It Burns! achievement in World of Tanks: Mercenaries

It Burns!

Set an enemy on fire twice within a single match. MP only.

It Burns!0
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How to unlock the It Burns! achievement

  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox602,826
    04 Aug 2015 04 Aug 2015 04 Aug 2015
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    MASSIVELY FRUSTRATING. If you understand that at first, then you might not get too upset at how random and luck based this feels.

    Eventually though I was setting tanks on fire nearly every game, and then it was just a matter of time--I got the double!

    Here are the best tips I have:
    1. You WILL get better at setting tanks on fire!!
    2. I used Tier 1 tanks, maps are much smaller, tanks are much closer, AND, you can shoot some very obvious engine weak spots!
    3. In general, the tanks engine will be at the opposite end of the tank from the turret.
    4. Shooting sideways through the tank is the best way to hit the engine then light it on fire. Generally, about 75% to the top of the closest wheel is a good height to shoot through. If you can't shoot through sideways, reposition, or just spray into the tank!
    5. Auto-loaders, the machine-gun like guns worked the best for me. They fire many shots in a row and are good at not killing a tank just hitting it.
    6. It is apparently possible to light the same tank on fire while it's already on fire. This never worked for me, but it's worth trying if you get the chance!
    7. I fully geared up my tank that I was using going for this: +sight distance, +aiming speed, and +crew abilities. I also had a 100% trained crew working on Brothers in Arms skill. I have no idea how much this helped! wink

    For Tier 1 tanks, especially the T1 and Traktor, hitting them in the front will very often set them in fire. Aim for about 1 foot from the very front. The other Tier 1's can be set on fire but it seemed more random.

    Last thing--setting a tank on fire is apparently some sort of a random percentage around 15-20%. This means it won't always happen. However, with the auto-loader guns, you have many more shots and highly increase your chance to have it happen with one burst of fire.

    I got this on a T1 and a Traktor I believe in my last match.. I spotted, then half-way across the map aimed for the front of their tanks and blasted away.

    I'm including a video of the second kill for the achievement:

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    EhrenfriedI can confirm that it pops after setting two different tanks on fire!
    Posted by Ehrenfried on 22 Jan 16 at 00:00
    EhrenfriedI can confirm that it pops after setting two different tanks on fire!
    Posted by Ehrenfried on 22 Jan 16 at 00:02
    Shadow 00 FoxGood job!!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 22 Jan 16 at 04:59
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  • EhrenfriedEhrenfried167,655
    21 Jan 2016 21 Jan 2016 05 Aug 2016
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    I tried months to get this achievement -> No luck.
    I got it a few mintues ago (on Xbox One) and damn that was embarassingly easy.
    Here is how I did it:

    First of all I can confirm that it works if you "fire up" 2 different tanks IN ONE MATCH,
    that's how I got it.

    My setup was cheap:

    Leichttraktor + Leichttraktor II Package (3.7cm single shot cannon)
    Why this tank you ask?

    Because to 95% you will get into matches with Tier I tanks your future victims
    and they are always the same tanks: T22, NC31, Leichtraktor blablabla...
    So you only need to learn where their engine is, nothing else.
    Just blaze (!) through the matches and shoot at everything you see.
    At first I grilled a Leichttraktor (by accient) and then I found an AFK player with an NC31 and I shot him in the back but from the side, he started burning and the achievement popped.

    Learn where the engine is (of a few Tier I Tanks) and play but with a grillmaster mindset.
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    Northwolf0700I picked this up yesterday and 'fired up' two different tanks. One was a Motherland, I can't remember what the other one was. I was using the American T71 light tank with the T185 gun package.
    Posted by Northwolf0700 on 04 Aug 16 at 11:21
    EhrenfriedThanks Northwolf for dropping a comment :D
    Posted by Ehrenfried on 04 Aug 16 at 15:09
    Northwolf0700You're welcome Friend! Thanks for posting the solution :D
    Posted by Northwolf0700 on 05 Aug 16 at 13:33
  • Happy Hippo67Happy Hippo67298,770
    06 Jul 2020 06 Jul 2020 06 Jul 2020
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    By far the most easiest way to get this achievement is with the kolohousenka tier 1 czech tank and not with the german ltr which is extremely unreliable.

    Team up in 2 platoons of 5 tanks, 4 being the czech tank and 1 being the ltr german tank with the first strike package which makes it an auto loader. Simply use the ltr to shoot the czech tank slightly underneath the spade and pickaxe. the fuel tank of the czech tank is massive and very easy to hit.
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