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Master of the Shadows achievement in Hand of Fate

Master of the Shadows

Complete all Shadow Agent encounters.

Master of the Shadows0
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How to unlock the Master of the Shadows achievement

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    To get this achievement you must unlock all 8 tokens of the Shadow Agent quest chain.

    Conditions for beating each encounter:

    Shadow Agent 1: Simply land on this card.
    Shadow Agent 2: Have the Guild Master's Ring in your inventory when landing on this card. (See tips below)
    Shadow Agent 3: Simply land on this card.
    Shadow Agent 4: This encounter consists of four cards. Each card you beat, places the next card at a random location of the current floor.
    - Part 1: Pay some local children 10 gold to distract the guard (Always successful) OR Throw a poison dart at the guard and pick a Success card (Chance 2/4).
    - Part 2: Try to talk the guards into leaving their post and pick a Success card (Chance 2/4) OR Try to sneak past the guards and pick a Success card (Chance 1/4).
    - Part 3: Pick a (Huge) Success card (Chance 2/4).
    - Part 4: Always successful.
    Shadow Agent 5: Simply land on this card.
    Shadow Agent 6: Pick a Success card. (Chance 2/4)
    Shadow Agent 7: Succeed two tests.
    - Sneak onto a wagon as it arrives and pick a Success card (Chance 2/4) OR Swim the river to find another entrance and pick a (Huge) Success card (Chance dependent on armor level, impossible to succeed with Heavy armor).
    - Pick a (Huge) Success card (Chance 2/4).
    Shadow Agent 8: Simply land on this card.

    General tips:

    - The Guild Master's Ring is permanently unlocked for your deck upon completing the Angry Guild Master encounter. (Credit to JayD101 for reminding me to mention this)
    - Avoid combat and seek out chance encounters (see suggested deck below).
    - With the Shadow Agent fate the cards move slow enough that you can easily "track" a Success card, this ensures a successful conclusion to almost any chance encounter.
    - Run the Jack of Scales story campaign. It is very quick, easy and (depending on your luck) has a chance approximately between 1/2 and 3/4 of encountering the relevant Shadow Agent card.
    - For Shadow Agent 2, run the campaign with only 2 rings (including the Guild Master's Ring) and no artefacts in your Equipment deck. Add any encounter cards that provide gold or equipment as rewards, particularly The Lovers, which can provide two rings when selecting the option Demand payment for your assistence. The Guild Master's Ring can also be bought from the Travelling Tinker, and the Travelling Jeweller shops.
    - If you have unlocked the Ring of Hindsight, locate the exit of the current floor as soon as possible, knowledge is power!
    - If you have trouble picking a Success card in a Shadow Agent encounter, feel free to use the quit trick (before the current encounter is completed, you can quit the game using the Xbox One Dashboard, this prevents the game autosaving. Upon reloading the game, the game's progress is reset to immediately after the previous encounter).
    - If these are the only tokens you're going for: forfeit as soon as the token is unlocked, also forfeit if the Shadow Agent card is not dealt in your current run.

    Deck suggestions:

    Encounter cards (32):
    - "No combat" resource cards (24): Mister Lionel, The Maiden, Metal Ore, Holy Forge, Soul Gem, Twisted Canyon, Food Wagon, Helpful Priest, The Lovers, Stranger in the Shadows, Shop, Noble Trader, Desert of the Damned, Trading Post, Angry Guild Master, Loan, Treasure Chest, The Altar, Holy Patronage, The Tavern, Devil's Carnival, Tavern Wager, Maze of Traps, Sunken Treasure
    - Quit-out cards (6): Hero's Remains, A Merchant's Favour, Secret Society, The Lonely Bard, The Cursed Treasure, The Elder Lizard
    - Area information cards (2): Local Peasant, Wandering Minstrels

    Equipment cards (3):
    - Area information cards (2): Innocence, Oracle's Diadem
    - "Lucky" cards (1): Clairvoyant Helm
    And fill with your favourite weapons, armor and rings. (These don't matter that much with the above encounter cards, since you will rarely battle.)
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    BioFire64Truly comprehensive guide, thanks! Only thing I would add is that I did this on Jack of Skulls and had the token appear every time. Perhaps I was just lucky though!
    Posted by BioFire64 on 11 Feb 16 at 11:59
    JayD101How do you get the guild ring to have in your deck so that you can find it or buy it during a game?
    Posted by JayD101 on 02 Apr 16 at 04:01
    JayD101Actually I just found it! There is an encounter call "Angry Guild Master". You need to complete this encounter to get the Guild Master's Ring.
    Posted by JayD101 on 02 Apr 16 at 05:06
    Hayley Thorn@JayD101, Thanks for reminding me, I put the unlock condition in the solution!
    Posted by Hayley Thorn on 06 Apr 16 at 15:50
    Hayley Thorn@BioFire64, Thanks! The Jack of Skulls is also a good option. However, I chose the Jack of Scales campaign because it has a much higher chance of containing the right Encounter card (Jack of Skulls has a strict maximum of 13 encounters), while also not starting you off with very troublesome Curses :).
    Posted by Hayley Thorn on 06 Apr 16 at 17:16
    Kez001Great guide, thanks!
    Posted by Kez001 on 25 Jul 16 at 20:13
    Hayley Thorn@Kez001, Thanks!
    Posted by Hayley Thorn on 25 Jul 16 at 22:22
    Capta1n0bvious3Captain Boccanera is also a good card to reveal the map. It's probably one of the last cards to unlock in the main game just in case anyone wants to know.
    Excellent guide, so far have gotten every card up to 7 on the first run... til I got to 7 and am on my second run. Still luckier than any other achievement on this game so far.
    Posted by Capta1n0bvious3 on 30 Jul 16 at 13:53
    KrismerGot all the tokens but achievement didn't pop any ideas why?
    Posted by Krismer on 14 Jan 18 at 22:03
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