Challenger achievement in Toy Soldiers: War Chest


Complete all of the challenges for every level of one hero's campaign.

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How to unlock the Challenger achievement

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    They essentially won't make any attempt to fix it unless Ubisoft comes to them, so if you're going to bug anyone about it, bug Ubisoft I guess.

    Update 2 - Tried Ubisoft support, they gave me some dumb cookie cutter answer about resetting your cache and all that jazz. Great customer support they got there. - Submit tickets

    While I have yet to finish, I shall make an in progress guide for as many challenges as I can. Survivals will be listed at the bottom.

    Edit: I have seen reports saying you HAVE to do this as Kaiser as the tutorial has challenges that are needed and the tutorial forces you do be Kaiser. However, as no one has actually finished the achievement, I cannot confirm this. I've yet to see any CONFIRMED reports of people beating GI Joe Survival. Will keep my current survival guides for now anywho.

    According to a community manager, the achievement is currently broken. Apparently the survival challenges should not be required. This doesn't address the fact that GI Joe seems impossible, but at least it wouldn't be required. Until they have confirmed the survivals aren't necessary (with a patch), I will leave them in my guide.

    Mission 1: First Contact

    Kill 200 Infantry - While there are only 200 infantry in the level, you can spawn kill the enemies in their spawns. If you do this, they will continue to spawn until their wave actually starts.

    Repair 20 Turrets - Fill every spot with a level 1 turret and whenever they are damaged at all just repair them. Non-upgraded turrets are way cheaper to repair.
    Mission 2: Bubble Brook

    Keep Your Toy Box Above 80 Health - Shouldn't be too hard - just don't be too stingy with your money. Will replay the level to see what I did if people really need help with this.

    Kill 80 Units with Your Hero - Earn your hero off infantry waves using either an anti-infantry turret or the Pegasus. Then use your hero on infantry waves. Should only take 1 or 2 call ins.
    Mission 3: Ancient Battlefield
    Note - Because of the requirements, this will take at least 2 playthroughs. Quitting the level after you earn the medal seems to save it in my experience, though confirmation would be appreciated.

    Kill 50 Infantry with Anti-Armor Turrets - Pretty self explanatory. Needs to be done while you are controlling the turret.

    Finish the Level Without Taking Control of a Turret - You CAN still use the Phoenix, which you should use in the beginning to kill the enemy turrets. Again don't be stingy with your money.
    Mission 4: Imperial Railroad
    Note - I would recommend doing the 2 challenges separately. I was able to get one game where I earned 2 barrages but it was fairly difficult.

    Kill 50 Units with Barrages - There is a wave of about 75 infantry later in the level that is good for this, though I don't know every characters' Barrage. You want to use one you manually aim.

    Finish the Level Without Upgrading - You need to use a barrage on the last stage of the K-Wagon or it WILL kill you. I used a barrage then switched to the tank to do as much damage as I could. Build an artillery on the back right spot so you can shoot the K-Wagon as soon as it spawns.
    Mission 5: Tycho Base

    Destroy 20 Air Units with Aircraft - I have heard that Starbright's Hero Vehicle counts for this as well as the Dark Lord's. If you are forced to use the Helo Drone they give you, you'll want to do as much damage as you can to the air units with anti-air turrets first. If you aren't in co-op you'll want to sell the turrets when you're done with them. There are 3 waves with enemy Helo Drones that are your best bet for working on the challenge. There are at least 3 batteries in the air your Drone can use.

    Upgrade 2 Turrets to Maximum - This firstly means you'll need turrets where you've unlocked all the upgrades. Upgrading a small turret fully costs $5250 and a large turret costs $8250. This means you'll probably want to do it on smaller turrets. The turret you start with already has some upgrades so that's a good one to use.
    Mission 6: Strand

    Kill 100 Units with Their Counter Turret - The first few waves are infantry heavy, so you'll probably have it off those waves. Just build an Anti-Infantry turret back by your toy box. Every infantry unit needs to walk up the dirt path.

