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Hunger Satiated. achievement in Hand of Fate

Hunger Satiated.

Complete all Iron Hunger encounters.

Hunger Satiated.-0.2
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How to unlock the Hunger Satiated. achievement

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    To get this achievement you must unlock all 7 tokens of the Iron Hunger quest chain.

    Conditions for beating each encounter:

    Iron Hunger 1: Simply land on this card.
    Iron Hunger 2: Choose Give him 25 Iron Ore after landing on this card.
    Iron Hunger 3: Simply land on this card.
    Iron Hunger 4: Choose Give him 50 Iron Ore after landing on this card.
    Iron Hunger 5: Simply land on this card.
    Iron Hunger 6: Choose Give him 100 Iron Ore after landing on this card.
    Iron Hunger 7: Simply land on this card.

    General tips:

    - The special rule of this fate is that you feed off of Iron Ore, which can only be obtained from discarding Equipment and certain encounters.
    - You can only carry a single Equipment card for each of the following categories: Weapons, Armour, Helms, Shields and Gloves. When you pick up a second card in one of these categories you have to choose to smelt the old or new card into Iron Ore. When choosing which piece of Equipment to smelt, keep in mind this rule of thumb: the more expensive the card is in shops, the more Iron Ore results from smelting it (and Weapons > Armour > Shields > Helms > Gloves).
    - Because you can't eat Food, feel free to trade in any food you get for other resources (see suggested deck below).
    - The Metal Ore encounter gives you 75 Iron Ore, finding this card should be your main priority (while doing part 2, 4 and 6 of this quest chain).
    - Controlling your deck so that you have a steady inflow of Equipment is important for surviving this fate, therefore Endless mode can be risky (and unnecessarily long).
    - Run the King of Dust story campaign. It's relatively quick, adds Ambush encounters (which provide extra Gain cards) and (depending on your luck) has a chance approximately between 1/2 and 3/4 of encountering the relevant Iron Hunger card.
    - If you have unlocked the Ring of Hindsight, locate the exit of the current floor as soon as possible, knowledge is power!
    - If you encounter Iron Hunger before exploring the current floor, feel free to use the quit trick (before the current encounter is completed, you can quit the game using the Xbox One Dashboard, this prevents the game autosaving. Upon reloading the game, the game's progress is reset to immediately after the previous encounter).
    - If these are the only tokens you're going for: forfeit as soon as the token is unlocked, also forfeit if the Iron Hunger card is not dealt in your current run or if it turns out to be impossible to accrue enough Iron Ore before encountering the Iron Hunger card.

    Deck suggestions:

    Encounter cards (32):
    - Iron Ore cards (2) - Metal Ore (!!!), Sunken Treasure
    - Food sink cards (3) - Soul Gem, Trading Post, Local Peasant (Give 5 food for Equipment)
    - "No combat" resource cards (14): The Maiden, Holy Forge, Twisted Canyon, The Lovers, Stranger in the Shadows, Shop, Desert of the Damned, The Tavern, Tavern Wager, Maze of Traps, A Wife's Fury, Cave Rescue, Angry Guild Master, Treasure Chest
    - Combat resource cards (12): Deadman's Gorge, A Winding Trail, Ambush, Dead King's Hall, Devil's Choice, Devil's Wager, Soldier's Training, Battle at Brooktop, Desert Cult, Cave Shelter, Summoned, The Kraken Unleashed,
    - Occasionally useful (1): Field of Poppies

    Equipment cards (5):
    - Rings (2): Ring of Reward (!!!), King's Ring
    - Weapon cards useful in combat (3): Blood Crescent, Thunderstrike, Dragon Tongue
    Fill with the most expensive Weapons, Armors, Shields, Gloves and Helms you have available. During your run make sure you have sufficient gear to survive combat, smelt the rest of the found equipment.
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    ucbpaladinFor "Food sink cards", you can sometimes sell food with the Marketplace card.
    Posted by ucbpaladin on 10 Mar 18 at 01:36
    Shadowfang TCGreat guide, though I'd suggest replacing a card with "Ghost of the Sea". If you have beaten the Krakan at least once, she'll sometimes randomly give you iron ore when you are playing as that specific fate.

    The Field of Poppies worked out in my favor for finishing this moments ago, as I landed on the Iron Ore, then Field of Poppies, and was able to pick up Iron ore again. (Along with the Local Peasant card twice, getting random gloves and then another piece of equipment.)

    Upvoting, because this method works well. I had gotten all the way to Iron Hunger 6 in endless mode, but I kept either A: landing on the card on the first two layers and subsequently not having enough iron ore, or B: having somewhere around 250 iron ore just to die somewhere near level 30 due to RNG and curses without ever seeing the card. (Specifically the dealer's favorite, -10 Max HP for every new curse followed by draw a curse for every ring.)
    Posted by Shadowfang TC on 20 Mar 18 at 05:11
    New xDante1986Completely luck based achievement... playing it for hours... Iron Hunger 6 without metal ore is impossible. 3 times I´ve got to 100-150 ore but no Iron Hunger event occured, few time it appeared soon, few time without metal ore.... right now had 97 when i get tu next dungeon level and first event iron hunger... really pissed off and 6 hours playing for nothing.

    Guide as it is above works...but still luck based.
    Posted by New xDante1986 on 03 Aug 19 at 13:39
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