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Big Earner

Earn 100,000 XP

19 Aug 2015 until 29 Aug 2015

Big Earner
19 August 2015 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Big Earner challenge

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    It may be possible, that this will unlock straightaway if you have earned over 100,000 XP in the past, before the challenge started. The similar challenge of:
    World of Tanks: MercenariesThe Unleashed challenge in World of Tanks: MercenariesDestroy 50 enemy tanks!

    unlocked immediately without having to fulfill the criteria again after the challenge went live.

    Some people are reporting both, some say it hasn't popped on either yet. This can be unlocked by playing entirely on the 360; you just have to visit the garage once on the XO to unlock it.

    You should be able to easily assess how much XP you have earned from the tanks you have, it will show quite clearly in your garage how much XP you have earned for each tank you have, and you can deduce how much you have spent from the tanks and packages you have unlocked.

    If you log in to and look at your overall stats it will display how much XP you have earned for all time.

    Gaining XP in matches is generally very complicated, it depends on the damage you inflict and the tiers of the tanks you inflict it upon, spotting enemies and consequent damage to them, bonuses for ribbons, winning and surviving the match, among many other factors. You must play in multiplayer matches to gain XP.

    Below is a short list of the main ways you gain XP and the ways you do not:

    You Gain XP For:

    > Damaging an enemy tank - as in reducing their health points
    > Damaging an enemy tank's modules - tracks, Engine, radio etc
    > Killing an enemy tank's crew member/s
    > Destroying an enemy tank - as in inflicting the final blow

    *Note; damaging and destroying enemy tanks of a higher tier will give you greater XP, and less XP when you damage or kill lower tier tanks.

    > Spotting an enemy (for the first time only)
    > x2 for spotting an artillery
    > Any damage caused by teammates after you spot an enemy (50% of all damage)

    > Capturing flag points but only if the base was consequently captured
    > Capturing a flag
    > Base defense points - as in damaging an enemy who is capping your base

    > Joining a match, (this can give you a very small base XP, usually around 50-75)
    > Surviving the match
    > Winning the match - 1.5x of all XP gained

    > Bonus XP based on the overall damage your team causes the enemy

    > If you lose: You gain additional XP from the following Battle Hero medals: Patrol Duty, Steel Wall, Defender, Invader, Scout, Top Gun, High Caliber, Confederate, Sniper, and any Epic medals - log in to your account here: and look at 'Medals' for full descriptions.

    > Allegedly; you can gain XP (possibly only for Light Tanks) depending on the distance travelled in a match, but this is unconfirmed

    You Do Not Gain XP For:

    > Damaging a teammate - even if they are blue
    > Receiving damage
    > Losing the match
    > Drawing the match
    > Any shots that ricochet off the enemy - as in cause no damage
    > Destroying a module that has already been destroyed (unless it was repaired)
    > Medals - (Except for the ones mentioned above in a losing match)
    > Achievements - (Unless they also award any of the ones above in a losing match)

    Here is a more detailed breakdown of gaining Experience and credits:

    Hope this helps you out toast
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    Spilner 38k XP
    Posted by Spilner on 21 Aug 15 at 21:00
    o DEEVIUS o Yes the number in the bottom right is the current XP you have on that tank, but you may have spent some, you don't don't need to have 100,00 XP at any one time, so if you check the link in Spilner's comment above, just log in, and look at Overall stats, it will show how much you have earned over all games ever.

    Mine is at 1.1 Million, but I haven't logged in to Xbox One for a while now.
    Posted by o DEEVIUS o on 21 Aug 15 at 21:25
    Xtowers I think only base XP counts. It seemed like I was making very slow progress. On game I scored 1.5 k XP and 3k exp with the daily bonus. I was expecting to make 3% progress, but my progress only went up by 1%.
    Posted by Xtowers on 26 Aug 15 at 13:07
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