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Reunion achievement in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Complete Oz's Challenges in Descent.

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How to unlock the Reunion achievement

  • coreymawfcoreymawf96,993
    06 Aug 2015 06 Aug 2015 11 Aug 2015
    48 8 13
    Completing this easter egg will END THE GAME you are playing and start a special mode called 'Double Feature' in which you can get the achievement 'Double Tap' for killing Oz twice in Double Feature mode. My guide for that is below:

    Solution for Double Tap in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    You must have the Reckoning DLC pack. Load up Exo Zombies > Descent.

    The youtube video at the bottom of this guide is all you should really need,
    however I have still included the steps in detail below.

    This IS possible solo or in co-op.
    There ARE variations between the solo and co-op method (however they are minor and are explained below).

    ---SOLO & CO-OP METHOD---

    IMO, this easter egg is easier in co-op with 2 or 3 players rather than solo or with 4.

    Remember to keep 2 or 3 zombies alive at the end of the rounds to allow you to more efficiently complete the steps without having to worry about killing.

    To make step 4 easier DO NOT OPEN the door between the Great Hall & Galleria.

    1. VALVES
    Once spawned in run 1 or 2 rounds at spawn shooting in the legs and knifing for more points. Open the drop down to Reception then the door to Promenade and at the top of the stairs will be the first 3Dprinter spawn. Hit the box once each. Make your way to the Galleria and equip your exo suit ASAP. Next make your way to the Tidal Generator (you should be able to reach it by round 5). Once inside you need to find and shoot 3 valves to make them rotate enough until the light above them turns on (accurate weapons with a lot of ammo work best - you can see the valve turning when you are hitting it correctly). The three valves can be found:
    1- Ground floor, on a wall to the left of the generator under the staircase
    2- On the wall above a yellow door one flight up the spiral staircase
    3- On the wall beside the top of the second flight of the spiral staircase
    Once all three valves are turned and the lights are on above all of them the two yellow doors in the Tidal Generator room will open and reveal;
    - A glowing blue screen console
    - A blank black number flipboard
    - An unpowered exo upgrade perk machine (teleport machine)
    - A level 25 upgrade machine
    The rest will be used later for now just walk up to the console and interact with it. The AI will talk. When she finishes talking, walk up to it and interact with it again and she will say "Access Denied". This step is now complete.

    You will be teleported to the Oz challenge room at the end of round 5 - you do NOT need to do anything here this time.

    Make your way to the Lounge. Walk up to the 'Floodable Air-Lock' door and HOLD the interact button on it. A 'Depressurizing' progress graphic will appear - progress is saved - you can stop and come back and restart depressurizing from where you left off. When the blue bars reach all the way around the hexagon the AI will say "Airlock door override successful".
    You now need to wait for a Goliath suit to drop into the map. It will either be dropped at spawn or at the top of the tidal generator near Exo Health. The Goliath will drop at around round 8 or 9 and will be marked on your HUD so keep an eye out for it.

    While waiting for the Goliath to drop GET SET UP using the tips to survive in the additional info at the bottom of this guide

    Once a Goliath drops get into it by walking up to it and interacting with it. Make your way to the Lounge WITHOUT GETTING HIT too much by zombies otherwise the Goliath will break before you can complete this step. Walk up to the Floodable Air-Lock door and interact with it. Go inside the air lock and wait for it to fill with water and open then follow the marked path towards the glowing red light. Walk up to the red light and interact with it and it will turn blue/green. Make you way back inside then either stay in the suit or self destruct it (I advise you self destruct it to make the next step possible/easier). This step is now complete and the NEXT ROUND will be the Drone Challenge.

    FIVE drones will now spawn into the map in random locations ONE AT A TIME. If doing this coop I recommend you sweep the map staying VERY close to each other so that you can ALL catch up to and take down the drones. The possible locations for the drone to spawn that I've seen are:
    -SPA near the 3dprinter OR in the corridor with the bar leading to the spa
    -GREAT HALL in the middle of the room
    -RECEPTION near the drop down chute from spawn OR mid-room
    -PROMENADE near the bottom of the staircase
    -ANNEX mid-room
    -LOUNGE near the 3dprinter OR near Exo Soldier
    -GALLERIA on the staircase leading up to the Exo Suit station
    This step can be either very difficult or very easy depending on where the drones spawn AND where they fly to. When they fly out of the map from reception or concierge or the tidal generator it can be very difficult to take them down. Shotguns such as the S12, Blunderbus or CEL-3 seem to do well at taking these down at close range - the Trident is also very good however it may kill your remaining zombies and end the round. You need to take down all five drones BEFORE the round ends in order to complete the challenge, if you fail you can try again the very next round. Take down all drones and the challenge will be marked complete on your HUD. This step is now complete and the panel hiding a large capacitor in a wall in the Galleria will now fall off.

