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All Creatures Great and Small

Rescue every captured friend.

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How to unlock the All Creatures Great and Small achievement

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    This entire guide was written playing single player with an AI partner. Nothing here should really be affected by playing with a partner and it could possibly make the tricky section below easier... possibly.

    In every level (apart from the boss levels) there are 10 caged animals. 5 must be rescued in order to advance to the next level. However if you want this achievement you'll want to ignore that and instead release the full 10 before moving on.

    There isn't actually any harm in not releasing the 10 on your first run through. This game has a level select feature so every level can be replayed without consequence again later, however you'll need to release the full 10 again (you can't release 5 on run one and another 5 on run two. All 10 must be rescued in one run) which makes this method less time effective

    In total there are 160 animals which must be freed.

    For the most part this achievement is very easy. As long as you use the in-game map you'll be able to find the animals in time. Just aim for any spots of the map you have yet to uncover and you'll eventually find all the animals. Any animals not covered by the fog of war will be revealed on the mini map.

    Maps seem to be randomised each time which means you'll have to do the discovering yourself. Watch out as restarting will alter the layout and animal placement, but that can be used to your advantage later...

    13 of the 16 levels can be played like this. It typically took me 15-30 minutes to hunt down the animals on most levels.

    2 levels (1-3 and 3-3) are Wormhole levels where you must defeat waves of enemies. During these waves cages with the 5 additional animals will spawn and must be destroyed quickly before they leave the screen. It can be easy to miss a animal on your first run through but these levels only take around 5 minutes and can quickly replayed later.

    Really 15/16 levels are a breeze and don't really warrant a guide. So what's remaining?

    The final level I'm gonna talk about is 4-2, Stellar Collapse, the real reason for this guide.

    In this level there is no fog of war and all the animal's positions are labelled on the map. However you only have 5 minutes to get them all before the white dwarf starts to expand, engulfing the stage.

    Forget the slow style you can use for the other levels, this is a race against time. You're going to need to throw caution to the wind and get all of those animals ASAP before bolting to the exit. Depending on map layout you'll probably have around 6 minutes to do this.

    If need be reset the level until you get a better map. You'll want to take note of the red and blue portals which can be used to teleport across the space to save time, and you'll want to avoid the smaller white dwarfs which can trap you and cost you.

    I'd highly recommend having a power gem or two in your engine for the speed boost (you're gonna need it). Fly in as quick as you can, use your companion to blow open the cage to free the animal then head to the next ASAP. If you avoid fighting, white dwarfs and get a nice route you should be able to beat the timer. Even if it goes off, as long as you can to the finish before the supernova whittles down your health it'll count.

    Ships I'd recommend are the Gumball P (for the instant Power Gem engine) or the Jelly Roll which I used. If you can get used to the rotation put the shield on top, your companion in the upper turret and get moving.

    Overall this achievement is easier than it sounds without any knowledge of the game, with only one level which might cause any issue. This is very manageable in one playthrough and can be polished off within ten hours.

    ICE Faux Pirate confirms that this achievement can be completed on casual mode. A big thank you to him for testing this and ironing out some of my mistakes in this guide!

    Now happy hunting!

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    Ibanez V710 hours? The campaign is easily finished in 5 hours while finding all friends. Then just mop up the "defeat boss a certain way" achievements that you forgot to read before starting the game and the specific weapon kills, then do a level without taking damage.

    I ended up playing 1 and a half campaigns before I was done and only took about 7 and half hours.

    Anywho... thumbs up.
    Posted by Ibanez V7 on 13 Apr 18 at 10:56
    ikilledbeckaSo, I was given the notification for the achievement but it still shows it as locked in the achievement list. What should I do?
    Posted by ikilledbecka on 14 Jul 18 at 23:09
    KinectKid333Has anyone done this with a co-op partner? If I do this with a co-op partner, will we both get the achievement?
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 23 Oct 18 at 17:00
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    Achievements and trophies guide - 100% Part 5-5
    Series in 5 videos all Achievements and trophies.

    - Rocket science
    - Entrapment
    - Exposed
    - All creatures great and small
    - Love has prevailed
    - Token of affection

    Guia de Conquista em Português do Brasil.

    Inscription in English.

    Obrigado. Thanks.
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