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Complete All Showcase Events

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How to unlock the Showstopper achievement

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    Here’s a list of all showcase events with lap count, recommended car (highest rating if you can choose one), day/night/weather setting and unlock requirements.

    As a sample „finish V2 S1 R3 to unlock“ stands for „finish Career Race 3 of Series 1 in Volume 2 to unlock“

    A. Bondurant Autocross
    1. Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 1 lap CotA
    2. Golf R, 1 lap Hockenheimring, unlocks H.11.
    3. Mercedes Benz AMG GT 5, 1 lap Rio
    4. BAC Mono, 1 lap Yas Marina, finish J.6. in BAC Mono to unlock
    5. Mazda MX-5, 1 lap Lime Rock, finish V2 S1 R3 to unlock

    B. Endurance Racing
    1. Sebring 300, 82 laps rain, Peugeot 908 RWD (P998) but better Audi e-tron AWD (P997)
    2. Le Mans 250, 30 laps night, Peugeot 908 (P998)
    3. Nürburgring 125, 8 laps, Dodge Viper GTS-R (R825)
    4. Catalunya 100, 35 laps, Dodge Viper GTS-R (R825)
    5. Road Atlanta 100, 40 laps, Dodge Viper GTS-R (R825)
    6. Spa Francorchamps 100, 23 laps, Dodge Viper GTS-R (R825), finish H.6. to unlock
    7. Daytona 300, 84 laps night, Peugeot 908 (P998), finish D.2. to unlock
    8. Bathurst 100, 26 laps, all cars S785, finish V3 S3 R2 to unlock
    9. Indianapolis 250, 100 laps, all cars X999, finish V4 S3 R3 to unlock
    For all endurance races use the green mods with +100% +60%, you get lots of credit, XP, etc. and you can equip three green ones at the same time.
    It's also highly recommended to turn off damage during the endurance races. Read OneShotMoofles comment for further information.

    C. Factory-Spec Racing
    1. MX-5 Spec Cup, 8 laps Laguna Seca
    2. Lotus 2-eleven Cup, 15 laps Lime Rock
    3. Formula Ford Cup, 8 laps Hockenheimring
    4. Caterham R500 Cup, 7 laps Silverstone
    5. Ariel Atom Cup, 8 laps Catalunya, finish G.5. to unlock (be careful with your fuel consumption or turn damage off, otherwise you might need to make a pit stop in lap 7)
    6. Radical SR8 RX Cup, 10 laps Brands Hatch, finish V4 S2 R4 to unlock
    7. Ultima GTR Cup, 8 laps Monza, finish V3 S1 R3 to unlock
    8. Lotus E23 Cup, 5 laps Yas Marina, finish V5 S2 R3 to unlock

    D. High-Speed Chase
    1. Ford GT Sprint, 1 lap Watkins Glen, unlocks I.5.
    2. Chevrolet Corvette Sprint, 1 lap Sonoma, unlocks B.7.
    3. Lamborghini V12 Sprint, 1 lap Monza, finish G.4. to unlock
    4. Ferrari V12 Sprint, 1 lap CotA, finish F.2. to unlock
    5. BMW M3 Sprint, 1 lap Silverstone, finish V2 S2 R2 to unlock, unlocks G.7.

    E. Moments in Motorsport
    1. The Birth of Grand Prix Racing, 4 laps Spa, Auto Union Type D (A603), unlocks H.8.
    2. Classic Road-Racing Sportscars, 5 laps Silverstone rain, Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage (B574), unlocks H.10.
    3. America’s Muscle Car Battle, 4 laps Road America, Dodge Challenger ’70 (D369), unlocks I.4.
    4. Ford & Ferrari at Le Mans, 3 laps Le Mans, Ferrari 330 P4 (A674)
    5. Grand Prix Heroes of the 1970s Hockenheimring, 6 laps, all cars R898/R899
    6. Early Endurance Prototypes, 6 laps Sebring, Ferrari F333 SP (P985), unlocks H.9.
    7. Vintage Experimental Prototypes, 12 laps Lime Rock, Lola T163 (R855)
    8. Unrestricted Early GT Racing, 6 laps Watkins Glen, Ford Capri Turbo (S800), finish V1 S3 R3 to unlock, unlocks H.7.
    9. 1960s Grand Prix Legends, 6 laps Monza, Lotus Type 49 (S775), finish V4 S1 R2 to unlock

    F. Passing Challenge
    1. Ford GT, 2 laps Sebring
    2. Ferarri LaFerrari, 2 laps Monza, unlocks D.4.
    3. Ultima GTR, 2 laps Bathurst
    4. Radical SR8RX, 2 laps Silverstone
    5. Lotus E23, 2 laps Spa
    6. Hennessey Venom, 2 laps Hockenheimring, finish F.9. to unlock
    7. McLaren P1, 2 laps Yas Marina, finish V2 S3 R2 to unlock, unlocks F.8.
    8. Koenigsegg Agera, 2 laps Indianapolis, finish F.7. to unlock, unlocks F.10.
    9. Bugatti Veyron, 2 laps Daytona, finish V4 S2 R2 to unlock, unlocks F.6.
    10. Pagani Zonda, 2 laps Road America, finish F.8. to unlock
    For all passing challenges use the green mods with bonus for perfect passes, you can equip three green ones at the same time and you just have to pass the slow cars closely to get plenty of perfect passes.