    If you kept the door closed between Galleria and Great Hall this step will be easier for you if not you'll need to be more careful. After completing step 3 a capacitor is now showing in the wall on the ground floor of Galleria near the broken aquarium. You need to let EMP / electric / shock zombies hit you while you stand near the capacitor to charge it. When an emp zombie hits you and charges the capacitor it will die. You will need about 10 emp zombies to hit you to charge it fully. I recommend you run a train of zombies and kill non EMP zombies then when the EMP zombies are leading the train run your train past the capacitor, let the EMP zombies hit you while you're beside it then kill the rest of the train if doing this solo. If doing this coop I recommend all players train away from the galleria while one person waits right next to the capacitor and kills all zombies except EMP zombies and lets EMP zombies hit them. When the round is over other players can bring their remaining EMP zombies to the capacitor. Dog rounds will help you charge the capacitor a lot as in the later rounds most of the dogs are EMP/electric dogs. You will know the capacitor is charged when the AI says capacitor charged and the capacitor has BRIGHT arcs of electricity flashing up and down it. This step is now complete and the NEXT ROUND will be the Grenade Challenge.

    At round 13 you will be teleported for the second time for the FIRST OZ CHALLENGE.
    To pass this challenge you need to shoot Oz behind each of the four command consoles when the bulletproof glass opens. When you kill one Oz, there will be an explosion, he will teleport to the next console and the old console will be on fire. You need to repeat this 4 times. The bulletproof glass will only open after a set amount of traps increasing in number and difficulty as well as zombie spawns as you go. The traps are:
    - Laser grid ceiling: don't jump or your exo suit will reboot
    - Electric floor: don't touch the floor or you will take damage
    - Infected gas: don't go in the gassed areas or you will become infected and need to use the pad in the middle of the room to decontaminate.
    - Turrets: sentry guns spawn on the ground floor in the lifts & automated turrets spawn on the high walls up by the ceiling - just destroy them with normal weapons.
    In this room you have orbital drops that teleport in with ammo for one person in them (NOT a max ammo), contact grenades, a 3dprinter and a standard weapon upgrade machine at your disposal HOWEVER you do not earn points in this room from damaging and killing zombies. If you don't manage to kill Oz on one of the rounds and the glass closes again simply pass the challenges again and then the glass will reopen and your damage from before will have been saved. Once you take out all four Oz' there will be a large amount of orbital drops teleporting into the room with free points. Every time you collect one another one will spawn. Collect as many as you can before you are teleported back to the map (if you're fast enough you can get about 7k).

    1- Buy contact grenades off the wall in Spa
    2- Infinite contact grenades
    3- Enjoy
    But seriously, that's all there is to it - this step is super easy and fun just buy contact grenades and kill the zombies with just the grenades. When you kill the last zombie the round will end and the challenge will be marked complete on your HUD. The jump challenge now appears at spawn.

    Head to spawn. Look out over the water on the concierge drop-down side of the landing/spawn area - you will see glowing blue platforms. The aim is to reach the glowing blue circle hologram which will appear on one of the blue platforms. This will require you to use all your exo abilities (slide, jump, boost, slam) in order to parkour your way to the final platform. There are multiple stages, some easy some extremely difficult. Keep zombies at the end of the round to complete this challenge as you will need quite a lot of time to complete it. I've found that if you keep about 4 dogs on a dog round the round basically never ends however even 4 normal zombies will give you about 4 minutes. Progress through the jump challenges IS saved (you do not have to restart if a new round starts). If you fall off the platforms you will be bounced back onto the landing / spawn deck HOWEVER if you fall off very far from the glowing platforms YOU WILL DIE not down, DIE so beware of that. This step takes practice, but the more you do it the better you will get at it. When you complete all jump challenges the AI will speak and no more glowing platforms will appear. This step is now complete and the NEXT ROUND will be the Move Challenge.