    Keep Your Toy Box Above 90 Health - Again, not too hard as long as you aren't stingy with your money. Just make sure you have at least one Anti-Air and one Anti-Armor near the Toy Box.
    Mission 7: Chasm

    Kill 100 Infantry with Vehicles - Build an Anti-Infantry turret on both corners. You should have a Vehicle by the time you finish wave 3. Use your vehicle to kill the infantry in waves 4, 5, and 6. This will net you about 70 kills depending on how many suicide bombers kill themselves. You'll need one battery to last this long.
    You should be able to earn another vehicle by the time you're done with wave 11. You can then use a vehicle on wave 12 for the remaining kills you need. If you earn it early enough you could use it for wave 10 as well.

    Upgrade 5 Turrets to Maximum - I had an Anti-Infantry on each corner, an Anti-Armor at each bridge right across from the enemy vehicle buildings, and an Anti-Air turret in the middle. The only thing you really need to watch out for is the suicide bombers killing your turrets. If you max out the damage on an Anti-Infantry turret, it can spawn kill the suicide bombers.
    Mission 8: Strawberry Fields

    Kill 100 Infantry with Anti-Armor Turrets - If you build 2 near the Toy Box you should be able to kill any ground units coming your way. It does however take a while for the enemies to get this far.

    Keep Your Toy Box at 100 Health - I was able to beat the level just using 2 Anti-Armor turrets at the Toy Box and 4 Anti-Air turrets for the boss. Just upgrade them as needed.
    Mission 9: Battle of Marne

    Kill 10 Armored Units with an Artillery Turret - Fairly easy. Just note kills only count when you are controlling the turret. The weakest armored units are the creepers (the 2 wheeled things pushed by infantry.)

    Kill 25 Armored Units using Barrages - Use the airplane to spawn kill infantry waves to earn barrages, then use the barrages on armored waves. If you don't call in waves early you should be able to use an airplane for every infantry wave. I don't know every Hero's Barrage so not sure how easy or hard it is for certain heroes. Fairly easy as Kaiser with the Walking Artillery.
    Mission 10: Stonehenge

    Repair 40 Times - Fairly easy if you put a turret in range of the enemy artillery and just keep repairing it. A non-upgraded Anti-Infantry turret only costs $125 to repair.

    Finish the Level Without Taking Control of a Turret -
    This one is one of the most annoying challenges I've done.
    Firstly, you NEED co-op for this.
    Secondly, I was not able to do it with just 2 Kaisers or just 2 Phantoms. A Kaiser and Phantom worked fine. Your mileage may vary on certain combos.
    Thirdly, the boss can be VERY janky during online co-op. It worked fine on couch co-op, but it frequently wigged out and insta-killed us during stage 3 online.

    What I did was build a Kaiser Anti-Infantry near the first infantry wave and upgraded its damage twice and range once. I did the same for a Phantom Anti-Armor counter-clockwise from here. I then upgraded the damage and range of these whenever I could. I then build 2 more Kaiser Anti-Infantry turrets clockwise from the first when I could and upgraded them. Clockwise from this I built another Phantom Anti-Armor.

    There are 3 flying waves you can't kill. Only one actually goes for the Toy Box and is a guaranteed 72 health loss. Before the boss wave, we sold the Anti-Infantry and replaced them with Phantom Anti-Armor and upgraded the damage and range fully. Annoyingly, the boss is out of range almost the entirety of phase 1, so it can take a while to knock it down. Generally, the Artillery on the one side ends up dying at some point, during the boss wave, so you can build there.

    This should get you through the level assuming the boss doesn't glitch on online co-op. It worked fine when I did it couch co-op. Online, it would glitch out, spin in circles a few times, then just tackle the toy box. The time it worked CORRECTLY online, it still glitched slightly. The Boss is supposed to circle the Toy Box, getting closer and closer. It seemed to be moving WAY too fast when we did it though.
    Mission 11: Candyslides

    Kill 250 Enemies with Their Counter Turret - The first many waves are large infantry waves. You should have this done by wave 7.

    Finish the Level Without Upgrading Turrets - Another real doozy that I was not able to do without Co-op. I couldn't do this with 2 Kaisers. It is way easier if you have someone with long range Anti-Armor, such as Phantom.

