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Double Tap achievement in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox 360)

Double Tap

Defeat Oz for the last time in Descent.

Double Tap+0.7
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How to unlock the Double Tap achievement

  • SpiderrichardSpiderrichard150,543
    22 Aug 2015 24 Aug 2015
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    To get this you need enable Double Feature Mode and kill the Giant Zombie Oz at round 20. If you don't want to read the guide here is a video :)

    To enable Double Feature Mode hit the bottom on the small building behind you when you spawn. It won't be there if you haven't done the Easter Egg or are playing with someone has. When you begin Double Feature Mode you will notice several differences that make the game harder.

    • Only kills get credits (Try melee kill as much as possible to maximise credits)
    • EXO Medic is not available (You don't need that shite anyway)
    • Everything is Black & White (Not really an issue)
    • Zombies have more health (Bring it on!)

    Easiest way I found to do this was to get the the printer ASAP and get a decent weapon (personally I love the OHM). If you don't get one you like start again until you do. Once you have one concentrate on buying all the Perks available and upgrade your weapon as far as possible.
    Once teleported at round 20 don't mess around, begin running as soon as you can to turn on all the generators. Clear out any zombies before heading to the Cure station so you don't get interrupted when shooting Oz. It should only take you four or five shots at him if you spent all your credits on upgrades.
    Once he is dead BOOM done!
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  • WhiteytheripperWhiteytheripper223,643
    06 Aug 2015 07 Aug 2015 04 Jul 2019
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    Okay, so I finally got this yesterday afternoon in a game with a few people I met online after completing the easter egg for my second time with them. This achievement required you to complete the round 20 Oz boss fight in double feature mode. To activate double feature mode, there are two things you can do.

    1: You can complete the easter egg


    2:There is a button on the front of the Welcome Center right beside your spawn point that looks like the little scannners in Outbreak that you press to get Kahn's I.D Card. Each individual player in the game must press it and it will restart the game in Double Feature mode. *NOTE* AT LEAST ONE PERSON IN YOUR GAME MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE EASTER EGG FOR IT TO SPAWN* (thanks to Xpct Perfection for asking about this)

    In Double Feature;

    There are no points for hitmarkers
    Zombies have extra health
    Everything is black and white
    The upgrade stations only cost 1500 credits
    Thee is no Exo Medic
    If you go down, you die
    Your gun is not saved when you die
    The easter egg cannot be started in this mode so no access to the level 25 upgrade station either.

    The best way to do this is to focus on getting 1 good gun from the printer, and have at least Exo Health and Exo Reload. Exo Soldier is also a good perk to grab as it's cheap, and gives you the Sprinting reload and fast grenade use when you get surrounded. Also, make sure to buy contact grenades, as they always help in every map.

    When I did did this, 2 of us had CEL-3 Cauterizers, with mine being upgrade level 10 and the other player's being level 2. 2 of us also had a KL03-Trident but that does very little damage to Oz and is pretty useless inside the server room except during round 12 when it can be shot into the room Oz is in when the shield is raised. The key here is to survive as long as you can, work with your team and to not kill steal. Once you make it to wave 19, you should have a few Goliaths waiting up top if your team didn't constantly use them. They come in very handy as they can kill zombies very easily and can protect the team from those annoying EMZ's.

    When you make it to wave 20, your tactic should be to hit the generators as fast as possible and to keep moving around the room. When all generators are on, everyone should move to the Decontamination Station and activate it when Oz jumps at you. You will need to hit him over and over and survive as long as you can to kill him in this mode as you cannot see his health bar, and he takes almost twce as much damage to kill. Distraction Drones are also handy as they can help you secure ammo and pull Oz off of your team briefly. Just keep hitting the generators and hitting him until you stop seeing hitmarkers. When that happens, he is at 75% health. He will disappear like normal and zombies will spawn. Just rinse and repeat. Aim for EMZ's whenever they spawn as this can be a huge help, if you get the Cauterizer to level 15 or over, it should be a one shot kill from a moderate distance. It will be a hard fight and people might get killed, but just keep moving fast and into open areas and you should get this achievement in no time
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    WhiteytheripperI jist signed in on a second account to check and yes, you need at least 1 person in your game who have the reunion achievement
    Posted by Whiteytheripper on 12 Aug 15 at 18:42
    OnsidicAlso note that if you havent completed the easter egg on the 360, but have done it on the xb1, the button will also be available for you.
    (Will only show up in xbox live match, whether open or private, but not show up in local, unless you have completely locally)
    Posted by Onsidic on 08 Nov 16 at 01:23
    EthigyThis is one of the rare cases I’d recommend avoiding the CEL-3, if doing this solo. Problem with the CEL-3 is it fires relatively slow and you’ll quickly get overwhelmed by zombies while fighting him. After an unsuccessful attempt with the CEL-3, I managed to get this solo my second attempt using an IMR Mk19, which killed him very quickly. Started round 20 with the IMR at Mk17 and a few thousand credits so I was able to upgrade it twice when I ran low on ammo.
    Posted by Ethigy on 20 Dec 18 at 00:10
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    This achievement can be done solo or coop. Needed complete the descent easter egg to unlock D.F mode. I hit a couples of tips to reach round 20 on hardcore mode in descent. If you down when you finish the easter egg, you can enter in the hardcore mode at the being of the game, when you respawn in the building behin you are locate a device, push it and you will enter in the hardcore mode clap

    1- Ever knife if you can because you only grab points after kill. Hitmarkers not count points. Punch with exo too.
    2-I recommend 3d malfuction weapons because if you try with hbra this weapon isnt good than ak12, omn, ameli, pitapek etc. ( In my second try i made it with ak12 mk 14 and the KL03-Trident mk 5)
    3-Stay at the desinfection room because it is the best place to spin up zombies to make high rounds.
    4- In dogs rounds Just Kill all and recover your full ammo.
    5- In infections rounds try to not take damage because if you will infect you need pay to desinfect, stay jumping constantly near the desinfection room.
    6- Perks i own in my try: Exo health, Exo Reload, Exo Stockpile and Exo Soldier at the round 19 because in the last fight with oz you need it.
    7- In the second fight with oz you needed a good weapon to kill him at the four spots when the windows will open, i recommend a LMG or AK12, S12 is good for kill him
    8- The last battle, i recommend when you enter in the oz room, fastly active the 4 generators, i recommend EVER surround the map because when you desinfect oz you can shoot to him for a short time, when you see the hitmarker run to the most near generator and active it and run to the other and same because it is more important in this battle.

    I hope this helpsclapsmile
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