    After you complete step 6 BEFORE killing off zombies I recommend you collect supply drops and use them for this step. After you end the round after completing step 6 every movement you make (walking, running, sliding, jumping, boosting etc) will cost you points. As such either spend your points before starting the round OR use a camping tactic where you do not move.
    A good tactic is to sit in a corner such as the corner of the spa near the 3d printer and set up turrets in this corner, use AI drones & have at least one person in a Goliath. This corner is good as although zombies come from both right and left the sight lines are long so if your shooting is on point and you have enough equipment from supply drops you wont have to move AT ALL.
    An alternative to this is to train as you usually do and keep shooting zombies to make up for the points you're losing as you're moving. The downside is obviously that if you run out of ammo you will run out of points.
    I have not risked running completely out of points yet and as such cannot confirm if this kills you or fails the challenge but it may do so (it probably fails the challenge and lets you retry next round). PLEASE CONFIRM if you have [?]
    When you kill the last zombie the round will end and the challenge will be marked complete on your HUD. This step is now complete and the Simon Says game will now be active and ready for you to complete.

    One of the four consoles on the reception desk in Reception will now be glowing. Walk up to it and interact with it to begin the Simon Says challenge. All you have to do is remember the order of an 8 light sequence then interact with the consoles to light them back up in the order shown to you. I found the easiest way to do this is number the consoles 1,2,3,4 from left to right then just remember the number sequence. You will be shown one new number to the sequence each time until it shows you the entire 8 number sequence and you re enter it into the consoles correctly. If you have the memory of a potato, you may need to write the sequence down as you go. If you fail, the entire sequence will change and you will need to try again. If you did the Moon easter egg this is the same thing as Samantha Says, just not as fun. Once you get the final round of Simon Says correct entering all 8 of the sequenced console lights a melody will play and the consoles will no longer light up. This step is now complete and the NEXT ROUND will be the Friendly Fire Challenge.

    At round 20 you will be teleported for the third time for the SECOND OZ CHALLENGE.
    To pass this challenge all you have to do is avoid the same traps from the first Oz challenge (except no electric floor), turn on all four of the generators located in the corners of the room then wait for the mutated Oz to be running towards you and close then activate the decon pad. You will be able to damage mutated Oz ONLY while the decon pad is active (you will know you're not doing damage when a shield icon appears on screen). Then, simply repeat that multiple times until you kill him. Other zombie spawns will increase as you damage Oz. Good weapons to damage Oz efficiently are the Blunderbus, S12, CEL-3 & nano swarms placed directly on the decon pad. Oz will have a health bar at the top of your screen when you get this bar down to zero he will die and orbital care package points drops will teleport into the room like with the first oz challenge. Collect as many as you can before you are teleported back to the map.

    This is where the co-op method differs from the solo method slightly

    If you're doing this co-op all you have to do is not shoot each other. Train in different rooms... don't use the Trident. Easy.
    If you're doing this solo, you will have AI players spawn in and start shooting you doing damage to you similar to the damage from red sentinels defending the bombs on Carrier. Avoid these AI by running slow trains around the entire map and using teleporters if needed. The AI shooting at you will be marked on the map and as such shouldn't be too difficult to avoid. They cannot be killed.
    Once you kill all zombies the round will end and the challenge will be marked complete on your HUD. This step is now complete and the number counter board in the Tidal Generator secret yellow room will now be active and ready for you to complete.

    After completing step 9 a number counter will now appear in the yellow secret room you opened in step 1 in the tidal generator building. This counter randomizes every game you play. There are 4 set digits on the first row that will not move. There are 4 set digits on the second row that move with different actions that you will need to match to the top row. The following actions change the following digits given that the first digit is on the left and the fourth digit is on the right.
    -FIRST DIGIT: Stomping a zombie (counts even if it doesn't kill them)
    -SECOND DIGIT: Player jumping (if coop any player can jump)
    -THIRD DIGIT: Buying grenades from the wall
    -FOURTH DIGIT: Killing any zombies or letting them die out with time
    The stomps are the hardest number to match. I found the easiest way to go about matching these numbers up was Stomping a few zombies mid round running over to check the number then taking the teleport at the top of the tidal generator back to spawn then repeating until the first digit was either matched or close to being matched then not stomping anymore. Next kill off most of the zombies but keep about 10. Next buy contact grenades from the wall in Spa until the third digit matches (just waste your extra grenades by shooting them at the walls so you can buy more). Next if you only got the first number close now that there are only a few zombies left you should be able to separate them and get the exact number stomped matched. Next match the second digit by just jumping while looking at the counter then have everyone stop jumping completely. Next kill off the remaining zombies until the fourth digit matches. Once all four digits match the numbers will disappear and the AI will speak. This step is now complete and the NEXT ROUND will be the Rocket Challenge.