    We built an Anti Infantry in between each set of toy boxes for the first few waves. Have 1 player do waves 1 and 2 for their vehicle, and the other do waves 3 and 4. When the ninja fairies come, you'll want to use a vehicle. This vehicle will last you all 4 waves of ninjas with 1 battery. Make every other small node into Anti-Armor. The Air Waves are a lot easier with someone who has lock-on (at least if you are letting the AI use them.) We had 2 Phantom Anti-Air and 1 Kaiser (that I controlled.)

    You will probably lose most of your turrets during the air waves. Don't worry about rebuilding them until more ground enemies spawn.

    When the next wave of ninjas comes, you'll want to have the other person use their vehicle. There are 3 lines of ninjas. One on the far right and the others in the 2 middle lanes. Use the vehicle to mop up the other slow infantry waves. If you have batteries, feel free to use the vehicle against the cats as well. There is a battery hidden underground between the far right slide and the next lane over.

    The reason you want Anti-Armor with infinite range is to make up for the lack of upgrades. We were able to easily kill all the cats with Phantom's Anti-Armor. Kaiser's are rather lacking here.
    Mission 12: Battle For Orion -

    Kill 100 Units with Your Hero - Many of the early waves are infantry heavy. Should only take 1 or 2 Hero call-ins.

    Keep Your Toy Box Above 90 Health - You'll probably want to do this one seperate so you can use a vehicle to kill all the enemy turrets. As long as you focus on the infantry when it spawns near your toy box this should be pretty easy. I had an anti-infantry and anti-air by the toy box. Every other small turret was an anti-armor and every other big one was artillery. I had the boss killed before it was past the first artillery.
    He-Man Survival -

    Kill 1000 Infantry - I strongly feel co-op is required for this. By myself I only had 900 kills by the 45 minute mark. Was done in 20 minutes in co-op. We just had one person on anti-infantry near the toy box (on the hill) and another on anti-armor right in front of the toy box. One anti-air on the far right can solo all the air waves. We lost some lives before we finished but don't worry too much if an enemy gets through here or there.

    Kill 300 Units with Your Hero - Use your Hero as much as possible. I was able to kill an average of 60 units per call-in. Just use anti-infantry to earn your hero as quickly as possible. Or you could use the tank as it isn't very good against vehicles.
    G.I. Joe Survival

    I am under the impression this level is currently impossible, even in co-op. The waves of enemies spawn much too quickly. To compare - 20 minutes into He-Man is round 13, but 5 minutes into G.I. Joe is round 11. I can list the challenges but can't help much.

    Kill 500 Units with Their Counter Turret - There is a lot of infantry, assuming you could live long enough to kill it. Having one person on the infantry turret and one on the armor turret is the only way I've been able to make it anywhere towards working on this challenge.

    Upgrade 10 Turrets to Max - The annoying thing about this one is that even if you could survive long enough to do it, there are only 7 turret emplacements. This means you'd have to sell at least 3 turrets through the course of the level. The good thing is this means you'd get a refund off your upgraded ones. The bad thing is this level is hard enough without having to sell your turrets.
    Ezio Survival

    Co-op Strongly Recommended

    Destroy 50 Vehicles - In co-op, every vehicle kill was counting as two. This made the challenge pretty easy. One player on artillery was able to kill most incoming enemies. Only kills by players count.

    Upgrade 10 Turrets to Max - Unlike Joe's level, there are actually 10 emplacement areas here. The extra money from co-op makes this a lot easier. You need to last a little bit to earn enough money. The only enemies we had making it through were air units, as the AI Anti-Air wasn't doing too great. You may want to have one person on Artillery near the Toy Box and the other fighting Air when it spawns.
    Cobra Survival

    Currently very janky in online co-op. This level has very high levels of lag compared to other levels, to the point where it becomes unplayable. Sometimes only lags for the non-host. May be necessary to do in single player or couch co-op. Have not tested couch co-op lag yet.

    Kill 400 Units with an Artillery Turret - The nuisance of doing this solo is that your Anti-Armor (at least Kaiser's) almost always misses the speedy Cobra vehicles. This means you're forced to have a player going after them. There is plenty of infantry to kill assuming you have someone dealing with the vehicles, but as I noted the online Co-op issue makes this difficult. I assume this is doable merely because of how easy the second challenge is, as I will note there.

