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Destroy all enemy light tanks during a match, must be 3 or more. MP only.

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How to unlock the Ranger achievement

  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck540,451
    02 Oct 2016 03 Oct 2016 08 Nov 2016
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    This achievement is a lot harder than it seems. However I got this recently in a boosting session. You are required to destroy ALL of the lights in one battle.

    To do this you'll want to have either 8 or 10 people within 2 separate platoons. This is so that you can match up with each other. We were matched up every time on separate teams. Also this will be easier in tier 1 matches. The more the merrier and less random players is good.

    This can differ between the number of people you have co operating, but the safe way is to have 3 lights (T1 Cunningham) and 1 medium (T22 Proto) If you have 10 I'd recommend another T22 Proto to help with the random mediums.

    Random Players
    The person going after the achievement will want to be aware of which tanks the random players are in on the enemy team. If they are a light the person going after the achievement will need to get the kill because if he/she doesn't get the kill then that is the game ruined for that team.

    Communication between the two platoons
    This is really important so you can call out the random players to the enemy platoon resulting in higher chance of destroying them.

    Patience is a virtue
    This will take several attempts at least because the game can be unpredictable and can place you into tier 2 games which will make this harder than it already is. I was fortunate to get it because the person going after it got destroyed.

    Troll the random players
    Shoot them, drive into them, crash them, annoy them, disobey their commands and box them in so they can't move. After all they're a risk for your achievement.

    My personal tips
    If you're a light tank HIDE and communication is key keep calling out the positions of the random players so that the other team has an idea of where they are. Also don't be afraid to use Silver to use equipment on your tank. A good choice of equipment would be Binocular Telescope and Camouflage Net so you can out spot the enemy and increase your camo value.

    If there's anything else you think I could add please say in the comments section.

    Thank You.

    A big thanks to:

    Jacky chaud
    Chi Cubs 4 life

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    Ricardo CapelloI have thought about doing exactly this way, at Boosting Sessions. I am glad to know that it actually works. If there is another Bosst Session like those, I want to join.
    (off topic: Chi Cubs 4 Life was in a session with me at PvZ: GW :) )

    I could help the others too. I have put WoT in my Boost Session List. Now I just wait a session, or create one?
    Posted by Ricardo Capello on 19 Oct 16 at 16:38
    MikaszYou may create one, for sure you would find some people to do this with you.
    Posted by Mikasz on 19 Oct 16 at 21:36
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  • MikaszMikasz629,699
    15 Oct 2016 16 Oct 2016 19 Oct 2016
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    Non-boosting solution (however, I strongly suggest doing this in a boosting session, as this achievement is really tough):

    You want to do this at Tier 1 because:
    1) Only 7 enemies so lower chance of dying
    2) Majority of tanks at lower tiers are light tanks

    However, it is not so good as it seems. More lights means more enemies to kill. In other words, if the other team is full of lights you have to destroy every single enemy! It's almost impossible, unless you know the maps very well, know what to do and both your team and your enemy do not play very well. The second problem: T22 Proto. It's quite OP at lower tiers, especially for beginners who do not have so much credits. It lets you make few mistakes and guarantees that you won't get punished too badly for them. Don't be suprised if you see 6 T22 Protos + 1 light in battle.

    The tank:
    There are four options. T22 Proto is quite obvious choice as you can rush into enemy and shoot with them. It is prefered choice for those who do not have credits for in-game equipment. However, it has huge disadvantage which is lack of gun depression. You won't be able to shoot from hill at Mines or downhill at Province. If you have free credits to spare you should go with another option.

    Leichtraktor/T1 Cunningham/MS-1 - the most important part: buy binocular telescope and camo net! It gives you +25% view range and additional camo which are crucial at Tier 1. This is your key to effectiveness.

    MS-1 is the slowest, 280m view range, 51mm penetration and 47 damage, Take T-18U package. This tank is the worst from three in my opinion, combination of slow speed (still higher than NC/FT/R.Otsu) and bad view range kills this tank. On the other side, you have wonderful gun which would be more than sufficient at Tier 2 battle.

    Leichtraktor has medium speed, 310m view range, 40mm penetration and 36 damage. Take Leichtraktor II package. It's speed is OK and it has the highest view range. Combine it with camo and you have the best long range sniper which can defend itself even if left alone. Stay at the back if you can, it's not your front line soldier. Ninja style, shadow bush ranger, that is the LolTraktor.

    T1 Cunningham is the fastest, 280m view range, 30mm penetration and 12 damage (machine gun). Take T1E5 M1933 package. View range is the same as in MS-1 but what really changes this tank into the beast is deadly combination of high speed, nice gun depression and mighty machine gun. This thing can smash any opponent which it encounters (maybe without NC and T22). You should pick any cover (rock/hill/building), go backwards, empty your clip and hide for reload. They wouldn't even know what hits them until it's too late. Do not use it as sniper in this combination, it is very inacurate at long distance and it cannot shoot over 400m. It is your Rambo tank, go closely, release your clip and watch the enemy die in blink of an eye.

    The enemy:
    Your worst enemy is of course T22 Proto. It looks impenetrable at first but you should aim at his turret, it's very weak. It also has problems with accuracy and gun depression so use them as your advantage and you should be able to kill Protos without any problem.