    As this is a difficult step I recommend you save your 'Sentinels' orbital drop as well as any other drops you can which will help for this step (such as AI drones or turrets). Activate these in the room you want to train in then immediately kill the remaining zombies to start the round. You will NOT be able to call in any equipment from orbital drops during the round. When the round starts you will be given a Mk25 upgraded MAHEM rocket launcher with unlimited ammo which although powerful, is extremely heavy and causes your player to move very slowly. You can also damage yourself with the rockets. These factors combined with a high round and lots of zombies makes this step, in my opinion, the most difficult out of any step in exo zombies to date so focus up, give it all you've got and keep those trains big and kill those zombies slowly to slow down spawns and keep yourself as safe as possible. This round is the main reason why you want to be completing easter egg steps as 'round-efficiently' as possible. Once you kill all the zombies the round will end and the challenge will be marked complete on your HUD. This step is now complete and the final step is now ready for activation.

    As quickly as you can, (preferably be there before you even kill the last zombie in step 10 then kill it when you get there) make your way to the Tidal Generator secret yellow room from step 1. The teleport machine will have red glowing lights on it. ALL PLAYERS must then press the glowing blue console that you used to activate the easter egg in step 1 by walking up to it and interacting with it. The teleport machine will now light up blue and ALL PLAYERS must then walk up to it, huddle together, and interact with it. You will then be teleported into a memory simulation with a small floating map similar to the spawn area on Outbreak. There is a standard weapon upgrade machine here and nothing else for you to replenish your ammo. You must survive here without being killed by zombies or falling off the map for TWO ROUNDS. AI players that are spawned in will shoot zombies but do barely any damage, they will attract hordes of zombies so I found the best way to survive here was simply run around the map and kill off the hordes attracted to the AI. This step is easier than it sounds just make sure you keep upgrading your gun to maintain ammo and damage to keep up with the two waves.

    Once you complete both rounds you will be teleported back to the map, 'Double Feature' mode will be activated and you will unlock your achievement, as well as permanently unlock Double Feature mode.

    Well done!
    You completed the hardest easter egg in Exo Zombies to date!

    1 like = 1 cry for Oz

    Tips to survive are:
    -Start the low rounds shooting in the legs and knifing for more points
    -Get your Exo Suit ASAP
    -Attain Exo Health / Juggernog ASAP (2500pts)
    -Attain two good weapons from the 3dPrinter/MysteryBox or the wall ASAP
    -Train zombies behind you (gather them up behind you and run in circles around the room or map) once you reach approximately round 7 and upwards
    -Upgrade your weapons using the upgrade machine whenever you can (2500pts)
    -Pick up all care packages! Why not they're free and they help you out!
    -Gain free points from green security consoles by walking up to them and pressing x (randomly change around the map).
    -Purchase all other perks in order of personal preference
    -Prioritise killing zombies: try pick off the EMP zombies from your trains

    Good areas for training are SPA, LOUNGE, GALLERIA & RECEPTION.
    The best weapons on this map are: Blunderbus, Trident, CEL-3, S12

    Some additional useful info is contained in my map below!

    External image

    Pop goes the cheevo!

    Hope this helps
    Happy Gaming!


    All credit to NoahJ456 for the below video!

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    AgentOfAbyssYou do NOT die or fail the challenge if you run out of points. If you happen to run out of points in the corner of the spa (we used Lounge instead by the door to the water) you just stand there and keep shooting to get more points.
    Posted by AgentOfAbyss on 18 Feb 16 at 19:44
    McAwesomePTdidnt get the cheevo. I think you will not get some achievements for this game if you join mid game. you should make sure you start a private match, or a public that doesnt put you on an running game
    Posted by McAwesomePT on 09 Nov 17 at 00:14
    EarthboundXI was doing so well, was at wave 22, at the jump challenge, and I accidentally boost to the side during a double jump while making my way back to the challenge from avoiding zombies. I fall in the water and instantly die.

