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Far away achievement in Twins (WP)

Far away

Get 2000 points in one session

Far away0
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How to unlock the Far away achievement

  • LvxLvx
    05 Aug 2015 05 Aug 2015 08 Aug 2018
    This guide is meant to have some basic tips on making this achievement a bit easier. It will still take you some time and a LOT of frustration. Keep in mind to take breaks from this game to avoid a broken phone.
    Now the key to this achievement is coins. You should always aim to pick up every coin you possibly can, as they rake up your score immensely. You should also avoid using the 'Twin' power-up. You might get 4x score for distance travelled, but coin value is exactly the same and you encounter far less of them in this mode. The only time you should ever consider using the power-up is when it can save you from dying or a really hard part is coming up. Using the power-up flattens the ground for a bit to make your time a bit easier. Kill off your twin as soon as you can though, as you will earn less points as previously stated.
    I noticed that around a score of 800 the difficulty ramps up quite a bit, only to die down around 1000. Once you cross 1100-1200 it will however gradually go up again. Avoid losing concentration when you get near 2000, as this will screw you up.
    A last tip would be to learn how to jump over which spikes. Especially hard for me were the 2 spikes, followed by a pit, only to immediately have 2 spikes on the other side again. Once you understand which spikes need which jump, you'll start getting the hang of it and this achievement becomes a lot more doable.
    Good luck!

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    FullMoonBeaverOne tip that worked for me was to not directly look at your score. I just popped it by doing this. I had been going for a while so chanced a look. I had 1954 points, panicked, hit a jump early, then switched sides and died. Ended with 2029 points as I caught a few coins on the jump.

    Agree that your phone could very well die a premature death with this game though.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 07 Aug 15 at 10:10
    Shadow KisuragiJust wanted to note that it unlocks after the end of your run.
    Posted by Shadow Kisuragi on 18 Aug 15 at 19:03
    PirS92Thanks for the good solution , i just got the cheevo!!!
    Posted by PirS92 on 08 Aug 18 at 04:39
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  • W AnderssonW Andersson
    02 Sep 2015 03 Sep 2015 03 Sep 2015
    At first I had serious problems with this game, but then I realized something that helped me big time and made it pretty easy to reach both the 2000p and the 50 switches.

    The realization includes learning what counts as one obstacle in this game. From the start it just seemed to me like a randomizer was putting out spikes, but the obstacles is actually based on a combination of gaps or spikes in groups of four as follows:

    A - - -
    A A - -
    A A A -
    A A A A
    A - A -
    A - - A
    A A - A
    A - A A

    This means that these are the obstacles that needs to be jumped in one go. When I learned this the long rows of seemingly random spikes became just 3-4 very managable obstacles to jump over.
  • Nurse LoraxNurse Lorax
    24 Aug 2015 24 Aug 2015
    As of 8-24-15 this is MUCH easier! Once you get the twin, you get a multiplier of x4. Once you get your 1st twin, go as far as you can until things get tricky, usually around the 3rd set of jumping over the holes. Let one twin die and things seem to calm down a but. I usually let the bottom twin go because the top twin is in a more natural jumping perspective. Hopefully by here you have 600-700 pts. Get the next twin and do the same, keep repeating till you get over 2000, achievement will pop when you die. Its much easier to let a twin go and pick up another than to try to do lol those tricky jumps with 2 at a time plus a twin usually appears in a few seconds or so. Good luck!
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