Joining the Ranks achievement in Forza Motorsport 6

Joining the Ranks

Finish first in a League Race

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How to unlock the Joining the Ranks achievement

  • n1ckthequickn1ckthequick300,986
    20 Feb 2016 20 Feb 2016 07 Sep 2016
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    First off, in order to find the League Races, head to the "Go Race" tab and click on the "Leagues" option. The hoppers that are available/about to be available will be shown.

    After countless attempts of trying to get this naturally, the way I got this achievement was by joining a hopper as soon as it opened. There were only 3 of us in it, and the less racers, the better the chance of you winning.

    I understand this isn't the most in depth solution, but with no boosting method available as of 2/19/16, and CTM's solution obsolete, I figured I would share how I got it. Good luck!

    EDIT (9/7/16): From NegativeCreep08 in the comments
    The NASCAR expansion is a great way to do this as the lobbies are empty. I ended up in a race with one other person, who promptly binned it on the first lap and spent the rest of the race doing doughnuts and messing around. Easiest win ever!

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    jonathan8104Ranking proffesional here, is anyone want do it...
    Posted by jonathan8104 on 27 May 20 at 08:11
    HugoFeraBsf7My rank is ELITE. Anybody? Add me please?
    Posted by HugoFeraBsf7 on 29 Jul 20 at 02:06
    XGamerGT9Trying to do this with the Nascar "The Big One" Achievement. Division is professional. Add me, I am ready to boost.
    Posted by XGamerGT9 on 10 Aug 20 at 20:38
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  • CTM AudiRS6CTM AudiRS6413,262
    12 Sep 2015 12 Sep 2015 26 Sep 2015
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    Boosting method,

    Posted below by GGS Subst3pz
    I boosted it yesterday. we did it with 2 players.
    The league expired at 12:30PM and me and my friend tried to get together in a lobby. Just search until you find each other. Then just stay in the lobby. Even after the league has expired, the lobby is still active as long as you are not leaving. After around 30min after the league expired, we were only 3 players left. Me, my friend and a random. We kicked the random out and did our wins with no effort. It's easy because after the league expired, no one could get in but out and as long as you are in the lobby, you could still do some races. Hope this helps.

    Right now (at launch) the League event that is open is D class. I had some trouble finding a good car for this, then found one that blew everyone away. Won a 3 lap race by 13+ seconds.

    Datsun 510, starts as a low E class car. I have shared my setup, search for my gamertag while in the car to find it. Its called "Won D Class Rain". Because the PI starts out so low, I was able to do full weight reduction and race tires, best brakes, etc... Most people just add power to low class cars.

    My biggest advantage was getting a race in the rain. This car is amazing for rain. Hitting puddles does very little to it, and taking just about any turn while in 2nd gear is no problem in the wet. Its very well balanced. As long as you play it safe, remember to brake on yellow and not red, and do in/out/in maneuvers (stay on the outside before a turn, aim in to the apex, and follow out on the outside), you should be very hard to beat.

    If you don't get rain, you may still win depending on the track. Its not a very fast car on straights though. If you join a lobby and its setup for a race on a track with lots of straights, back out and try again.

    Video of the replay, and showing the information for getting the tune.
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    DingadillyI got this one this morning against a random in the Porsche league. I had made a half hearted attempt to boost before but we simply couldn't find each other. Frustrating as it has been this was actually a pretty fun achievement. Anxious as he'll. But very satisfying to actually unlock. I won't bore you with the commentary but it was 4 laps on la sarthe GP. Opponent took the first 2 laps. I took the third then his nerve went and he was so desperate to get ahead of me he floored it past me on a straight and flew off the corner.😁
    So my tips for this legit. Keep trying. Most important, slow and steady wins the race here ( within reason) with the assists settings, many players tend to brake to late or too little. Focus on getting round corners tidy. In my case it was obvious that my opponents nerve went as I got closer and closer, despite him having a technically faster car. Of course there are some very good players on. If you don't get the win then don't quit out of lobby at the end, start the next race to see of your opponent offers you the win. Sounds silly I know but worth a shot. Something I was prepared to do, but the guy/gal quit out before the next started.
    Posted by Dingadilly on 31 Dec 17 at 08:14
    LanziXI need for one elite player division for do It... ( Nascar league Race )

    Just add me...
    Posted by LanziX on 28 Nov 19 at 03:02
    SkyWalker LeoMy rank is ELITE. Willing to boost.
    Just add me...
    Posted by SkyWalker Leo on 24 May 20 at 06:22
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