    So frustrating.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 27 Mar 18 at 10:10
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  • Mr BlackMagikMr BlackMagik1,254,511
    07 Aug 2015 08 Aug 2015
    18 2 7
    Written and video descriptions for each step of the Easter Egg. I've also included a full video of what I believe is the most difficult step: the Jumping Puzzle.

    Step 1: Valves and Secret Room

    Shoot the 3 small red valves located in Tidal Generator. A blue light will appear above the valve when it is complete. Once all three are completed a hidden room will open in on the second level of this room. Enter and Hold X on the blue moniter. After the AI is done talking hold X again to complete this step.

    Step 2: Pressurized Door/Goliath

    Go to the Lounge and Hold X on the yellow door labeled "Floodable Air Lock". While doing so, any zombies still alive will ignore other teammates and come after you. Once the room is depressurized, you will need the Goliath support drop which will spawn on round 8 or 9. Now take the Goliath and enter the same door you just depressurized. Follow the path and melee the zombie in your way. Hold X to press the button at the end, turn around and leave.

    Step 3: Drone Challenge

    Five drones will spawn in random locations around the map. You must destroy them before they disappear and before the round ends or else you will have to start over on the next round. The drones can spawn in every area except the main spawn point, the roof where exo-health is located, and the tunnel leading up to exo-health. But be aware, drones can spawn near the beginning of the tunnel towards exo-health (which is also near the Exo-Suits). The main area you need to be careful with is when the drones heads towards the main spawn. They will fly right up the elevators and into the air to disappear. It is possible that one of the drones will have an upgrade inside, kill these as well.

    I wouldn't suggest attempting this with one crawler left due to the time it takes to find and destroy all five drones. It is also recommened to have good (or upgraded) weapons to destroy them as fast as possible. The Blunderbust and Lynx sniper both do a lot of damage.

    I also suggest that if you are playing in co-op to move as a group. The drones start to move if you get too close and if one person can't destroy it on their own then you will have to start over.

    Step 4: Capacitor

    After completing step 3, a panel will open up on the wall near the HBra3/Weapon Upgrade machine revealing a Capacitor. From the Exo-Suits, the panel is located on the wall to the right of the Spa entrance. For this step, you must allow Shock Zombies (or dogs) to hit you in front of the Capacitor to charge it up. Keep doing this until the Capacitor is fully charged. To see your progress, there is a display revealing "0, 25, 50, 75, 100" and an arrow to the right of them that moves up. Once you hit 100, the AI will speak and you're done.

    Step 5: Grenade Challenge

    One of the easiest challenges. When a new round starts, you will begin with infinite contact grenade. It doesn't matter if you didn't buy them previously or not. Simply spam grenades to kill every zombie and end the wave as fast as possible. You won't be allowed to use weapons, secondary grenades (teleport, etc.), or buy ammo or upgrades. Just spam grenades until the round is over to complete this step.

    Step 6: Jumping Puzzle

    This will likely be the hardest step for most people. For this step, you will need to complete a series of jumping puzzles. To begin, head to the initially spawn points and you will see two large blue squares above the water. Once you complete one puzzle, the next will spawn. You also don't have to worry about falling in the water near this area.

    The hardest puzzles will likely be the two long jumps (3 and 7). It's difficult to explain in text, but you want to perform a slide, then boost forward, then double jump and slide. Now don't take that word for word. It's easier to do than explain (and it isn't easy to do!). You really have to watch the video to see what I'm talking about. It's basically a slide, then boosting forward out of it, then jump boosting, then pushing forward again.

    There are nine puzzles total, after completing the last one it's on to step 7.

    Step 7: Movement Challenge

    At the beggining of the new round you will have the Movement Challenge. During this challenge you will lose points when you move. If you're have an excess amount of money before starting this round it would be wise to spend SOME of it. The reason you don't want to spend it all is because if you reach zero points you won't be able to move. As long as you have a decent weapon to kill zombies this challenge isn't too bad. You will still gain points from damage and kills to counteract the negative points for moving. Utilize any power-ups such as the Biohazard Bomb and Explosive Touch to end the round as fast as possible and save you points from moving. After you complete the wave be sure to not move until the challenge says "Completed" as you will still lose points until then.

