Racking up the Mileage achievement in Forza Motorsport 6

Racking up the Mileage

Drive for 1000 miles in Multiplayer

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How to unlock the Racking up the Mileage achievement

  • gussguss538,923
    22 Sep 2015 21 Sep 2015 21 Sep 2015
    74 3 7
    The Dragoner28 way is very nice.

    But we are doing this in another way, that looks more easies, fastest (due the loading times) and brings bigger amount of money in the end of the race.

    Just go to a private match, alone or with friends
    Choose in Options for Time Circuit
    Choose 30min or more in Daytona Triple Oval
    Select Formula Indy cars, or cars with high max speed

    And just do it for 30min having a good time with your friends (without loading screens for 30 min)

    You will up about 12% each race depends on the car you choose and total time you race

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    KILLANEYROCKSid do 1 hour if possible still have to get this achivment been so busy with other forza games latetly think il pop back on forza 6 since i am a better driver now
    Posted by KILLANEYROCKS on 08 May 17 at 13:57
    HolyHalfDeadHopefully you didn't waste time doing drag races or short races for
    Forza Motorsport 6Devoted RacerThe Devoted Racer achievement in Forza Motorsport 6 worth 68 pointsComplete 300 Laps in Multiplayer
    as you will easily get that achievement while working on this achievement.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 09 May 17 at 03:29
    DanAskerFor those who really don't want to actually race, I have found on Indianapolis Oval you can set up the car on the edge to drive around itself at about 30-40mph (very slowly). This achievement will take you around 40 hours but you can do it while working from home!
    Posted by DanAsker on 01 Jun 20 at 13:11
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  • Mattyl22lMattyl22l209,473
    29 Jul 2018 29 Jul 2018 29 Jul 2018
    32 0 7
    AFK(Away From Kontroller) / Overnight / Idle method

    - Select MULTIPLAYER in the main menu & Press cn_Y to create a Private Lobby
    - Select GAME OPTIONS: (you only need to change the options below)

    Game type: TIMED RACE
    Environment: HOMESTEAD (must have NASCAR Expansion DLC)
    Max players: 1
    Max drivatars: 0
    Race length: 4 HOURS [max] or your desired time
    Car class: ANY
    - Hit cn_A to accept

    *Not sure if selecting a different car will change the outcome or cause your vehicle to go off track but I used the KOENIGSEGG ONE since it was included in the Car Pass and was free for me.

    -Highlight your name, hit cn_A, and Select Assists:

    Suggested line: OFF
    Braking: ASSISTED
    Steering: ASSISTED
    Traction and stability control: TCS & STM ON
    Shifting: AUTOMATIC
    Damage, fuel, & tire wear: COSMETIC
    - Hit cn_A to accept

    - Hit cn_X to Start Race
    - Find something to hold down your cn_RT (rubber band, etc.)

    Each lap is 1.5 Miles and takes about 40 Seconds
    1 HOUR = 90 Laps/135 Miles

    *Once again, in order to use this method you will need the NASCAR Expansion DLC. I tried these settings on DAYTONA SPEEDWAY and it spun my car out at about 4 minutes into the race. If I or someone else finds a way to complete this on a non-DLC track I will update this guide.
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    Temple JonesAre you supposed to slam into the corner everytime?, the steering helps pull the car out of it, but it wont keep it from slamming each time, like the autobrake wont stop it before. i mean it works, but it slows the car down to like 70 each corner. Not sure if that's supposed to happen that's all
    Posted by Temple Jones on 08 Jul 20 at 04:41
    Temple Jonesehh doesnt matter even with htat only 2 hrs total to get it, i had about 40% already from before, so great guide
    Posted by Temple Jones on 08 Jul 20 at 07:43
    Mattyl22l@TempleJones It's been awhile but I do believe the car will slam into the wall every lap but in doesn't matter as long as it doesn't spin out. If it keeps going lap after lap grinding the wall it will eventually get you progress and hence can sleep and wake up to a new achievement.
    Posted by Mattyl22l on 19 Jul 20 at 14:09
  • Dragoner28Dragoner281,211,711
    27 Sep 2015 20 Sep 2015 20 Sep 2015
    28 5 3
    I have found an easy way, which can be done while you are doing something else.
    Go to Multiplayer Mode. Create an Private Lobby with cn_Y.
    Open the Game Options and set: "Drag Race 1 Mile", "10 Heats", 5 AI / Drivatars.
    Start the Race and attach something to your cn_RT Button, because this button has to be pressed constantly. The 10 heats will be driven automatically now. All you have to do, is starting the race over and over.
    Start the Race each ~15 Minutes newly. During this 15 minutes you can do something else.
    By the way. Each Heat will award you with around 1100 XP and the same amount of credits.
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    TheIcemanComethThe problem with this solution is that you have to press cn_A for all the results screens and to get to the next heat. If you didn't have to do that, it would be perfect.
    Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 30 Sep 15 at 21:31
    XSG blkR3DNo iceman, if you wait a time (~30 seconds), it starts the next heat... Top guide! clap
    Posted by XSG blkR3D on 14 Oct 15 at 19:53
    UnblessedQuasarPresumably this can be shared in a private lobby by the host just pressing continue so the other person can be absent and still boost? I'll be doing this during the day (UK time) next week so if anyone wants me to run it for them then send me a PM (assuming the non-host doesn't have to press A ever?)
    Posted by UnblessedQuasar on 17 Oct 15 at 12:48
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