    Kill 250 Infantry Units with an Anti-Armor Turret - I easily soloed this with a Mortar right by the toy box. Build your Anti-Armor and upgrade its damage and range once. Then use the Air Vehicle to take out the enemy turret behind the trees to earn some money. Use this money to upgrade the damage again. You should be able to get 250 kills pretty easily. Just upgrade the turret whenever there aren't any vehicles.

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    Draco719Following for news on patch. Defiantly won't be buying another one of there games until they fix this.
    Posted by Draco719 on 19 Mar 17 at 03:51
    Elite1111111111I think the issue is Microsoft used to own the Toy Soldiers IP. Once Signal got the rights apparently they couldn't do anything without their babysitter. Their only new game since Toy Soldiers has most negative reviews on steam. The training wheels kicked off and they threw crap at the wall.

    Their most recent game, Savage Lands, was apparently to the point of being broken. They had abandoned it to work on new ventures, and it got so bad that they actually had to roll the game back to a previous, unbroken update.

    Needless to say Signal Studios is essentially a sham now.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 19 Mar 17 at 08:11
    ShadyShallI know this has been a dead horse for a long time, but as of now (2+ years after launch) the Signal Studios forums are completely gone (though they still have their game sales/pitch page up) and ubisoft has removed the TSW forum page from the forums.

    another achievement to be added to the broken forever list.
    Posted by ShadyShall on 17 Oct 17 at 14:13
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    **MAJOR UPDATE 2**

    After months of being ignored, I got a response from Ubisoft, not Signal!!! finally, here's a copy and paste of their response:

    Thank you for contacting Ubisoft support. My name is Andrew and I will be handling your support ticket.
    I apologise for the delay in response - I was actually looking at your old ticket and saw this one linked; so please use this ticket from now on.

    We weren't aware of the issue when you first submitted your ticket in February, however, there have been more instances of people reporting this issue. As time goes on and new games release, unless things are reported, we don't always know of an issue. On further investigation, it does seem many people cannot unlock this achievement.

    We have reported this issue to the development team and recommend that you keep an eye on the website and forums for updates in the future and hopefully this issue will be resolved for you all soon!


    Ubisoft Support



    According to the developers at Signal, the survival missions and tutorial mission is NOT REQUIRED for this achievement, HOWEVER the achievement is currently unobtainable. The developers state on their forums that a patch is incoming, and those that met the requirements should unlock it on patch update.


    Not a guide per se, but you can see the requirements of a challenge as the games at the start cut scene but only for a few seconds, so here is a complete list. GI-Joe seems to be the best choice for these, Candyslides is likely the hardest one.

    Mission 1: First Contact

    Kill 200 infantry soldiers
    Repair 20 turrets

    Mission 2: Bubble Brook

    Toy box health must stay above 80/100
    Kill 80 units with your hero

    He-Man Survival Mission

    Kill 1000 infantry units
    Kill 300 units with your hero

    Mission 3: Ancient Battlefield

    Kill 50 infantry soldiers with anti-armor turrets
    Don’t take control of any turrets

    Mission 4: Imperial Railroad

    Kill 50 units with a barrage attack
    Finish mission without upgrading any turrets

    Mission 5: Tyco Base

    Destroy 20 Aircraft vehicles with aircraft.
    Upgrade 2 turrets to max

    G.I. Joe Survival

    Kill 500 units with their counter turret
    Upgrade 10 turrets to max

    Mission 6: Strand

    Kill 100 units with their counter turret
    Toybox must stay above 90/100

    Mission 7: Chasm

    Kill 100 infantry units with vehicles
    Upgrade 5 turrets to max

    Mission 8: Strawberries

    Kill 100 infantry with an anti-armor turret.
    Keep toybox at 100/100

    Ezio Survival

    Destroy 50 vehicles
    Upgrade 10 turrets to max

    Mission 9: Battle of Marne

    Kill 10 armor units with artillery turrets
    Kill 25 armor units with barrage

    Mission 10: Stonhenge

    Repair turrets 40 times.
    Don’t take control of a turret during the mission

    Mission 11: Candyslides

    Kill 250 units with their counter turret
    finish the mission without upgrading any turrets

