The Secret Gardener achievement in Octodad: Dadliest Catch

The Secret Gardener

Orange no-thumbs are the new green thumbs.

The Secret Gardener+0.2
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Gamer Gamer Date Won
Cam0518 Cam0518Octodad: Dadliest Catch giveaway (Xbox One) = 19 August 2015
USA Mr Bugbee Mr Bugbee 20 August 2015
USA Ant AntUgh what happend to ta ? looks like shit now.... or like a mobile app on desktop. 20 August 2015
USA Za Pantsupati Za Pantsupati 20 August 2015
England EmG v SprayZz EmG v SprayZz 20 August 2015
England Deranged Asylum Deranged AsylumWe're giving away a code for Hello Neighbor on Xbox One right now 20 August 2015
USA BiLLzuMaNaTi BiLLzuMaNaTi 21 August 2015
Wales Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehHope everyone finished Blaze & The Monster Machines...just got the license removed and had a message from Xbox. 21 August 2015
Puerto Rico I Dr Flames I I Dr Flames I 21 August 2015
USA Psymon Psymon 21 August 2015
USA PolisRanger2033 PolisRanger2033Pull me under, im not afraid 21 August 2015
Canada Rapture639 Rapture639 21 August 2015
USA izret102 izret102This status update in support of Noth aka Railbait aka whatever dumbass name he just created. 21 August 2015
USA Krazie Krazie24 hour gamerscore purge total: 85,680 sleep 22 August 2015
NLegendkiller NLegendkiller 22 August 2015
JPJmonkeyrifle JPJmonkeyrifle 22 August 2015
Danielle Danielle 23 August 2015
Colonel Red Colonel Red 23 August 2015
Omega Deez Omega Deez 23 August 2015
England Effigy EffigyIs there a way to fix achievements not popping? Thought maybe I'd just messed up but I've proceeded to complete a game with the last 6 achievements.. 24 August 2015
France otakon62| Achievements hunter | 2.000.000G | French Xbox Hall of Famer | Follow me on twitter @otakon62 | 2 Millions GS milestone reached | 24 August 2015
Scotland SCOTTISH F0RCE SCOTTISH F0RCERIP celtic force 25 August 2015
England True Marvellous True MarvellousHate broken achievements come join the Achievement Fixers 25 August 2015
Not so Greatzky Not so Greatzky 26 August 2015
England SirGenwaldTW SirGenwaldTW 26 August 2015
England Fluffytoast Fluffytoast 26 August 2015
Rorta RortaSo Says Mr. Stewart. 26 August 2015
Scotland OshyKoshy OshyKoshy 26 August 2015
USA Kaps Kaps 26 August 2015
Trim The D Trim The D 26 August 2015
SoonerJudd SoonerJudd 26 August 2015
Terendir Terendir 26 August 2015
USA Pvt PinkiePie Pvt PinkiePie 26 August 2015
USA kellydee kellydee 26 August 2015
Russian Federation Inferno x pro Inferno x pro 26 August 2015
England xXSCUMMXx xXSCUMMXx 26 August 2015
Scotland Charlie Liz Charlie Liz 26 August 2015
USA kLa Chaos kLa ChaosKeep it alive, keep it moving on. 26 August 2015
USA UnsungGhost UnsungGhostFinished making a game for an game jam. We could use some votes and comments! 26 August 2015
Sergeant Mudkip Sergeant Mudkip 26 August 2015
Northern Ireland Space Cowboy X Space Cowboy X 26 August 2015
England AqueousTx AqueousTxHow the F are people playing the Beta? Game is constantly crashing and I can't even load up one matc 26 August 2015
England AaronYDG AaronYDG 26 August 2015
Drakkh Drakkh 26 August 2015
England Da CheekyBrit Da CheekyBritGoing to hit 400k and then im Retiring from achievements. It was fun but just found myself wasting m 26 August 2015
TechniqueTom TechniqueTom 26 August 2015
England Colour x Blind Colour x Blind 26 August 2015
England Muscat95 Muscat95 26 August 2015
Canada Marsolas Marsolas 26 August 2015