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Reflect Rager in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist

Reflect Rager120 (55)

Deal 50k in Reflective Damage

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Brawler rocks
361,320 (193,546)
Brawler rocks
Achievement won on 04 Aug 15
TA Score for this game: 1,780
Posted on 04 August 15 at 19:26, Edited on 30 November 15 at 20:29
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Reflective Damage is, simply put, damage dealt to an opponent when they attack a monster they couldn't defeat and take damage as a result.

If say for example you set a "Giant Solider of Stone" (2000 DEF) and your opponent attacks it with a "Battle Ox" (1700 ATK) your opponent would take 300 points of reflective damage.

It'll be a bit of a grind to get the 50K but it shouldn't be to difficult.

But here are some tips that would help make the grind go by a bit faster:

Try to get as many copies of the cards "Chorus of Sanctuary" and "Stone Statue of the Aztecs" as soon as possible. These two cards will help make the grind go by quicker.

"Chorus of Sanctuary" is a field spell that will increase the DEF of all monsters on the field in DEF position by 500 points.

Two ways I know of to get this card are to duel Yami Marik in the mission "The Final Face Off" in the original Yu-Gi-Oh series or to hope that it appears in a Mai Booster Pack. I would not recommend the booster pack method since it is randomly drawn from a rather large pool of cards, but if you have the BP to spare give it a go.

"Stone Statue of the Aztecs" is a level 4 effect monster with 2000 DEF and it is what you will need if you want this achievement as quickly as possible. It's effect is that if any monster that attacks it would take damage that damage is doubled. So if a monster with 1700 ATK attacks it while it is in defense position (2000 DEF) your opponent would take 600 points of damage instead of 300.

This card can be obtained from Seeker in the mission "Battle City Begins" from the original series.

You will most likely get this achievement from natural progression. However, if you want a boosting buddy duel Joey from the tutorial in the original series, "The Duelist Kingdom", using your custom deck by pressing "Y" instead of "A".

'Why Joey?' you ask. It's simple really, this version of Joey has no spell/trap cards in his deck. That's right, no random "Dark Hole" or "Raigeki". All he uses are monster cards and most of them are relatively weak to boot. The only cards you would have to worry about would be his "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness" (2700 ATK), "Brain Crusher" (2400 ATK), "The Fiend Megacyber" (2200 ATK), "D.D. Warrior" (Banishes the card it attacks and itself after the damage step), and his "Cameraclops" (If it attacks a face-up monster with a DEF higher than 1400, that monster is automatically destroyed).

Luckily, he only has 1 copy of "Cameraclops" and "D.D. Warrior". For his power hitters you might want to add cards that increase defense or lower attack, such as "Castle Walls" or "Shrink".

"Shrink" halves the original attack a monster on the field, and can be used during your opponents turn to target the attacking monster.

It can be won by reverse dueling against Kaiba on the mission "A Duel with Destiny"

And lastly, remember that in the single player you can use banned cards and have up to 3 of any card in your custom deck.

Edit: Added in a few more cards that'll help to deal reflect damage. Wrote where to obtain "Shrink" thanks to x1001x Puppys' comment.

Thanks to Dralunt for these suggestions: "Stronghold Guardian" and "D2 Shield"

"Stronghold Guardian" will increase the DEF of your monster by 1500 during the damage step and can be obtained from dueling Yusei Fudo from the 5Ds story in any of the reverse matches for The Edge of Elimination series (All 3 versions) or the reverse duel for the mission "Tricking the Trickster Part 2"

"D2 Shield" will double the original DEF of a target. Unfortunately, "D2 Shield" is a DLC exclusive card.

It is unlocked in the Superheavy Samurai Deck in the Arc-V Gong v Kit DLC, which is currently going for $4.99. So yeah, entirely up to you if you want to buy it or not. In my opinion though, it's not worth it and it would be better to use other cards.

Another tip that might help would be to have cards that add targets to your hand or deck (such as "Compulsory Evacuation Device" or "Compulsory Escape Device") and to then target your own defensive monster after it has been flipped face up so you can have a chance to set it again.

The reason why it is better to do this is because the AI won't attack it if you flip it face-down by a card effect (like "Book of Eclipse" or "Book of Moon") since it knows it will lose Life Points.

You can also use cards like "Upstart Goblin" and "Gift Card" to purposefully increase your opponents Life Points to be able to do more damage to them throughout the match.

"Upstart Goblin" allows you to draw a card but it gives your opponent 1000 LP. If you do decide to add this card, I would recommend adding 3 of them just so that you can technically have a deck of 37 cards (even less if you add Pots of Greed and Graceful Charities).

"Gift Card" gives your opponent 3000 LP. It's supposed to be used in Anti-Heal decks so that rather than giving 3000, it would instead take away 3000. However, for the purposes of this achievement it's better if it heals your opponent so that you can do more damage in a single game.

