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How to unlock the Unstoppable achievement

  • Ninjabird00Ninjabird00187,632
    26 Jan 2016 25 Feb 2016
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    Just some tips:

    1. Save every opportunity you can.
    2. Beat the game on normal before playing this to know what Zombies to expect where.
    3. If you're having trouble press start and quit.
    4. If you get knocked off those wooden planks on your way to the arena press start in mid air and quit.
    5. Don't waste your flares
    6. Best weapon is the crossbow since it's silent and you get infinite ammo.
    7. Save all the good weapons for the end. Stick to the spiked bat for most of the game.

    Some spots that might be difficult:

    First one is defending the Safe House after coming back from the Supermarket. Before you go out to fight, go to the bed and save. Go out and get ready, you have to ping the radar manually. The zombies will come two at a time, just keep your cricket bat ready, swing and back off. Stay in front of the door that leads to the save room.
    Don't try going around to the other side where there is a hole you can duck under you'll just end up fighting more zombies so stay where I told you.

    Second difficult spot would probably be after securing the lock pick. A swarm of zombies will come at you and you'll get on the turret. I would have turret ammo in my inventory, also some flares and a grenade. When shooting the turret aim at explosive barrels, also aim the the heads of the enemies. If you run out of ammo and the enemies are far away then you'll have time to reload the turret. If you run out of ammo and the enemies are too close then get off the turret, toss a flare wait for them all to gather and then toss a grenade and you should be good to go.

    Third spot would be Buckingham palace upstairs. This is not actually difficult you just have to take your time. It's always best to lure the enemies to you, especially the zombies that spit. You'll come to a point where the wall is burning. You'll want to lure the zombies into the fire which makes them weaker and easier to kill.

    Fourth spot would be where the Prepper says "Bloody hell that's Ron Freedman's place" or something like that. A bunch of zombies will bust though the door. But before you do this there will be a door to the safe house, go there and save and come back. Now after the zombies bust though the door the best way to deal with them is with the shotgun that you get in the previous room. And remember if you're about to day just quit and reload your save.

    Fifth spot would be tower of London. After the part where you scan the black light a wall will open and you'll see a cage with an opening at the top, Drop down into the water, now there is an explody zombie around one of the corners, if he gets too close you can head shot him but if you don't want risk it then just quit. You'll have to get back there again. The best way to get past him is to run straight ahead and in here you'll have plenty of room to deal with him, when you see the exploder zombie just shoot his tank and he goes bye bye.

    The next spot is getting to the roof of the tower. Make sure you have your handgun equipped. As you are moving up the stairs she'll tell you to hurry but don't listen just take your time. When you enter the tower, I think right to the left will be a exlody zombie shoot his tank, then use the spiked bat for all the other enemies in the room. You'll go upstairs and drop down and go outside. There will be a spitting zombie here but before going out there I recommend equipping a flare and either a grenade or a molotov to take out the group. After that go on upstairs to the exfil point. Just stay by the stairs and swing at zombies with your spiked bat. The sniper will take care of the rest and then you're done with that part.

    Next spot is the nursery after falling into the basement you'll fight one of those electrical zombies you could easily take her out with the shotgun or just take your time with the bat. Then you'll back up stairs and into the kitchen where you will get swarmed but well aim head shots with you handgun and you should be good. Then you will go upstairs to the main floor and see that the first room you entered in is packed with zombies, don't try to fight them just go to the third floor and go through the emergency exit in the corner.

    Now you are outside the nursery and you have to go hack the door but the Prepper needs time to open it and you need to survive and ambush. I just kept running around and smashing zombies with the bat when they got too close. When the door opens go there right away and grab fuel from Vikram and go back to the safe house.