    Medium 1 is tricky enemy. It has two types of guns, one is machine gun, which can kill almost two enemies at one clip but it loads very slowly. Use it as your advantage, wait until he runs out of ammo and then kill your defenseless enemy. The other gun is very inacurate but it has 70 average damage. This means he can kill any Tier 1 in two shoots. On the other side, it's big, extremely slow and thin-armoured.

    NC-31/FT/R.Otsu are slow, well armoured, fast reloaders. Keep them on distance and try to aim at their hull. If you can, try to flank them and make circles around them. They rotate very slowly so you shouldn't have much problem killing them. Try not to fight with them frontally at very close distance, this is their turf.

    MS-1 is similar but with better gun and is slightly faster. Its armour is also weaker. Shoot him from distance and abuse its terrible view range.

    T1 Cunningham is probably your hardest to kill light. It is fast, has nice gun at close distance but it's not well armoured. People like to rush with it and go to front line. Use it as your advantage. Stay in bush, spot it and shoot. T1 won't be able to spot you and if it stops, it's dead.

    Leichtraktor (a.k.a The LolTraktor). Probably hardest to spot enemy. Try to get close to him. Its gun and turret are at the back of the tank so you can stay behind a building, reverse a bit and shoot its turret without showing your tank. If the Traktor is hidden then go from cover to cover until you are very close. It's also quite big so you shouldn't have much problem killing it.

    The map:
    You have two different combinations. Province/Mines means that it is Tier 1 battle (in 90%). Different variations (rain, night) doesn't matter.

    If at north side, LolTraktor/MS-1 stays at A4 and hides in bush. It should be able to snipe both middle and lighthouse/village. Adjust your position, if you see that no one is at village (right side of minimap) then make sure you can spot it. You can kill any attacker without being seen.

    From south side stay at K4 and look at middle, K3 and look at lighthouse. Ignore the village, if something comes from that dirrection, go through K line to rocks close to your base. Use them as cover from hill/middle.

    From any side Proto/T1 goes into middle and then uphill if it's safe. Watch middle if anythings shows there and try to use holes at side of this hill (D6/F6) to look at middle path (use rocks as cover from snipers). Remember to check village from hill. After that advance through middle and hope that no one took a scenic route through the lighthouse.

    Proto/Cunningham go full speed to rocks closer to your base and near the enemies side (so if you start at left side go to H7, from right side go to G3-G4). After that go to the path leading uphill to enemies side and kill middle at the same time. At the top there are buildings and slight dip (so you would show only your turret while having enough gun depression to shoot). Abuse both of them. You can also go through F7 and E7 uphill if starting from left side, this way you can surprise your enemy. After your initial defenders are killed move forward and use terrain as cover. At left side go through line 1, at right side use the path).

    Leichtraktor goes to G3 (left side) or D8 (right side), waits until bino starts working and snipe. Do not move unless you are seen.

    Cunningham can also go to C3/H8, hide in bush and spot from this position. If you are in danger, hide behind a rock.

    The rest of lights should stay either at D9 or at H2 and snipe.

    If you get to any other map or you have less than 3 lights, play it normally and focus on winning the battle. If you get 3 lights then of course they are top priority. I did it at LTraktor with 5 lights at Province. Good luck!
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    BabyishDuckWish I could upvote this. Going to probably buy myself another premium tank at some point.
    Thanks for the help.
    Posted by BabyishDuck on 19 Oct 16 at 18:01
    MikaszNo problem and thanks to you too. If you have any question about premium tanks or which line should you take, drop me a message. I can also help with adjusting your gameplay to different tanks so they will be used effectively.
    Posted by Mikasz on 21 Oct 16 at 09:10
    ДжэйNo matter how many times I've tried with tier 1 and 2 I never got it, or someone kills one light or there too many of them. I've got it randomly with tier VII French auto-loaded light tank, I even wasn't thinking about getting it, just spotting for my team and shooting the tanks I could penetrate and when the cheavo popped I was very lucky to kill all 3 light tanks)
    Posted by Джэй on 05 Sep 17 at 08:26
  • LovYouLongTimLovYouLongTim169,383
    02 Dec 2017 02 Dec 2017 02 Dec 2017
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    A different solution

    Just spent four hours doing this. I had either the worst of luck, or always completely horrible random team mates when trying with the above solutions using tier 1 tanks. If your doing it solo I would recommend using the t1e6-x1 (or a good premium tier 2, everyone gets a free one eventually). For equipment I would suggest the aim time reduction, small spall liner for ramming (to get that last little bit of damage), and the coated optics. For consumables, I would suggest a large repair kit, the gas can to move faster, and a large first aid kit. I also brought along 50 of the premium ammo, if there were 3-4 light tanks I would use premium ammo, once I knew couldn’t get the achievement (dumb allies kill a light) I would just play out the game with normal ammo. I also recommend playing during the dead times of the game, that makes it so more bad people are on, AND you have a lot better chance of getting a 6v6 or 7v7. (I also paid silver for everything, a little expensive, but I’m not gonna waste gold on ammo).

    It’s hard and annoying and fun to do solo, take the challenge! You will succeed eventually. I came within 1 clip a few times, and one game i came within 1 bullet of getting the achievement. It was crushing to not get it those times, but you just need to push forward! You will get it eventually.

    This was the last achievement I needed. I have played about 7,200 games and I never have once killed all 3 lights in a game until today (Dec 2nd 2017).

    When I got it, I killed 4 lights in my game. It was a 7v7, anything bigger isn’t just impossible I feel.

    Hope this helps!
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