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Kraken Master achievement in Hand of Fate

Kraken Master

Defeat the Kraken.

Kraken Master0
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How to unlock the Kraken Master achievement

  • I Argonaut II Argonaut I496,407
    11 Feb 2016 11 Feb 2016 08 Nov 2016
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    Defeat the Kraken!

    (I have received mixed reports after updates have been released that it still unlocks on Apprentice and also that it does not. Please continue to post feedback on if it unlocks for you on Apprentice mode)

    Once you have unlocked enough cards to face the Kraken, be ready for a fight. Try to gear up with a nice armor and weapon. You will also be fighting Lizardmen so an item like Herne's Antlers would help a lot.

    The fight will follow a general outline:
    1. Lizardmen will spawn.
    2. The Kraken will electrify a platform. Avoid that platform until it is safe.
    3. The Kraken will slap a tentacle down onto the ship. At this point in the cycle, it is best to roll around and stay away from the Kraken head to avoid getting hit. Once the tentacle is down, attack the tip to destroy the claw.
    4. The Kraken head will float close to the boat. Take this opportunity to hit the head as many times as you can. If you dont attack it enough, it will spew fire. If you are busy with the Lizardmen and it spews fire, stay to the opposite side of the boat.
    5. Repeat

    A few tips:
    -Play on apprentice (easy) difficulty.
    -If you heavily damage the Kraken head each round, the outline should only cycle 3-4 times before you win.
    -Be ready to fight Lizardmen bosses like the Prince, Queen, and/or King.
    -The Time Heals artefact is always one of the best things to have when facing a boss.

    ***Warning for completionists: This can be obtained without purchase of the Wildcards DLC. There are a few achievements that are obtainable and unlock from a "Title Update" DLC. If you want to avoid unlocking any Title Update achievements when playing the base game, Only play on normal difficulty, and do not complete any cards related to the Kraken or Elder Lizard. The dev has included some DLC encounter cards in the main game and they can be identified easiest by a maroon/red tab in the top right corner of the card with a gold monster head symbol.***

    *If this solution helped you in some way, please vote positively. If you think it needs improvement, please let me know how in a private message or by leaving a comment.*

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    XboxAnimatedTried this on Apprentice on both endless and story and did not unlock. not sure if this has been patched or if I did something wrong. Was earning other achievements and unlocked so I'm guessing its not part of a xbox issue
    Posted by XboxAnimated on 08 Nov 16 at 08:19
    I Argonaut IThanks for the update, I will edit solution.
    Posted by I Argonaut I on 08 Nov 16 at 13:16
    TBonePhoneI earned this on Apprentice Endless mode as of 2/17/19
    Posted by TBonePhone on 17 Feb 19 at 22:41
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  • cooper101183cooper101183767,654
    25 Apr 2016 25 Apr 2016 25 Apr 2016
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    Just to add to the Above Solutions:

    To unlock the Kraken Unleashed Card you need to successfully acquire tokens from various encounters including:

    The Landlocked Lubber 1 - 4 Completing All 4 encounters need then Unlocks;

    Sea Journey

    Sea Journey- requires you to pick Success in three separate draws. Picking Huge Success in Stage 1 helps as you skip straight to Stage 3. After being successful in all three stages you must then fight a battle Win the battle receive the token will unlock The Kraken Unleashed.

    (If you are struggling on Sea Journey , knock the difficulty down to Apprentice, this gives you a blessing at the start of each game that gives you the opportunity to redraw).
  • PIatinuhmPIatinuhm242,665
    05 Feb 2016 06 Feb 2016
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    After completing the combat for the card "The Kraken Unleashed", you'll unlock this achievement.

    When you go to fight the Kraken, be mindful of his four different moves. He will start off each wave by using a tentacle to pierce a hole (spawner for scales) in the ground, each spawner only has two scales and each wave increases in difficulty.

    After he makes a scale spawner, he will make an electric trap on one of the four metal squares. This move isn't too much of an hassle as you can easily avoid the squares.

    His third move will be an attempt to smack you with his tentacle, again fairly easy to avoid. When his tentacle lands, start attacking the tip until it pops and he sinks into the water.

    His final move will be emerging from the water to lean his head in close enough for you to start hitting him. Be wary that if you don't do enough damage quick enough to cause him to rear his head back, he will breathe fire (again easy to avoid).

    All in all, the hardest part about this battle is the scales. The Kraken himself is rather easy and predictable.
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