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Grow your Be A Pro Character to 90+ Overall in Be a Pro mode.

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How to unlock the Elite achievement

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    25 Sep 2015 25 Sep 2015
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    For me, I started a Be A Pro career as a center in the Pros and chose the Blackhawks (roster was already added with the greats from the league using a customized roster I set up before hand).

    I set it to 3 minutes - rookie mode - simming penalty off - Playoff single game knockout (you can do best of 7 if you want, I did single knockout just so I could quickly get the Win the Cup achievement in my first year). I selected auto-train by coach and dismissed all the weekly attribute memo ONCE I got into the season not a the main option set-up screen not sure if this made a difference.

    I played all of the pre-season game (start to finish - takes like 10 minutes a game) to make sure I made the roster (sliders in my favor - getting about 10-15 points a game). I kept playing out games until about the 9th regular season game, this way I had about 100 points to guarantee me an individual trophy and was on the 2nd line (which they promoted me to 1st line after it simmed pasted the 13th game).

    After that it was more sim time. They moved me from 1st line to 2nd to 3rd to 4th and back up again. In my sims I never got demoted to AHL. I simmed up to until about April 15 each year, saved and then simmed/saved game by game in the playoffs to make sure I won the cup each year if my team lost I backed out and tried simming the game again (with a jacked line-up of players this was very easy to win frequently). Also I just kept signing with the Blackhawks to make sure I had a team that would get me to the cup every year.

    I had to sim until about the 2023 offseason (winning the cup every year) to hit a 90 overall, getting about +2/+3 attributes every year.

    Once you start simming it will take around 2-3 hours, so if you have all the reminders on dismiss you can just hit A every once in a while you watch TV to dismiss all the line movement memos and keep simming through the season.
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    J eVeRy DaY 514Thanks for the tips. Question though: did you play pre-season every year or just your first?
    Posted by J eVeRy DaY 514 on 02 Oct 15 at 19:42
    NBCs FriendsFor the pre-season I simmed until the third period and then got around 4 points to finish the game, and I still didn't make the team, what the hell!! What's up with that?
    Posted by NBCs Friends on 20 Oct 15 at 23:04
    GBCheeseheadI would play all three periods, I had that happen to me as well in my first few runs. With 3 minute period it should go quick.
    Posted by GBCheesehead on 22 Oct 15 at 02:41
    NBCs FriendsYeah, it's because it's not only about getting points, but getting decent coach feedback, so yeah playing the full game is necessary
    Posted by NBCs Friends on 22 Oct 15 at 13:17
    AttestedBarley2So you played all the Pre season games before each season? Every one of them? Also what do you mean you kept playing out games til the 9th season? So you'd play season games to get your stats up to 100 points?
    Posted by AttestedBarley2 on 24 Dec 15 at 17:30
    erod550Worked well. I played about 14 regular season games in that first season to get promoted to the first line and generate enough points to guarantee an individual trophy at the end of the year to get those achievements, and then just simmed for the next several seasons until I got to 90. Easy peasy.
    Posted by erod550 on 30 Dec 15 at 23:59
    GBCheesehead@AttestedBarley2, I played all preseason games and until the 9th regular season game each season.
    Posted by GBCheesehead on 31 Dec 15 at 15:48
    BanditJusticeI'm having trouble with this one sometimes it lets me put myself in the game and sometimes it lets me play the 1st shift in each period but won't let me enter the game after 1st shift is this a glitch
    Posted by BanditJustice on 01 Apr 16 at 12:06
    Joker De PabloIf they took me out of the game, I pressed and held cn_B when my stamina meter was close to full and put back in. Watch out if you get into yellow stamina out on the ice or the coach will demerit you for not line switching. Just stay in the green stamina and you are good.
    Posted by Joker De Pablo on 21 Jun 16 at 13:23
    KillersquirelzIt works great, and you can combine this with several of the others. I started in the CHL and got drafted so I could get that achievement. The first season I got the individual trophy achievement and the Stanley Cup win. I did it for my second NHL season too, but after that I just simmed all the way to 90, only making sure to win the cup through simulated games. You only need to play the preseason games the first NHL season to secure your spot on the roster, afterwards you become guaranteed.
    Posted by Killersquirelz on 07 Mar 17 at 12:37
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