    G. TopGear Stig 1-1
    1. Audi RS6, 2 laps Road America
    2. Alfa Romeo 4C, 2 laps Bernese Alps, unlocks G.8.
    3. TVR Sagaris, 2 laps Brands Hatch
    4. Lamborghini Huracan, 2 laps Nürburgring, unlocks D.3.
    5. Ariel Atom, 2 laps Hockenheimring, unlocks C.5.
    6. Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, 2 laps Rio, finish J.11. to unlock
    7. BMW M4, 2 laps Prague, finish D.5. to unlock
    8. Ferrari FF, 2 laps Catalunya, finish G.2. to unlock
    9. Corvette Z06, 2 laps Road Atlanta, finish V1 S3 R5 to unlock
    10. Koenigsegg Agera, 2 laps TopGear, finish V4 S3 R4 to unlock

    H. The Race Driver Experience
    1. IndyCar, 7 laps Indianapolis
    2. Global Touring Car, 4 laps Nürburgring rain
    3. Endurance Prototypes, 5 laps Spa night
    4. V8 Supercars, 5 laps Bathurst
    5. Formula E, 7 laps Long Beach
    6. Modern GT, 4 laps Spa rain, unlocks B.6.
    7. Modern GT, 5 laps Daytona, finish E.8. to unlock
    8. Modern Grand Prix, 4 laps Yas Marina, finish E.1. to unlock
    9. Endurance Prototypes, 3 laps Le Mans night, finish E.6. to unlock
    10. Modern GT, 5 laps Sebring night, finish E.2. to unlock
    11. Global Touring Cars, 5 laps Brands Hatch rain, finish A.2. to unlock
    12. Modern GT, 1 lap Nordschleife night, V5 S3 R5 to unlock
    13. Endurance Prototypes, 5 laps Sebring rain, finish V3 S3 R5 to unlock

    I. Track Day Shootout
    1. Ultimate SpoCom, 1 lap Watkins Glen, Subaru WRX (C499)
    2. Sport Icon, 1 lap Hockenheimring, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (A657), unlocks J.9.
    3. Sport GT, 1 lap Sebring, Chevrolet Corvette (S719)
    4. Modern American Muscle, 1 lap Laguna Seca, Chevrolet Camaro (A648), finish E.3. to unlock
    5. Exotic GT, 1 lap Monza, Ford GT (S794), finish D.1. to unlock
    6. Track Toy, 1 lap Brands Hatch, BAC Mono (A699), finish V5 S1 R2 to unlock
    7. Hypercar, 1 lap Le Mans, Ferrari LaFerrari (S879), finish V2 S3 R5 to unlock

    J. TopGear Showcase
    1. BMW M4 Bowling, 1 lap TopGear rain
    2. Underdog Challenge Microcars, 1 lap TopGear rain, Mini Cooper (E233)
    3. Underdog Challenge Hot Rods, 1 lap TopGear, Chevy Bel Air (E282)
    4. Underdog Challenge Trucks, 1 lap TopGear, Ford Bronco (E246), use Ford Bronco ’75 to unlock J.10.
    5. Power Lap Masters, 1 lap TopGear, Lamborghini Huracan (S759)
    6. Track Day Masters, 1 lap TopGear, BAC Mono (A699), use BAC Mono to unlock A.4.
    7. Land Rover Passing Challenge, 5 laps TopGear
    8. Jeep Passing Challenge, 3 laps TopGear
    9. Mercedes-Benz E63 Bowling, 1 lap TopGear rain, finish I.2. to unlock
    10. Ford Passing Challenge, 4 laps TopGear rain, finish J.4. in Ford Bronco ’75 to unlock
    11. Jaguar F-Type Bowling, 1 lap TopGear rain, finish V3 S2 R2 to unlock, unlocks G.6.

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    HallowedClock8@oooo Smurf oooo It means unlock Top Gear Showcase(J) 4 and Track Day Shootout(I) 2
    Posted by HallowedClock8 on 21 Apr 19 at 21:34
    EthigyGreat solution, helped me unlock the last few I needed. Didn’t realize there were specific requirements to unlock the showcases.
    Posted by Ethigy on 06 Jan 20 at 05:14
    planchetflawI got the cache nearly full with about 20 laps to go on Sebring Enduro and then cache completely full in last two laps. I've never seen that message before and I unplug the xbox when not in use. OG Xbox. Maybe don't let an Enduro be the last event in case a full cache prevents the achievement from popping.
    Posted by planchetflaw on 08 Feb at 09:17
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  • Coundie LADCoundie LAD189,595
    23 Sep 2015
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    To complete this achievement you will need to complete all 87 showcase events. Some of them are relatively easy and will take a few minute others longer.
    Here is a breakdown of the events;

    Boundurant Autocross- 5 Events (fairly easy to complete)
    Factory-Spec Racing- 8 Events
    Moments in Sport- 9 Events
    Top Gear Stig 1V1- 10 Events
    Track Day Shootout- 7 Events
    Endurance Racing - 9 Events (Will take a while to complete- total of 1625 miles of driving)
    High Speed Chase- 5 Events (Easy and fun)
    Passing Challenge- 10 Events ( Again easy and fun)
    Race Driver Experience- 13 Events
    and finally...
    Top Gear Showcase- 11 Events (Easy and fun to play)

    Hope this helps you get this achievement!

    Happy Hunting. smile
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    Rotcat*Sorry I did only Endurance races, in the rest is it variable, just look right on your screen when you'll decide to start the race.*
    Posted by Rotcat on 17 Jan 16 at 16:26
    HolyHalfDeadHow long a race takes does not effect how easy it is.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 21 Jul 16 at 04:31
    Racer 6981Switch it to the easiest drivatar setting, it will make the races much easier including endurance.
    Posted by Racer 6981 on 07 Apr 20 at 08:04
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