    Step 8: Simon Says Monitors

    For this step you will need to complete a "Simon Says" style game on four computer monitors. The monitors are located near the left elevator heading up to the initial spawn point. They are to the left of this elevator. This is also the area where the 3D Printer first spawns. Hold X on the monitor with the blue glowing light to begin. After that, you will have to follow the order of lights to complete this step. If you get one wrong, you will have to start over. I suggest writing down the order to make this step much easier. For example if the far left monitor is first write down "1". Then if it is far left, far right, write down "1,4". Then far left, far right, far left, write down "1,4,1" etc.

    Step 9: Friendly Fire Challenge

    At the beginning of a new round you will have the Friendly Fire challenge. For this challenge Friendly Fire will be turned on and you simply have to survive the round. If you are playing in co-op, you will fail if one person kills the other. Shooting each other, however, will not fail the challenge. If you are playing Solo, three AI will spawn and will attempt to kill you. Simply finish the round to complete this challenge.

    Step 10: Number Counter

    In the area where you completed the first step, and the hidden room opened up, a board will appear with two sets of numbers. The top four numbers are your goal, and the bottom four are you current counter. In order to complete this step you have to have your bottom numbers match each of the top numbers. The numbers count up from 0-9 by performing the following actions:

    First Number - Using Exo-Slam to hit/kill zombies
    Second Number - Jump with any player
    Third Number - Buying grenades off the wall
    Fourth Number - Kill or letting a zombie bleed out

    The Exo-Slam is located near the Exo-Suits on the way towards Exo-Health. Contact grenades can be initially purchased for 750 in the Spa and 500 for everyone afterwards. If you're counter is at 3 and the target is at 2, you will have to go up to 9 and continue to 0, 1, and then 2 to reach it. This can be done over multiple rounds and I would suggest doing the Exo-Slam and Grenade numbers first.

    Step 11: Rocket Challenge

    At the beginning of a new roun you will have the Rocket Challenge. You will start with a Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo and will not be able to use anything else. You can kill yourself with the Rocket Launcher so be sure to not shoot too close to yourself. There isn't any friendly fire in co-op so you can shoot zombies off your teammates to help them. We stayed in the Spa with three people continuously jumping and shooting. Complete the round to finish this challenge.

    Step 12: Memory Simulation

    For the last step, all players must hold X on the very first blue monitor from Step 1. After doing so, the teleporter to the right of it will be activated and you must then hold X to use it. You will be teleported to a new area in which you have to survive by any means to complete the Easter egg. Use any weapons, orbital drops, and anything else you have to survive. Once you get teleported back, the achievement will unlock and the Double Feature mode will automatically begin, ending your current game.

    Useful Info:
    - The Carterizer and Blunderbuss are the best weapons (AK47 is also good)
    - The Boss waves are at the end of round 12 and 19
    - Purchase Exo-Health, Exo-Reload, and Exo-Medic first. After that grab any others you want to push these farther down in case you get downed by zombies as you will lose the top upgrades first
    -There are two sets of teleporters that you can use for a quick escape. One on the rooftop near Exo-Health which goes to the main spawn and another outside of the Spa which goes to the Lounge
    - Teleport Grenades can be purchased in the Lounge for 750 and are very useful for quick escape and don't replace your normal grenades
    - Contact Grenades can be purchased in the Spa for 750 and are much better than the default grenades
    - Save the Supply Drops for the boss waves. You can also enter the second fight in a Goliath (or two) if you time it right
    - There are maps on the walls which label each room and show where the current 3D printer is as well as all of the upgrades
    - The Spa is good spot to run/jump around and get a train of zombies going
    - You have to complete the previous step before continuing and in most cases you have to start a new round. The challenges for example will not begin until a new round starts
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    XGC GunNutI have put more hours into this fucking easter egg than i have in most games....22 hours and i have never gotten past the jump puzzle......about to be at 1900/2000 forever
    Posted by XGC GunNut on 15 Aug 15 at 16:13
    XGC GunNutFinally got it with the help of a friend!
    Posted by XGC GunNut on 15 Aug 15 at 20:12
    Mr BlackMagikNice job man!
    Posted by Mr BlackMagik on 15 Aug 15 at 20:19
  • TheZombieTableTheZombieTable103,905 103,905 GamerScore
    05 Aug 2015 05 Aug 2015 06 Aug 2015
    16 6 4
    Step 1: Shoot 3 valves located beneath Exo Health they will turn blue once done

