finally the only other advice I can offer on this achievement are that to assist your chances in Battle its always worth taking a small repair kit, small med kit and the manual fire extinguisher. If you are feeling flush a shell-rammer to speed up loading time is a bonus, but a well placed first shot is always better than relying on a quick follow-up.

    All Tanks have a weakspot - learn from your own and look at where you get hit so you can protect them in the next battle. Watch your team mates and look at where they are shooting. As long as you have a reasonable gun and pick your targets well, you will soon be able to home in on the enemy tanks ammo rack and blow off the turret of even the heaviest of your opponents.

    Keep an eye out for special missions and awards and look to focus on mission that rewards with XP first over those that give out silver. XP is harder to come by so don't miss out on the first win bonus each day.

    I have to admit that I don't really know how quickly you can achieve this in, but if you follow the above then a 100 hrs seems reasonable. If you don't play that frequently or get sidetracked on other objectives, then prepare for a very long and frustrating grind.

    Hope this helps and see you on the battle field.
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    If you are starting the game from scratch and trying to get every achievement, it is most efficient to go for this achievement in the Chinese heavy tank tree. This is because

    World of TanksChinese CollectionThe Chinese Collection achievement in World of Tanks worth 120 pointsResearch a Light, Medium, and Heavy Chinese tank.

    requires you to research a Tier 7 tank, which no other nation requires for their achievements. Because you are already at Tier 7, you should continue on this same path to unlock this achievement, which will be a long, long grind (at least 100 hours, with a premium account).

    If you are only going for this achievement, there may be cheaper/faster paths to unlock this other than the Chinese heavy tank path, but none more efficient for stacking with other achievements.

    Note: Some people have reported that they personally don't like the later Chinese tanks and therefore are not as good with them, and as a result do not get as much experience per match. In theory, if this is true for you, it may be worth (i.e. more efficient) going with a different country's tank tree if you find yourself really playing poorly with the Chinese tanks. Unfortunately it takes quite a bit of investment to unlock the tanks to the point of deciding if you like it or not, so it probably just makes more sense to begrudgingly grind through the final tiers instead of experimenting with other tank trees to see what you like.
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    Vandel BusterGoing to Tier X Chinese tanks will give you nothing but tons of frustration and a long, drawn out, process. The Tier VII+ have crap armor and crap guns that can barely ever penetrate vehicles, even from behind. They are s**t, so beware.
    Posted by Vandel Buster on 01 Jul 20 at 21:10
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