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The Lion Prince achievement in Hand of Fate

The Lion Prince

Complete all Curse of the Lion Prince encounters.

The Lion Prince0
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How to unlock the The Lion Prince achievement

  • BioFire64BioFire64289,443
    13 Feb 2016 12 Feb 2016 01 Apr 2016
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    To unlock this you will need to obtain the 3 tokens available from playing the Curse of the Lion Prince fate. This fate starts you off with only 40HP, but each enemy you kill will increase your max HP by 2 (regardless of enemy type).

    Note: All of the tokens require you to increase your maximum HP to a certain level in order to receive the token. Unfortunately, and despite a great deal of digging, I can find no concrete evidence of what exactly the requirement is - although it is certainly over 100. For each token I will include the lowest HP that I know will work as well as the other requirements. If readers could comment as to how much they had for each token that would be very helpful.

    Credit to Fear Catalyst who points out in the comments that it is possible to exploit encounters such as the Kraken by repeatedly killing the minions spawned during the fight. Another exploit to boost your HP is to repeat ambushes by revisiting shops.

    For all of these tokens I played King of Dust.


    Test of Pride 1: This token simply requires you to have a high enough maximum HP. This can be obtained with 125hp, credit to I Argonaut I. It has also been confirmed that 117hp is too low, credit to the rather unlucky Phr4nk0 for this.

    Test of Pride 2: For this token you will need to have both a high maximum and
    current HP. Therefore make sure you are fully healed when you come to this card. It appears that 129hp is enough for this, credit to I Argonaut I.

    Test of Pride 3: As well as having a high maximum and current HP, you will also need to be free of curses. Make sure to pick a level where you only begin with one curse (if you are not playing King of Dust) and ensure that the Soul Gem is included in your deck. This will allow you to pay 5 food to remove your starting curse. It may be necessary to modify your deck to reduce the chances of being cursed (or use the exploit trick if you can avoid the curse by playing differently!*).

    It has been confirmed that 140hp is enough for this. Credit to UpgradePolecat.

    Additional Notes:

    For these tokens I filled my deck with a large number of encounter cards (just to be on the safe side) but also cards that often give increases to maximum HP such as The Maiden/Ghost of the Sea and even Secret Society if you're feeling lucky. In particular the Soul Gem which is essential to the third token but also useful for the previous 2. Narcotic Radar has pointed out in the comments that it may be worth removing all rings except Ring of Experience/Defence/Fulfilment/Poverty and Saint's Ring - if you find yourself struggling these rings should be helpful.

    Unlike many other encounters it is possible to return to these tokens afterwards if you failed to reach the requisite health. This allows you to continue exploring your current floor in the hopes of reaching the necessary amount. The tokens will give you hints as to how far from the required max HP you are if you read the text carefully. For example, in Test of Pride 1, if you have not achieved the required max HP you will receive one of two responses (credit to the Hand of Fate wiki):

    (low max health) "Woe be upon you. You are not yet fit for our pride. When we next meet it would benefit you to have hunted more of the prey that infest this land."
    (insufficient max health) "You make progress towards becoming a Pride member but you still lack strength. Hunt more prey and you will be ready soon."

    *Also remember: You can forfeit as soon as you have the token if the above tokens are the only ones you are going for in a given run. Also, if necessary, you can always exploit the dashboard quit at any time which will, upon reloading the game, return you to the point before your last encounter.
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    BioFire64Great advice Fear Catalyst, added to the guide.
    Posted by BioFire64 on 06 Mar 16 at 00:12
    Phr4nk0Failed Test 1 at 117 health :(
    Posted by Phr4nk0 on 20 Mar 16 at 08:32
    BioFire64Ouch, that's unlucky. I have added this in though, thanks!
    Posted by BioFire64 on 20 Mar 16 at 09:31
    Narcotic RadarGreat guide BioFire64, thanks for this.

    I just wanted to add that the following rings are helpful. I took all rings out of the deck apart from:
    - Ring of Experience - +1 max health per blessing after each combat
    - Ring of defence - +5 max health when you find a helmet, gauntlet or shield
    - Ring of Fulfilment - +1 max health per food in your inventory (this can really boost you)
    - Saint's ring - +5 max health for every blessing
    - Ring of poverty - you can sell it and gain +1 max health for every 5 gold you have (you lose all gold)

    You might also be able to farm ambushes by revisiting shops over and over but I didn't get to try this. I passed the three tests with:

    Test 1: 129/129 HP
    Test 2: 133/135 HP (you should select option 2 to avoid losing gold)
    Test 3: 156/215 HP
    Posted by Narcotic Radar on 29 Mar 16 at 19:17
    BioFire64Thanks for your comment! The solution has been edited to include your points.
    Posted by BioFire64 on 01 Apr 16 at 17:08
    Grek103/128 is enough for 3rd test
    Posted by Grek on 22 Jun 17 at 09:45
    BeijingyJust did the 3rd test with 132... I sold every single equipment card I had and paid 150 gold at Call For the Priest to remove the starting curse. Luckily, the very next card adjacent to me was the one with the final token!
    Posted by Beijingy on 16 Oct 17 at 05:12
    Tendoman77I did the 3rd test with 88/136, just barely had enough to get rid of the curse too.
    Posted by Tendoman77 on 24 Nov 17 at 00:42
    FuuldrinTest 1 failed at 120/120 :(
    Posted by Fuuldrin on 14 Apr 18 at 13:08
    OfficiallyKirtTest 1 succeeded at 122/122
    Posted by OfficiallyKirt on 31 Dec 18 at 05:48
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