    Cobra Survival

    Kill 400 units with an artillery turret
    Kill 250 infantry units with an anti-armor turret

    Mission 12: Battle for Orion

    Kill 100 units with your hero
    Keep your toybox health above 90/100
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    OSU Brutus OSUsaw you last edited this at the end of April...any new news?
    Posted by OSU Brutus OSU on 01 Aug 16 at 02:49
    Draco719This was nearly a year ago. Still nothing?
    Posted by Draco719 on 16 Feb 17 at 09:36
    Roose91By 'patch incoming' are we to assume they meant this millenium? Terrible commitment to customers.
    Posted by Roose91 on 06 Jul 17 at 06:09
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    *This solution is only for the G.I. Joe survival level*

    First of all, this achievement is currently glitched and therefore unobtainable. I completed all challenges and got all platin medals on all levels with Kaiser but I did not get the achievement.

    Furthermore, I think the G.I. Joe survival level is totally broken and should be fixed.
    Anyway, here is the solution how my mate Myantro and I got both challenges for that specific level legitimately. You have to play in co-op and one of you has to play as The Duke (G.I. Joe), the other character does not really matter - but obviousloy it should be the one you have been playing with all the time.

    This strategy demands high skills and a lot of patience. Both players must know what they are doing. One player, the one who is hosting the session, will take care of ALL vehicles (because they will start jumping around like hell for player two), the other one has to defend the toy box and upgrade all other turrets. With this strategy you will only need four turrets. The following part is divided into two parts, so both players know exactly what to do.

    Player one (the host):
    As soon as the level starts, build up G.I. Joe's anti-tank turret in the upper right spot and max out "damage" and "health" as soon as possible. Then get into the turret and destroy all incoming jeeps. While doing so try to kill enough soldiers with your upgraded laser (secondary weapon) so that you will get a supercharge. At this point you must have maxed out "damage" and "health", otherwise it won't work. As you have a supercharge now, try to keep it going as long as you can - honestly, we kept it going until the end. In the early rounds you will destroy all vehicles within seconds, so you have to hit (not necessarily kill) some soldiers, so that the supercharge will continue. Do not kill too many soldiers, player two will need them as canonfodder. After a while there will be more than enough vehicles that you should take care of. Do not get out of your turret, just smash the fire button. Keep an eye on tanks though, because they will start firing at you when they come too close to your turret. Whenever you lose your supercharge or you have to repair your turret (we did not have to do that), use your superpower so that you can take a deep breath before the enemies continue rushing at you. Then you should try to get another supercharge as soon as possible which will be much harder in higher rounds, almost impossible. You will earn a lot of money, but do not use it, stay in your turret. That is basically all what player one needs to do.

    Player two:
    First, place an anti-infantry turret (also G.I. Joe's one) next to your toy box and get into the turret. Kill all incoming infantry as soon as you can and gather some money. After you have enough coins, build up an anti-air turret (also G.I. Joe's one) in the middle square and max out "damage" first. After that, build up the second anti-air turret in the lower right spot and max out "range". While doing so, you will have to return to your anti-infantry turret and kill all incoming soldiers in order to get the 500 kills medal. However, do not hesitate to get out of your turret and max out all upgrades of all three turrets as soon as you can. You will have to keep an eye on the anti-air unit in the middle though, because it will take a lot of damage from the choppers. Whenever you see the "health bar" is low, repair the turret. You do not need to enter the anti-air turrets, because the A.I. does a good job on the choppers. Do not panic when some soldiers make it to your toy box, you will not finish with 100% (we had 61% when we hit the final kill). That is basically all what player two needs to do.

    For the the other medal (ten maxed out turrets) you can use the same strategy, but build up more turrets in the open spots. After you have upgraded them, tear them down and build up new ones. You will have more coins than you actually need. If you have any trouble upgrading the turrets, player one can get out of the turret and help you with the upgrades. Therefore, we recommend that you should go for two rounds in order to get both medals.

    I hope this helps you guys. If there is anything that is not clear, feel free to contact me.

    Edit: Apparantly, the challenges for the survival levels are not part of the achievement.
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