Right Where I Want You achievement in World of Tanks

Right Where I Want You

Immobilize 100 enemies by destroying their treads. MP only.

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How to unlock the Right Where I Want You achievement

  • Geordie ScoutGeordie Scout227,185
    11 Jul 2015 05 Aug 2015 11 Aug 2015
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    You will get this achievement via normal play but it will take a bit of time to get. You can decrease the amount of time it will take to get the 100 tracks by specifically targeting the enemy’s tracks but this could get you killed if not done correctly and you’d be better off killing the enemy not just tracking them.

    It’s easiest to track a tank by aiming at the front or rear drive wheel (first or last wheel in the series on either track). If you do this from the side you will usually track the tank and cause damage. If shooting the tank from the front you will usually just track without causing damage. Here is an example of how to effectively track and damage a tank plus enable your team to cause further damage while it is disabled.

    The best times to track the enemy are:
    1) If you can track and damage the enemy by hitting their drivewheel from the side.
    2) If they can’t shoot back as they're driving a TD (have no turret) and you can stay out of their arc of fire.
    3) If they can’t shoot back because their gun is behind hard cover.
    4) If they can’t shoot back because you're above or below thier guns arc of fire.
    5) If you have teammates that can concentrate fire onto a tank that can’t retreat once you’ve tracked it.
    6) If you are bottom tier and can’t penetrate/damage top tier tanks armour then shoot their track so your teammates can kill them more easily (using high explosive (HE) ammo is very effective for this). You will get ‘assist damage’ for doing this which is a really good way of earning more XP & silver plus being useful for your team when you’re bottom tier in a match.

    Using good tracking play will help you get better results and make some of the other achievement grinds a bit shorter due to more XP earned when bottom tier.

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  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox613,745
    03 Aug 2015 03 Aug 2015 03 Aug 2015
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    This is a natural achievement if you enjoy artillery or are going for this achievement:
    World of TanksTrebuchet!The Trebuchet! achievement in World of Tanks worth 54 pointsOwn 5 French Artillery Tanks simultaneously.

    Artillery does a great deal of splash damage and sometimes it seems like half of the time it tracks the tank you're shooting at. In a good artillery game you can get up to 3 tracks easily, but it's very random as well!

    If you don't like artillery, etc... the best option is to learn what exactly you need to do--to track a tank, you aim directly at it's tracks, the aiming reticle will show red if the shot will hit the tracks and/or tank penetration locations. If you're in front of the enemy tank, then aiming at the tracks should be a guaranteed 'tracking' shot if you have a high enough damage factor against the tank. Otherwise, from the side, it's a pretty simple tracking shot if you aim for the tracks, below the deck of the tank.

    Tank Destroyers are usually the best ones to track, because they normally can't turn their gun to shoot back! You can track them, drive behind them, and track them again. In fact, try shooting alternating tracks on a tank to keep them tracked and extra credit.

    I'm attaching a video that demonstrates tracking in the tank training mission(this does not count for achievement credit in the training unfortunately):

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