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Be the first to destroy an enemy in a match. MP only.

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How to unlock the First! achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox615,642
    03 Aug 2015 03 Aug 2015 05 Sep 2015
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    UPDATE: Steppes has now been re-added to the map cycle as of August 2015. When I was going for the achievement it wasn't even in the cycle.. which is why I never found Steppes. facepalm

    The biggest key to getting this is knowing how to even find the maps!!

    This should also apply to Steppes theoretically: After many games I found that Tier's 5 and 6 gave me the best chance of finding Highway, although I once got Highway with a Tier 4 Artillery. I didn't try out Tier 7 and above simply because of the silver, time, and not having very many of them..However, it's really frustrating trying to get these maps as it is so random. I alternated between 4-5 different Tier 5 and 6 tanks while trying to get the right maps.

    Highway is a rather open map. Steppes apparently is even more open with slight hills and looks like fun.

    I found Highway eventually many times, but getting the FIRST kill is even worse than scoring in the top 3 for XP!! Of all things, I ended up getting it with an Artillery. facepalm laugh I was going for the French Artillery "Trebuchet!" achievement when I got highway several times with my Tier 5 arty. I would just blind-fire at the enemy spawn, but never hit anything, I was hoping to hit an AFK or not yet spawned enemy.

    I'm including the video of the kill that got the achievement just so you have a brief idea of how I did it, maybe that will help someone somehow!

    One other thing--I found this map many times with some US Tier 5 and 6 tanks. I just never managed to get the first kill as I'd either rush too fast, or some silly speed demon on the other team would get himself killed across the map before I could get there. I recommend looking where your team goes, and then try to get ahead of the majority crowd.

    Enemy movements in Standard battles on Highway--
    South-west corner enemy spawn: I found they normally NEVER mass-pushed through the middle. Almost always though a scout or two would flank the left side. Their main push usually went straight to the town for some reason, and was terrible for arty fire.
    North-east corner spawn: Weird, but usually always some tanks would go into the valley/creek through the middle, some always to the west side and then south, and a few to the town who usually got outnumbered(lol).

    Please comment with ANY ways you managed to get this achievement faster!! It was a major pain and any help for others would be really appreciated. toast

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    Itzz Sh0wt1m3To add to this, if one of your teammates dies you can also no longer obtain it in that game. I got both my team's first and 2nd kill but one teammate died prior and the achievement did not unlock.
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 10 Sep 17 at 19:50
    ixnay37Seems like with the big update this is no longer map specific! Got it today when I got the first kill on a different map
    Posted by ixnay37 on 16 Dec 20 at 06:45
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  • PrattalmightyPrattalmighty460,792
    03 Sep 2015 04 Sep 2015
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    Steppes has now been added to the rotation with Update 2.1, published on August 25 2015

    There’s no trick identified to getting the map to come up more often, just load regular multiplayer or platoon and play matches until it comes up.

    That out of the way let’s talk about the tactic of scoring the first kill. I play a mix of all classes and favour the artillery but it rarely nets me the opening kill; it depends too highly on someone else spotting an enemy, lining up your shot and delivering a shell all before your target gets lit by everyone else honing in on first blood.

    My method involved using a tier IV Type 1 Chi-He Japanese medium tank, I was also working towards
    World of TanksJapanese ConnoisseurThe Japanese Connoisseur achievement in World of Tanks worth 89 pointsDestroy 5 enemies each, of any nation, with 5 different Japanese tanks. MP only.

    Getting to an over watch spotting location and laying down shot after shot, solely focused on the first rush scout was the tactic. It took a few shots amongst others firing, and involved some leading but it paid off for me, the very first time I played Steppes.

    1. When attempting this focus on being quick to engage
    2. Try to have yourself positioned as to not have to trade shots, but doling out shells from cover. You don’t want to get into a 1 vs. 1 and end up someone else’s achievement instead of your own.
    3. Don’t call attention to fire like I did, the less people shooting at your target the better (only for this specific selfish achievement).
    4. Do learn the maps. Pay attention to where reds show up consistently. In lower tiers there’s almost always a rush scout just trying to rack up spots, these are your first kill bread and butter.
    a. Learn to lead. It will come in handy in many situations but in specific reference to the rush scouts, they’ll be speedy so you need to shoot your shell where they’ll be, not where they are. It’ll vary depending on how far they are, how fast they’re going and what you’ve got mounted but developing this feel will pay dividends here and down the road.

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