    Step 2: press the panel in the room opened up beneath Exo health twice with x

    Step 3: go to the lounge by the door and there is a room where you can decontaminate and hold x follows the same path as Moon for Hacking with the time it took for doors.

    Step 4:Get a Goliath suit which spawns round 8-9 and go to the decontaminate room in the Goliath press x on the door and it will open then punch a zombie in the water and stand in front of a valve and press x again it will turn blue . After completing this step you will be on the Drone Challenge once the round will end

    Step 5:This is the Drone challenge: This is where you need to find 5 drones they spawn mid round if you miss one you have to wait till the next round same goes for the round ending you will fail. The drone can be found in the spa, reception, lounge, and beneath the exo suit. The next round it will say challenge complete if done successful.

    Step 6:This is a capacitor which is next to the upgrade machine (looking straight at the machine turn left and you will see it)beneath exo suits you have to let emp zombies hit you and they will die charging the capacitor it will go to 100. After completing this the next round will have the grenade challenge. In my video I get this done fast by using the dogs rounds due to the high influx of EMP dogs.

    Step 7:Grenade Challenge you have to get kills only with your grenades anything else and you will fail the challenge. It will last for one whole round and then it will say challenge complete if done successfully. In my video I show a great spot for coop people.

    Step 8:This is the jumping puzzle at spawn you will see a platform which will show simple jumps if you need help watch the video which I will do add soon. Once the final jump is complete it will be disappear and the next round will be No movement challenge. Don't be afraid the game doesn't punish you for failing.

    Step 9: No movement challenge. This is where you will lose points based on moving around the map the best strategy for this is to camp in the spa room and run circles in my video were lucky and had dogs but will be different for you.

    Step 10: Is the Simon says This is in found in reception to the left of the trophies which show your Easter egg completions. You will need to press x on the blue light then the combination will begin. Which again is like the moon Easter egg simply right down the combination and input and your be on the next step which is friendly fire which happens at the end of the round

    Step 11:Friendly Fire if in solo you will see three team mates trying to kill you. In multiplayer I'd suggest you and your team mates split up to complete the challenge you fail if one dies due to team mate fire. The challenge will be complete at the end of the round.

    Step 12: The infamous Counter which is found left of the panel beneath exo health from the decontamination step so you need to match the top row with the bottom Now This is going from the left to the right when looking at it directly First Column= Slam Hit Markers, Second Column= Jumping, Third Column=Purchasing Grenades, Fourth Column is Kills on zombies Once they match this will be complete. This will trigger the rocket challenge at the end of the round.

    Step 13: This is a rocket challenge very simple just like grenade just get kills without any other weapon and once the round is complete go back to the panel to the right of the counter and follow step 14

    Step 14:Very Simple press x on the panel to the right of the Counter (Same panel for the decontamination step )and the teleporter will appear and you press x and you will go to the moon. For coop you will need all 1-4 players to hit the button or the teleporter will not activate.

    Step 15: Survive until the game telports you back to the map and your set achievement.

    Edit:As said in the comments you can get this Easter egg done between round 20-25. A suggestion for when you do the capacitor step 6 try complete the drone step before the Dog round which is 12 as said they will get the box to 75 or higher during those round but this could be due to four players.
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    SiegfriedXHad a really good run for this, we got dogs on the generator round, so we got it to 70% really fast. After that, on the rocket challenge... dogs again! It was a walk in the park!
    Posted by SiegfriedX on 06 Aug 15 at 05:27
    SiegfriedXForgot to mention, we completed the EE on wave 21 or 22. So, if you get a good run, expect to finish around round 21 to 25.
    Posted by SiegfriedX on 06 Aug 15 at 05:29
    TheZombieTableThanks for that When I did the Easter egg remembered those steps
    Posted by TheZombieTable on 06 Aug 15 at 10:13
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