You Shouldn't achievement in Forza Motorsport 6

You Shouldn't

Finish first in a 24 car race using the Manual Transmission Dare Mod

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How to unlock the You Shouldn't achievement

  • SwooshiainSwooshiain354,861
    20 Sep 2015 20 Sep 2015 30 Sep 2015
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    The other two solutions cover most of the technical detail, but the ultimate way to make this easy if you are not used to a manual transmission is to use the Tesla Model S P85D. This car only has one gear, so you have no actual shifting to worry about. It's a bit of a barge in its stock tune, but it basically takes the transmission out of the equation. Combine with "New Driver" opposition, and one lap of the Indianapolis oval should do the job.

    Update - SilentRich69 made a video:

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    BFGeordieThanks for the tip, I used the Chryslus Rocket for the cheevo clap
    Posted by BFGeordie on 22 Mar 18 at 23:54
    BestAphid68996I didn't own the Tesla - I tried renting it but the mod wasn't available to use with a rental.

    It seems you need to own the car to use the Manual Transmission dare mod. The Tesla cost 110,00 CR.
    Posted by BestAphid68996 on 11 Jun 18 at 14:15
    sharknado523Can't manage to get "Manual Shifting" mod, so frustrating!
    Posted by sharknado523 on 10 May at 03:07
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  • DCM7734DCM7734149,204
    20 Sep 2015 20 Sep 2015 22 Sep 2015
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    So, I basically followed CTM AudiRS6's guide, but I'm going to give it to you in a longer, more detailed, yet simpler format since some people seem to have some issues with this achievement.

    1. Make sure you have the mod titled "MANUAL SHIFTING" ! This is a Purple Dare Mod, by the way. If you don't own it, keep buying the $50,000 "Superior Pack" Mod Pack until you get this mod. Once you own it, go ahead and equip it, or you can wait until you are at the race start menu to equip it then. It does not matter.
    2. Go to Free Play from the Go Race Menu
    3. In GAME OPTIONS, Make sure your options look like the following (I'm only going to put the ones that might make things easier for you in some way / Actually matter):
    a. MAX DRIVARARS: 23
    d. LAPS: 3 ( 1 might be the logical answer, but with the car I used, I didn't get to 1st place until right when the 2nd lap started, and I'm always afraid of messing up. But, do 3 and you should be fine for sure )

    4. Pick any car that you own. A good car to use would be the Tesla Model S P85D as it only has one gear, so you won't need to worry about having to shift. (Credit to Swooshiain for the tip and permission to use it in my solution)
    5. Go to Select Track, and scroll over to Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Choose the 2nd one, titled "The Brickyard Speedway"
    6. Go Over to Assists and change things to how you like them. I would recommend having DAMAGE, FUEL, & TIRE WEAR set to Cosmetic, as well as REWIND turned to OFF. Not sure if that is a thing either, but it popped for me this way.

    Now that you are all set up, Go to Start Race. If the Purple Dare Mod "MANUAL SHIFTING" has not been equipped yet, do it now from the Mods menu.

    Now, you can start the race. If you controller layout hasn't been altered in any way, cn_B should be up shift, and cn_X should be down shift.
    Come in first, and the achievement should pop within a few moments.

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    TheAnonymityi spent 2 million on packs and still nothing! stupid RNG! angry
    Posted by TheAnonymity on 05 Feb 18 at 10:06
    RedSVOGreat solution! I tried this using the Tesla (has one gear, no shifting) on the Indy Oval track but the cheevo didn't pop for me. I Replaced the Tesla with the Porsche 918, and as soon as I finished the race the achievement popped.
    Must be the uncommon "Manual Transmission" Dare Mod. I had to spend a mighty sum to get this mod to drop. :)
    Posted by RedSVO on 30 Sep 18 at 16:30
    DCM7734@RedSVO: Nop, it's Shifting, not transmission. It probably just didn't pop for you for some reason.
    Posted by DCM7734 on 01 Oct 18 at 23:46
  • CTM AudiRS6CTM AudiRS6408,834
    10 Sep 2015 10 Sep 2015
    74 7 24
    Worst part of this for most people will be the luck of getting the mod. I spent over 6 million credits before I got it in the 50,000 credit Superior Pack. I had been buying the 25,000 150,000 and 300,000 packs and never got it in those. It is an Uncommon level rarity. Once you have it, equip it, and load up a 24 player race in free play against new racer difficulty drivatars. I used the oval indianapolis track and one lap in a GTR class R899.
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    Shadow666GhostI got it in a 150k pack after spending round about 8mio credits...and 1h after in two 50k pack's 2 more shock
    Posted by Shadow666Ghost on 16 Jun 16 at 10:24
    Jordan Shuttlesi think i have every mod BUT that one smh
    Posted by Jordan Shuttles on 25 Jul 16 at 04:32
    RyU913i just got 2 in 1 pack.. lol very weird!
    Posted by RyU913 on 09 Jul 17 at 16:17
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