    Next difficult area is the Arena. I honestly don't have a good strategy for this I just got lucky and beat it after a few tries. I will say to lure the bullet proof zombies around explosives and shoot the explosives so you can kill multiple zombies at once. Set traps with the mines but don't place one if a zombie is closing in on you you'll just kill yourself.
    Before you get the opportunity to grab your B.O.B a crap load of zombies will appear and also an explody zombie. Keep the explody zombie alive and sprint to your bob and close the door right away. Lock pick the door inside and grab whatever you need. With the big door closed you'll be able to see through it and kill zombies while you are behind it. The explody zombie will be between the other zombies so just shoot his tank and he'll kill the rest allowing you to save ammo and escape the Arena safely.

    That's all I'm gonna type, my fingers are dead so I'm not going through the last part of the game but if you need help with a certain part just let me know. Also sorry for the big paragraphs. Hope this helped

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    Michal TMtwo findings during my walkthrough
    1. to get achievement during Preppers final movie, you would have to follow the pad’s tracking sign and use this particular exit from Safe House area.

    If you choose another way (ie. way to Brick Lane Markets) - achievement will not pop up (at least didn’t pop for me, I had to go out from game and repeat final sequence)

    2. There is possibility to avoid "Defend Safe House" mission. If you do not get a mission brief from the table (it triggers spawning zombies) and will go directly to Royal Bunker - game will continue next missions. Game will remind you the mission (name will appear if you are in Safe House) until part of mission when you are coming back to Safe House to use CCTV monitors.
    Posted by Michal TM on 15 Sep 19 at 00:34
    Emzx99TY for the save scum method HellJumper, this game is full of bugs. My only death so far? Clipping through the inside of a vent, permanently stuck inside of it. No directional movement at all. Combo that with a no death mode the developer didn't even test if it was possible lol. Just do your first two playthroughs folks and watch for the exploding dudes. Use HellJumpers save scum method. Very easy.
    Posted by Emzx99 on 12 Apr 20 at 03:03
    Posted by RancidVessel14 on 20 Nov 20 at 14:34
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  • DemonSpawn2714DemonSpawn27141,069,039
    12 Jul 2020 12 Jul 2020 12 Jul 2020
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    Hello to All,

    Just a small helpful hint to add on for all the other good guides regarding this achievement. You do NOT need to go offline to get this achievement.

    I was playing online like normal and unfortunately I died to the glowing red zombie (1 hit w/ full health) and the game immediately saved but I did NOT quit the game. I opened my guide and went to manage my game, went down to the save file and deleted the LOCAL save file only. Then I quit the game, loaded it back up and when it synced with the servers my most recent survivor save was still there.

    I hope this helps people who run into the same issue I did.
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    OshulCan confirm this works. Be sure to exit the game after saving from a bed, other wise your most recent save will not be synced to the cloud.
    Posted by Oshul on 25 Jul 20 at 10:34
  • GunflameGunflame488,505
    01 Feb 2018
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    Hey everyone, just putting my two cents for this achievement. It's seriously annoying as all hell, and I myself as of right now haven't gotten this one. That arena has stopped me three times, and my stupidity has stopped me twice. Here's a video for some tips, some of which are already stated here, to help you with this mode. It doesn't include the Arena as I've not yet passed that part.....Hope it helps regardless!

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    outlaw player05I have more information on how to get this done easier, I would recommend that you have 2 saves available (chicken or standard) the other save need to be caught with survival difficulty. Make sure to save every chance you get, and once you do, you have your survival save catch up to the other save, and rinse and repeat. I also currently completed Zombi using the method that I had listed, and it helped me find every location that the zombies would be at. Made it easier to advance to the next area, and finish the missions with a much higher success then you would if you only had one save to look out for.
    Posted by outlaw player05 on 08 Feb 18 at 08:16
    outlaw player05Gunflame I hope that you will be successful in getting this achievement, best wishes
    Posted by outlaw player05 on 08 Feb 18 at 08:18
    GunflameThanks, and good idea! I'll have to try that on the next attempt!
    Posted by Gunflame on 08 Feb 18 at 16:11
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