Thru the Pack achievement in Forza Motorsport 6

Thru the Pack

Start last and finish first in a Multiplayer Race with 24 cars

Thru the Pack0
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How to unlock the Thru the Pack achievement

  • Celes KilmerCeles Kilmer1,374,526
    05 Mar 2016 28 Feb 2016 08 Mar 2016
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    In order to get this achievement, you need to be in 24th place at the start of a public multiplayer race, and finish in first (exception being the Le Mans track, where you need to be 23rd).

    There *is* a way to manipulate the start position! Every time the host starts a new pre-lobby, when you launch into the lobby, so long as no one drops after joining the event lobby, the order of the lobby that the host (the person who launched from pre-lobby into the lobby) sees is the starting grid order (that means the host will always be 1st, and whoever connects to the lobby last will be in last).

    NOTE: The order may be different on reverse courses, as I saw odd and even numbers flip from the lobby order (1 and 2 flipped, 3 and 4 flipped, etc, 23 and 24 flipped). Also, there may be another variable here I haven't discovered, as the above method works 85% of the time, but occasionally jumbles order a bit. I haven't been able to nail down the specifics of why it's sometimes jumbled.

    The order people are listed in the pre-lobby has no impact, it all comes down to the lobby order. If people disconnect from the lobby and rejoin, that still impacts the order, everyone has to only join with no disconnects.

    To manipulate the order:
    - The host creates a new pre-lobby, and everyone joins on the host
    - Have the person who will be 24th drop from the pre-lobby (or just not join), so you have 23 in the pre-lobby.
    - The 24th person should be in their own pre-lobby for multiplayer, to minimize joining time.
    - Host launches into a hopper category
    - When the host sees the lobby screen load, tell the 24th person to join on them
    - 24th person joins on host
    - Host should confirm all 24 people are in the lobby and the correct person is 24th.
    - Launch the match, and the 24th person wins the race.
    - Everyone backs all the way out, host creates a *new* pre-lobby (not sufficient to pull people from lobby back to pre-lobby)
    - Repeat

    Edited on 2016-03-05: Clarified needing to re-create the pre-lobby each time to reset ordering.

    Edited on 2016-03-07: Added note that this method seems to work about 85% of the time and will on rare occasions not have the correct start grid order. I haven't been able to determine the missing variable that influences the change in the remaining 15% of the time.

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    xSpartanReapersHeard nightmares about this achievement but all of us got it today during my first session ever doing this. Pretty harmless so I guess I got lucky. Seemed to run pretty smooth
    Posted by xSpartanReapers on 27 May 18 at 03:09
    REDWINGS05So glad we found out how to do this so many years ago! that was a good time cecil!
    Posted by REDWINGS05 on 29 Aug 18 at 15:59

    Make a gaming session or a thread in the game's forum. PLEASE!
    Posted by Beanpotter on 24 Jun 20 at 14:27
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  • MeMandMandMMeMandMandM189,352
    24 Sep 2016 24 Sep 2016 24 Sep 2016
    18 0 2
    Ok, now that I got this bloody thing without being part of a boost session I can offer a suggestion for people who want to attempt this by racing randoms from the 24th position. Fun!
    To increase the odds of being in the 24th position this is what I did....

    1) When your lobby reaches 24 players or is very close select a player and select show gamer tag.

    2) Select join and join game as soon as the lobby is full (you can still see lobby size with the side panel). I usually did this around 20 seconds left on the intermission if possible.

    3) Hopefully no one leaves and the game starts.

    4) This will not get you the 24th position 100% of the time but I had a very high success rate. I would say 85% of the time I would be 24th (Just noticed this was a similar finding to Cecil Kilmer within an organized session) or I would be at the front of the pack which was nice for easy wins (Usually when it was more then just I joining last minute this occurred so is an added variable).

    I have also done this twice before and the game seems to crash as the car pulls up to the garage. Just a heads up before anyone gets too excited.

