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Damage Dealer

Deal 3,500 damage in a single match!

08 Aug 2015 until 18 Aug 2015

Damage Dealer
08 August 2015 - 2 guides

Challenge Guide for Damage Dealer

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    Inflict 3,000 (previously 3,500) points of damage on enemy vehicles during one match- as in; reduce health points across any number of enemies by at least 3,000 in the course of one match. It will tell you how much damage you caused at the end of every match, but I can't find anywhere online where it will tell you your all time highest damage score.

    This will not be possible until you have a Tier 3 tank, and even then you'd have to fully damage almost all of the enemy team. This will become easier around Tier VI and VII and your best bet is to use a high damage SPG (Artillery). The German line of Artillery from the Grille onwards deal exceptional damage, the Grille itself will dish out up 660+ in one hit.

    Tank destroyers, Heavy and even Medium tanks will do the job in higher tiers, all you need is a bit energon and a lot of luck wink


    As izret102 and I confirm; if you have already met the requirements for this on the Xbox One or on the Xbox 360 prior to this Challenge going live, then this challenge will unlock soon after starting up the game on the Xbox One.
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    i not sure but i dont even think it needs to be in one match i just unlocked it in my tier 2 tank and notice i was going up about 5% every match
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