Golden goose achievement in Blood Bowl 2

Golden goose

You sold a level 7 player on the transfer market

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How to unlock the Golden goose achievement

  • KingGonadKingGonad275,958
    21 Sep 2017 09 Oct 2017 26 Nov 2017
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    *only available for legendary edition as std version doesnt offer match management*

    A much faster option and also works for those who don't want to play Skaven or Dwarves or to waste a level up on a skill they may not want if they do.
    So this solution also works with:
    - Agility at it's Best
    - Horned Rat
    - Favour of the Grey College
    - Accomplished Coach
    - Real Life Opponent
    - Favour of Jade College (possibly - untested)

    Create a league & then a competition using Round Robin for the competition so you can nominate 6 or 7 AI teams. Invite your own team/s of choice e.g. Skaven for Horned Rat or Dwarf for Agility at it's Best & start the competition.

    Go to the match with your team & choose Match Management & nominate your side for the win then choose Advanced Management.

    Here you'll see options to add events within the match i.e. you can 'add' touchdowns, injuries & specify the type of injury. The key thing is there is no limit to the number of touchdowns you can add so you can literally level up the entire team to level seven if you so choose!!

    Note which of your players is going to be given the MVP (it tells you up front - top right info box) & add injury - death (you could possibly use this on the opposition killing five players off to gain Favour of the Jade College but I haven't tested this).Then pick another player & add 59-60 touchdowns to level them to level 7. This will gain you set you up for Favour of the Grey College & for Golden Goose.

    If needing Horned Rat &/or Agility at its best then pick a couple of other players & add 12-15 touchdowns each.

    Accept & then confirm the round. You should then see Accomplished Coach & Real Life Opponent pop. Go to your team roster & you'll see all the players waiting to be levelled up. You should be lucky enough to roll a double on one of them & simply choose 'Horns' for the Skaven & an agility skill for the dwarf.

    Takes 10 mins or so for 6 or so achievements.

    Couldn't get it to work for Not So Fast even though you can nominate an intercept within the match but still not bad!

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    SouvHow do you get to match management please? I can’t see it anywhere
    Posted by Souv on 25 Nov 17 at 11:11
    KingGonadApparently only works with Legendary edition. Wasnt aware that standard version didnt offer match management. apologies for any confusion
    Posted by KingGonad on 26 Nov 17 at 20:14
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  • ShidaraShidara453,926
    01 Jun 2018 01 Jun 2018
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    Okay, after scouring the internet looking for any advice on how to do this, I finally managed to figure out how to successfully trade a player on the market. Below is a step-by-step guide to how I boosted this on my own using a two profiles on the same Xbox.

    Profile 1 = P1 = the SELLER, and is the profile on which you want to get the achievement.
    Profile 2 = P2 = the BUYER, and is the helper/dummy profile.

    Step 1 - Prepare the League

    1) Sign in with P1 and load the game.

    2) Go to "Team & League Management" in the main menu and hit cn_RB to move to the "Leagues" tab.

    3) Create a new multiplayer league. Give it an easy-to-remember and easy-to-type name, select an icon, and hit cn_A to create it. The game will ask you if you want to create a Competition; go ahead and say yes.

    4) Name the competition anything you want; its name is not important. Choose Round Robin, and make sure to set the number of teams to 10 or fewer (you may only add up to 8 AI teams to a competition). Hit cn_A to create it.

    5) Now back out one level of the League menus by hitting cn_B.

    6) Use the D-Pad to navigate down from to "Open the Market" and hit cn_A.

    7) Now back out to the main menu by hitting cn_B.

    Step 2 - Prepare the team/player to be sold

    1) If you already have a team with a level 7 player you want to get rid of, great. If not, use the guide for the "Favour of the Grey College" to get a player up to 7th level in a matter of minutes. This will be the player that you are selling on the market.

    2) Once you have your level 7 player, go into "Team and League Management" and select the team with the player you want to sell.

    3) Use cn_RB to move the the "Team Roster" tab. Use the D-Pad to navigate the selection to the player you want to sell, and press cn_A to open the player.

    4) Press cn_Y to put the player on the market. You can adjust the price of the player, but you will get an error if you attempt to set the price to anything less than its actual value. For our purposes, leave it at the default value.

    5) Hit cn_A to approve the price. Hit cn_B twice to back out two levels.

    6) Chek that your player is on the market by hitting cn_RB to move over to the "My Transfers" tab. You choose see your player in the list. If he's there, hit cn_B to go to the main menu.

    Step 3 - Register your Buyer Team

    1) Hit cn_start and choose "Change User." log in as Profile 2. There will be a warning that unsaved changes will be lost, that's fine. Accept and move forward.

    2) IN PROFILE 2, select "Teams & League Management" from the main menu.

    3) Choose or create a team of the EXACT SAME TYPE as the team you are selling the player from. This only worked for me when they were the exact same teams - I used Dwarfs as I had a team with a 7th-level player from trying to get an Agility upgrade. If you are creating a new team, just buy 11 of the cheapest player on your team and buy no additional enhancements (cheerleaders, assistant coaches, etc.). Of you have your assistants buy your guys for you, it's no big deal, since you can sell players back for full price.

    4) Back out to the main menu, then choose "Play in a League."

    5) Navigate to your buyer team, and then hit cn_Y to search for your league.

    6) Choose Multiplayer, and then enter that easy-to-remember, easy-to-type League name into the search field, then D-pad down to "Search."

    7) Presumably, your League will appear on the right,. There may be others that share your name, so make sure to find yours. Hit cn_A to Register to that league.

    Step 4 - Make a bid

    1) If you have enough money in treasury (upper right corner of the screen) to buy your
    Level 7 player, great! If not, sell players until you have enough cash.

    2) Use cn_LB to go to "Team Roster" and use the D-pad to move down to "Buy a player"

    3) Hit cn_LB to move to the "Transfers" tab, and your Level 7 player should be listed as available. Select the player with cn_A and press cn_Y to make a bid.

    4) Press cn_B until you're back at the main menu.

    Step 5 - Complete the sale

    1) Press cn_start and change back to Profile 1.

    2) Go to Team & League Management

    3) Stay in "My Teams" and open up the team that is selling the player.

    4) cn_LB over to "Team Roster," select "Buy a Player," and then cn_LB to "Transfers"

    5) Select the player that you are trying to sell using the D-pad, and hit cn_Y to open him up.

    6) Press cn_Y to view bids.

    7) navigate to the bid you want to use, and hit cn_A to accept the bid. The Achievement will unlock after a short delay.

    If anybody has trouble with this, PLEASE let me know. I've tried this twice and was successfully able to conduct the transaction both times.

    Good Luck, and may your rerolls always be better
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