If you have a deck of 3 Upstarts and Gift Cards and you play them all in the duel, you can boost your opponents LP to a grand total of 20,000 LP. Be warned though, if the duel does drag on for that long you might want to have 3 Dark Holes to wipe out your own monsters so that you can set new ones for the AI to attack.

You can get both "Upstart Goblin" and "Gift Card" by dueling Blair from the GX Duelist Challenges section.

Thanks to AWoodenLeg for these suggestions: "Big Shield Gardna" and "Destiny Hero Defender"

"Big Shield Gardna" is a monster with 2600 DEF but after it is attacked it will switch to attack mode (100 ATK). However, if you can keep it safe by using cards like "Negate Attack" or "No Entry" you can switch it do defense mode on your next turn and the AI will attack it again if it feels that it can spare the Life Points.

This card can be obtained from dueling Yami Yugi in any duel starting from the mission "The Master of Magicians".

"Destiny Hero Defender" is a monster with 2700 DEF with an effect that causes your opponent to draw an additional card during their standby phase. So while this card grants you protection from strong monsters it also causes your opponent to draw more cards that can counter it, or in tutorial Joey's case: It'll cause him to deck out faster.

Good news is that you'll probably have won the duel before he decks out and he can defend against tutorial Joey's strongest monster "Gorz the Emissary of Darkness" without any additional support cards.

This card can be obtained from Aster Phoenix from the GX Duelist Challenge section or found randomly from Jaden boosters. Once again remember that boosters packs draw from a large selection of cards so only go down this route if you have the BP to spend.

Thanks to x1001x Puppys for pointing out that Joey will not attack monsters that are tribute summoned (Millennium Wall, Labyrinth Wall, Neo Aqua Madoor, etc) with his normal monsters. He will attack them with his power hitters though, but the amount of the damage you do to them when compared to his normal monsters just doesn't make up for it.

x1001x Puppys also recommended using "Terraforming" to help search for "Chorus of Sanctuary"

Personally, I had never had an issue with drawing out Chorus and you can only have one field spell card on your side of the field. However, if you feel that you need the extra drawing power, the first time "Terraforming" can be won in a duel is from Weevil Underwood in the mission "The Ultimate Great Moth".

It can be won from other duelists however, such as Mako Tsunami, Rex Raptor, and Bandit Keith (from the mission "Keith's Machinations") to name a few.

Thanks to Risagram for suggesting "Staunch Defender" and "Savage Colosseum"

"Staunch Defender" will force an opponent to attack any one monster of your choice with all of their monsters that can attack during the battle phase. So have a weak monster act as bait, activate "Staunch Defender" and then target a high defense monster of yours for some massive damage.

Thanks to SchiZoPHreNiikz for finding out that "Staunch Defender" is found from Chazz Boosters. It is one of the common cards so you will have to scan for it.

"Savage Colosseum" is a field spell that essentially forces all face-up Attack Position monsters to attack or be destroyed at the end of the turn.

It can be obtained from Yubel of the GX series in the mission "Return of the Supreme King"

Please note that the AI will eventually switch their attacking monsters to defense position after they have taken enough damage. But the AI (or at least Tutorial Joey anyways) can still be tricked into suicide charging.

Thanks to SchiZoPHreNiikz for suggesting "Mask of Weakness", "Wall of Disruption" and "Cross Counter"

"Mask of Weakness" Lowers the attack of an attacking monster by 700 until the end of the turn and they stack with other effects. If chained with "Shrink" and other copies of "Mask of Weakness" it would be easy to reduce the attack of one monster to be 0 for a turn.

This card can be found in Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants (Round 1)

"Wall of Disruption" makes all of your opponent's face-up attack monsters lose 800 attack for every monster that they control as long as they remain on the field. This is good against tutorial Joey, since he likes to fill his monster zones (cause that's all he has) this card can make his attacking monsters lose up to 4000 attack. You might have to wipe his field after you play this card though since he probably won't attack you with a 0 attack monster.

To my knowledge this card can only be obtained from Mai Valentine boosters. It will show up as the final card so don't bother scanning the other cards like I did.

"Cross Counter" doubles the amount of reflective damage that your opponent would've taken and then destroys the attacking monster. It is basically a better version of "Stone Statue of the Aztecs" and can be applied to any of your high defense monsters for some interesting combinations.

Please note, "Cross Counter" will not stack with "Stone Statue of the Aztecs" so you can't inflict quadruple reflective damage to your opponent. "Cross Counter" will take priority.

"Cross Counter" can only be found in Bastion booster packs. It is not the final card so you will have to scan for it if you do try to go for it.

If however none of these cards appeal to you or you are looking for a specific card that I may have overlooked, here is a link to a list of good cards to farm from duelists and a list of what cards are found in which booster packs.


Hopefully this will help you find the right cards you are looking for. Also, don't worry if the card you are looking for is currently not on the list. The list is a work in progress and is currently being added upon, so it may appear if you check at a later date.
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