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One with the Kraken achievement in Hand of Fate

One with the Kraken

Equip the Kraken Sword and Mask at once.

One with the Kraken+0.2
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How to unlock the One with the Kraken achievement

  • Elite1111111111Elite1111111111800,873
    16 Feb 2016 14 Feb 2016 20 Feb 2016
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    The Kraken Mask is awarded whenever you kill the Kraken.
    The Kraken Sword (Kraken Claw) is unlocked from the token you get for killing the Kraken.

    This means that you need to first kill the Kraken once to get the token.
    Then, you need to kill the Kraken AGAIN with the Kraken Sword in your deck so that you are able to get both. You could try to get the sword easier by making it the only weapon in your deck.

    As with most achievements, this is not obtainable on Apprentice.

    While I did this on Endless, playing a later boss on Story can make it a bit easier as you can choose your cards. I prefer King of Plagues for this.

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    Mat The Maniac2You can also get to level 30 on endless on apprentice :)
    Posted by Mat The Maniac2 on 21 Apr 16 at 09:45
    LibelluleGinoI confirm it doesn't unlock on Apprentice...
    Posted by LibelluleGino on 23 Aug 16 at 13:30
    TheCMHammondI finally got it on the King of Scales boss. Fortunately, I already picked up the Kraken Claw from a chance draw earlier, but I also bought the Herne's Antlers from the shop. Having both of those made the battle much MUCH easier as I did 4x damage against Lizardmen. Don't think I took more than 10 damage either. I think I also had stuff like the Ring of Reward in my deck. Anything that helps you draw equipment is extremly useful.
    Posted by TheCMHammond on 26 Nov 18 at 06:03
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  • TheCMHammondTheCMHammond106,142
    26 Nov 2018 26 Nov 2018
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    To unlock this achievement, you'll need to have the Kraken's Claw (Sword) already in your deck. In order to get that sword, you need to have defeated the Kraken once already and received the token from doing so.

    You'll also need to have completed all The Land Locked Lubber encounters and have The Kraken Unleashed in your deck (obviously).

    It's a good idea to have Herne's Antlers in your deck. Having both this and the sword equipped should give you two lots of x2 (4x?) damage against Lizardmen and also allow you cut through their shields. This makes the battle against the Kraken a lot easier, that is, if you are lucky enough to get one or both of these items.

    To make things easier, you should put equipment in your deck that makes drawing equipment more likely. You want to increase your chances of drawing Herne's Antlers and the sword. The Ring of Reward is one of the cards that will be useful for this purpose (Honestly, if you have it, this should always be in your deck anyway).

    As for the battle:

    - Stand on the metal grates at the start of each wave to avoid being damaged by the tentacle that bursts through the floor (and spawns two Lizardmen).

    - Prioritise the Lizardmen over the tentacle with the weak joint if you can. If you don't take it out in time, it'll attack again after a short while and give you another chance. (Instead of starting the wave again)

    - Be wary of the electrifying tentacle when fighting the Lizardmen. Try and avoid standing on the metal grates this time.

    - It's still possible to take out the Kraken head with Lizardmen alive, but difficult. You have more time than you need, so dodge/counter attack and/or stun them. Resume attacking the Kraken ASAP.

    - Lastly, remember to avoid the King of Scales's (I think it is him) laser-shield attacks and counter/dodge everything as always.

    Once you defeat the Kraken, you'll receive the mask again. Equip it and make sure you have the sword equipped to unlock the achievement.
  • Shadowfang TCShadowfang TC169,798
    25 Nov 2016 27 Nov 2016 30 Nov 2016
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    After beating the Kraken once, you will get a token that will give you the Kraken Claw.

    The way that I achieved getting both at once was loading in endless and fighting the Kraken once more. (He normally spawns between the 1st and 5th level dungeon in endless. I was playing as The Nomad at the time, but it is not required. The only fate you will not be able to get this achievement with is apprentice.) After beating him, you will get the mask regardless of how many times you have slain him. Since I was already wielding the Mortal Whimsy, eventually it became the Kraken Claw and the achievement was awarded.

    Obviously it would be much quicker to achieve if you were already wielding the Kraken Claw, but I just thought I'd point out it is possible to do with Mortal Whimsy.

    The good thing about this achievement is that you do not need to have the Kraken Claw or Mortal Whimsy equipped while fighting the Kraken. You can get either weapon later on and the achievement will pop once you equip the sword.
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