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Pew Pew

Use every turret and hero weapon of every core hero.

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How to unlock the Pew Pew achievement

  • ShadyShallShadyShall372,694
    24 Nov 2015 25 Nov 2015 26 Sep 2016
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    Though I would help everyone out here and make a solution with a checklist and a level suggestion.

    First, to recap the requirement: in order to get this achievement you need to manually fire at least one shot from ALL weapons for each of the 4 CORE heroes. This means that for Kaiser, Dark Lord, Phantom, and Starbright, you must fire a shot with each weapon at their disposal.

    The basic weaponry for each army you must fire includes: 4 different turrets (anti-infantry, anti-armor, anti-air, and artillery), every weapon for each hero, the barrage, and the hero vehicles. (Note: most of these need to be unlocked through play.)

    You do not need to get a kill with each weapon, however, steven2furious noted that you do have to hit something (an enemy). For good measure, try to get a kill with each gun to avoid having to replay everything.

    You do NOT need to buy the Uplay weapons. I had two unlocked, but the other two were still locked and I got the achievement. So, they do not count.

    I recommend playing this on a survival level, because of the high amounts of infantry at the beginning of the game; PLUS the fact that so many enemies come at you, that it becomes easy to ‘lose’ the match. After I made a shot with each weapon I could, I let the box explode. I did not trust “Exit Game,” I wanted the game to end naturally.

    I played on the Ezio Survival level. I built turrets at the bottom near the box. I waited until there were 40+ infantry on the battlefield and then the flying machine to take out the first 4 or 5 infantry waves right away (pick up a battery to stay alive) and get the barrage right at the beginning. Call it in immediately. Then I worked the meter back up to get the vehicle, and then again to get the hero. In the first round you play, you should be able to get a shot with 1 barrage, the vehicle, one primary and one secondary weapon from the hero (don’t forget to switch weapons when you use him/her), and each turret. Once you have done that, just sell your turrets and let your box be over-run.

    At the end game screens, I chose to either back out or customize army if it was an option. I would change the hero weapons and the barrage. Then replay the level and repeat the tactics to call in the barrage and the hero (no vehicle); you do not need to bother making sure you have a shot with each turret; though, naturally, you may use them each anyway. Repeat that second step one more time and you should have covered every weapon in the army. Note the Kaiser does have 4 primary weapons, so you need to play 4 rounds with him.

    Here is a full checklist of every weapon you must MANNUALLY utilize. Put this into a word doc, print and check ‘em off as you go.

    Kaiser Wilhelm
    o Maxim
    o Minenwerfer
    o Flak-88
    o Big Bertha

    Weapons - Primary
    o MP-18 Sub Machinegun
    o Luger PO8
    o Scoped Gewehr
    o Trench Gun

    Weapons - Secondary
    o Mauser Anti-Tank Rifle
    o Lewis Gun
    o Maxim

    o A7V Sturmpanzerwagen

    o Zeppelin
    o Gas Shells
    o Walking Artillery

    o Metalstorm
    o MAC-12 Accelerator Unit
    o Laser Aegis
    o Orbital Target Relay

    Weapons - Primary
    o M42 Rifle
    o MAG Rifle
    o Liberty Hail Fire

    Weapons - Secondary
    o Designated Marksman Laser
    o MAC-8
    o Slugger Missile

    o Liberator

    o Hypersonic Bomb
    o AC-800 Wraith
    o Power SUrge

    Star Bright
    o Bubble Gun
    o Moon Beam
    o Comet Lobber
    o Shooting Stars

    Weapons - Primary
    o Glitter Popper
    o Rubber Duck Blaster
    o Star Duster

    Weapons - Secondary
    o Cake Wand
    o Star Light
    o Bubble Wand

    o Pegasus

    o Star Drop
    o Gift Box
    o Moonlight

    Dark Lord
    o Quill Beast
    o Meteor Beast
    o Dart Spitter
    o The Behemoth

    Weapons - Primary
    o Crossbow
    o Dark Blast
    o Dragon's Breath

    Weapons - Secondary
    o Fire Ball
    o Magma Crossbow
    o Dragon Launcher

    o Durax

    o Wave of Fire
    o Black Queen’s Icon
    o Locust Swarm

    Hope this helps. Good luck!!

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    JORAXI got this without using all the barrages (only used 1 barrage ever - the zeppelin). Late to the party so I doubt my tip will help many people at this point though :). I don't think I used all the vehicles either, but I remember 3 of them so maybe I did after all.
    Posted by JORAX on 11 Jan 19 at 07:04
    ShadyShallgood tips. thank you. i dropped this game entirely. broken garbage.
    Posted by ShadyShall on 14 Jan 19 at 21:50
    TheOnlyMattoThis is much easier if you play 1 v 1 in custom match.
    Options: 1 health
    Options: $100,000
    Map: The Breach
    If second controller is on defense then build 3 infantry turrets with 2 upgrades each for damage

    This is easier because you start with your hero and you don't need a barrage or vehicle if you read the description (I personally tested. Only used 1 barrage and 1 vehicle for the 2 achievements that require them)

    Dark lord example:
    So let them attack you, kill soldiers using your two weapons (Crossbow + Fireball) and grenade. Aim for 1-2 towers each match. (Quill beast + Dart Spitter but note you need air units to kill for Dart Spitter and upgrading its damage will help tons so make the air wave second) You need a kill with each.

    Next match switch weapons (Dark Blast + Magma Crossbow) and use 1-2 other towers (Meteor beast + The behemoth).

    Next match just Primary/Secondary. (Dragons breath + Dragon Launcher)

    Next match only a secondary (Cone of Cold)

    Switch heroes and repeat until the other 3 are done.

    You must complete the match for the game to save. Doesn't matter who wins so you could just let the second controller beat you after killing a few. This can be done while you go for 100 wins.

    You are missing one weapon for these heroes (likely due to update):

    Dark lord - Cone of cold (Secondary)
    Star bright - Evil rubber duck blaster (Secondary)
    Phantom - Prototype MAC-8 (Secondary)
    The Kaiser - Golden Maxim (Secondary)

    Was going to make a solution but your list is awesome! Thumbs up
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 30 Nov 20 at 19:06
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  • BrutalGuitarBrutalGuitar1,615,670
    27 Aug 2015 30 Aug 2015
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    To get this you need to manually fire at least one shot for all 4 turrets (anti infantry, anti armor, anti air, and artillery) from each of the 4 core armies (Kaiser, Dark Lord, Phantom, and Starbright). You don't need any upgrades unlocked for them to count so you can get them out of the way early on. You will need use every weapon from each of those army's heroes. They each have 3 primary weapons, 4 secondary weapons, 3 barrages, and 1 hero vehicle. Majority of those need to be unlocked before you can use them. To save time, I focused on unlocking and using each of the weapons while working on getting the 100 multiplayer wins. If you have 2 controllers you can do that by yourself in a private custom match. I'm not sure if the weapons unlocked through Uplay count. I've read that some players say they do but my achievement popped without using all of the Uplay weapons.
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    steven2furiousThis didn't pop for me just by firing into the air you have to hit something finally got it after using starbrights shooting stars anti air gun.
    Posted by steven2furious on 26 Sep 16 at 19:33
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