The Messenger achievement in Mad Max

The Messenger

Complete a Death Run in legendary time with every Archangel

The Messenger+0.2
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How to unlock the The Messenger achievement

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    The Collectibles tab accessed from start button will show you the status of all your Archangels. Look for both symbols to be bright to know you have achieved legendary win time.
    There are 15 locations for races ( and 16 races) located on the map at the trophy symbol. The course is marked on sand in red, but look for shortcuts. However, make sure you have plenty of boosts to get over dunes quickly when you do take a shortcut. There are 3 race types; Scatter Run; Time Bomb, and Barrel Bash.
    Scatter Run – make your own course, be 1st to finish and under required time. For this race type, use a practice race to look for short cuts, ramps, etc. to shave off time. These were easiest in my opinion. Cars in race tend to leave you alone, but will swerve into you if you pass them slow or they catch up to you. Other cars on roadside or coming toward you (not in race) will try to ram you.
    Time Bomb – You have a ticking time bomb that explodes if you don’t make it to finish line 1st and in under required time. You MUST use shortcuts, ramps etc. to make it in required time Cars at start will immediately collide with you. Thunderpoon them at start of race. Cars on roadside or coming toward you (not in race) will chase you and try to ram you. This is the most annoying race – make sure you have plenty of thunderpoons and shoot at distance!
    Barrel Bash – This is the only one that you have to hit checkpoints (otherwise you fail). Practice course looking for shortcuts. These won’t be huge detours, just cutting a corner or using a small ramp, but you’ll need them to get required time. Mostly stick to course being sure to thunderpoon all of your opponents at start of race. Typically, no one else bothers you, but barrels can spin you out. So hit them as straight on as possible and boost through them if you have one to spare.
    *TheStayonTarget has good advice for when you thunderpoon cars at the beginning of the race, "...go for the second car in front of you (3rd from the front). It'll take out that car AND the one closest to you from the starting line."

    Region: Black Maws
    Course: Broken Pipes Trophy: 2:18; Legendary 1:53
    Race: Scatter Run
    Archangel: The Jack
    Region: Colossus
    Course: Corner cut; Trophy: 2:19; Legendary 1:57
    Race: Barrel Bash
    Archangel: Kill Box
    Region: Dry Gustie
    Course: Valley of Dust; Trophy: 2:00; Legendary 1:37
    Race: Time Bomb
    Archangel: Pinky Finger
    Region: Balefire Flatland
    Course: N/A
    Race: None
    Region: Fuel Veins
    Course #1: Crazy Racy; Trophy: 2:03; Legendary 1:41
    Race: Barrel Bash
    Archangel: Celestial Bones

    Course #2: Heat Haze; Trophy: 2:29; Legendary 2:02
    Race: Scatter Run
    Archangel: Soul Sweeper
    Region: Reek Hills
    Course: Neck Snappin; Trophy: 2:10; Legendary 1:54
    Race: Scatter Run
    Archangel: Cardinal Grinder V8
    Region: Cadavanaugh
    Course: Pothole Ridge; Trophy: 2:09; Legendary 1:47
    Race: Time Bomb
    Archangel: Sanguine Guardian
    Region: Chalkies
    Course: Buckledown; Trophy: 1:35; Legendary 1:25
    Race: Barrel Bash
    Archangel: Aurelian the Ready V8
    Region: Parch Moon
    Course: Rockstar (NO FAST TRAVEL); Trophy: 2:08; Legendary 1:45
    Race: Barrel Bash
    Archangel: Righteous Spike
    (Also, the Rockstar Thirst Cutter (not required for achievement))
    **Look for Summit of the Mighty, also called CRAGGY CREW and it may be undiscovered or not show on your map now that contest is over. Look for it in the southeast of Grit canyon, Just to East of Gob Stone Camp (thanks to GRAM71789).
    Region: Grit Canyon
    Course: Craggy Crew; Trophy: 1:44; Legendary 1:25
    Race: Scatter Run
    Archangel: Argent Cavalier
    Region: Knit Sack
    Course: Even Rip; Trophy: 1:46; Legendary 1:28
    Race: Time Bomb
    Archangel: Radiant Shadow
    Region: Rot –n- Rusties
    Course: Tricky Pass; Trophy: 2:16; Legendary 1:52
    Race: Scatter Run
    Archangel: Jugger of Virtue V8
    Region: Wailing WInd
    Course: The Reconvene; Trophy: 2:29; Legendary 2:02
    Race (x2): Scatter Run
    Archangel: Rule of War AND Speed Freak (V8)
    Region: Grand Rise
    Course: Barreling Barrows; Trophy: 4:09; Legendary 3:43
    Race: Barrel Bash
    Archangel: Lord Gravel V8
    Region: The Heights
    Course: Mortal Bite; Trophy: 3:20; Legendary 2:48
    Race: Barrel Bash
    Archangel: Speed Demon

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    ChooseMyFateFound a correction. Confused the crap out of me. lol

    Region: Rack Hill Reek Hills
    Course: Neck Snappin; Trophy: 2:10; Legendary 1:54
    Race: Scatter Run
    Archangel: Cardinal Grinder V8
    Posted by ChooseMyFate on 24 Oct 17 at 17:35
    A BatwomanThank you was missing Grit Canyon the Ballon never picked it up.
    Posted by A Batwoman on 27 Jul 20 at 00:38
    Heavensentkb8Man, these last achievements are hard since the servers went offline. The last one is unobtainable i know, but farming scrap for the last archangel parts without server support is tough...
    Posted by Heavensentkb8 on 10 Jan at 12:50
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    Vein 666I'm stuck at 81% for this and "The Guardian". Anyone else? I've done all 16 races and have the trophy for all 16 cars. It's like it stopped tracking for me. Wondering if anyone else has this problem?
    Posted by Vein 666 on 22 Sep 15 at 01:44
    ColumnedJet9How do you beat the time with the killbox?
    Posted by ColumnedJet9 on 27 Sep 15 at 03:58
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