    The attempt I believe I got it on I actually saved the clip in disgust as it did not pop up. However, the next day I turned the game on and Thru The Pack was mine. It has been an emotional journey toast
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    LDSLamboSVI unlocked this achievement a LONG time ago, but I just want to confirm that this method works most of the time. In a full lobby, have one of the players quit out, then the host will invite the gamer and then will join, basically securing the 24th spot. This didn't work all the time, but I would agree with 85% or more.
    Posted by LDSLamboSV on 05 Dec 16 at 03:11
    OptionalOwlanyone still trying to get this one?
    GT OptionalOwl
    Posted by OptionalOwl on 04 Jul 18 at 14:50
  • Mantelis92Mantelis92112,200
    02 Mar 2019 30 Mar 2019
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    In order to get this achievement, you need to be in 24th place at the start of a public multiplayer race, and finish in first (exception being the Le Mans track, where you need to be 23rd ALTHOUGH NEVER TESTED IT MYSELF).

    This method is an addition to the one posted by "Cecil Kilmer".

    I have hosted 5 sessions for this achievement using Cecil's method and only the 5th one was the one where all of the participants got it. This is what we did:

    Method 1 (Start with it, in an ideal world this method should be enough):

    Get a full pre-lobby of 24 people and ask the person going for the achievement to leave it. By getting that person to join the pre-lobby first the host can be sure that this person is active/responsive and ready to join and go for the achievement when needed (all of the players were responsive only on my last session, there's usually 1 or 2 difficult people).

    When that person leaves the pre-lobby, select a hopper playlist (classes D, C, B are the best avoiding random players). When the hopper lobby has 23/24 people wait for the intermission to start and invite that person going for the achievement to fill the 24th place.

    When race starts, go through starting line and leave the race (although there have been multiple races where some people left without going through the start lane, the person getting the achievement still got it, don't know if it would work if none went through it apart from that 1 person).

    If you have more than 24 people create a new pre-lobby leaving 1 person racing by himself and repeat the method.

    Method 2 (staying in the hopper lobby):

    If you do not have more than 24 people after the 1st race do not leave the hopper lobby and wait for the race to finish. Although Cecil states that you must recreate the pre-lobby, we found out it isn't needed. While the race is still taking place make sure that the next person in a queue is ready by telling him/her to leave the lobby when there's around 10s left on track voting (it's worth waiting to lower the chances for randoms to connect when that person leaves). When that person leaves, the host must reinvite that person back during intermission, the person joins as 24th which will also be the place on the grid. (This has worked 100% for us)

    Now, ideally, this would be straight forward enough to collect the achievements for everyone who needs it, BUT, if you lose 1 person, you might choose a different hopper which is more populated and do a cheeky method of using random players. Treat them as everyone else in the lobby, but let everyone know what the random car looks like and try to stop the car from winning the race by all means necessary (try texting the randoms first, although it almost never works).


    • In all the sessions I hosted there have been at least one if not more people with network issues, who were able to join my pre-lobby but could not be taken to the hopper ones.
    We fixed it by inviting the players straight to hopper without getting him/them to pre-lobby or/and asked the players to join other players in the lobby instead of the host, due to possible network issues between that particular player and the host.

    • Before starting the session make sure that there are at least 26 ppl including potential double boxes, there hasn't been a single session without at least 2 people not showing up.

    • As a host, get everyone prepared by showing/texting everyone the method you will be using and things they need to note, this literally saves hours.

    • Before the session, invite everyone to be your friends on xbox and create a group chat there.

    • Tell everyone to change their status to show them as "Online" this will help you go through the list of people in the group chat easier when inviting to rejoin the lobby (sometimes every second counts).

    • Don't let anyone leave the hopper lobby if it has 23/24 and you're still waiting for that 1 person to join for the achievement. There have been multiple occasions when a player going for the achievement joined on the very last second.

    • If you have enough people for the pre-lobby method always, and I mean ALWAYS specify when to join you. For example, after getting 23/24 in pre-lobbies I texted "OK WE HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE, DO NOT JOIN UNLESS INVITED OR ASKED TO". This is necessary if you have more than 24 players due to someone trying to join when you are already waiting for that 1 specific person going for the achievement.

    • Lastly, do the pre-lobby method ONLY IF NOONE IS HAVING NETWORK ISSUES, if it's too much of a struggle just don't leave the hopper lobby.

    • I prioritised the players by their TA score which (in theory) lowered the risk of potential early quitters. Although some 100% TA score players or 99% ones didn't even show up, so it's up to you who you prioritise.

    • The method with stopping random players is definitely a scummy one, ruining the fun for these poor souls, try to avoid it if you can.

    It's not easy to manage that many people so make sure if you're hosting a session, for it to be succesfull be prepared as much as possible. Good Luck!
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