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Platinum in Transformers: Devastation (Xbox 360)

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Complete all chapters, earning the highest rank, on difficulty COMMANDER or greater.

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There are 5 levels of difficulty in Transformers Devastation:
Scout, Warrior, Commander, Magnus, and Prime.
Magnus is unlocked by finishing all missions on Commander. It also allows you to up your stats from the cap of 32 to 64. With that, you can also obtain S-Class weapons. You can also make better Tech.
Prime is unlocked by finishing all missions on Magnus. It allows you to up your stats from the cap of 64 to 99. With that, you can also obtain SS-Class weapons. You can also make better Tech.

Stats and what they mean:
Strength (STR) = Health
Courage (CRG) = Defense
Speed (SPD) = Movement Speed
Fireblast (FRB) = Melee Atk + Defense
Skill (SKL) = Melee Atk + Ranged Atk
Endurance (END) = Defense
Intelligence (INT) = Ranged Atk
Rank (RNK) = # of Tech Items

My Character's Stats at the Start of my run:
STR: 52
CRG: 61
SPD: 60
FRB: 47
SKL: 52
END: 59
INT: 58
RNK: 57

Weapons Used:
Cryo Machinegun - Rank: C, Level: 10
Defect Lv.5 - This is a must have
EN+ Lv.4 - This is a must have, get Lv.5 if you can
FocTime+ Lv.1 - this is replaceable
Total Attack Power: 0
Energon Attack: 0
Cryo Attack: 0
Max Energy: 349
This is your weapon of choice for Headshot Grinding.
While the damage output is listed as zero, you will still do damage based on your character's output, so I don't recommend maxing out all of your characters.

Freeze Assault Rifle - Rank: SS, Level: 50 (This is a Sniper)
EN+ Lv.5
EN+ Lv.1
Recoil- Lv.5
FocTime+ Lv.4
Raredrop Lv.5
WeaponDrop Lv.5
Total Attack Power: 6,933
Energon Attack: 1,437
Cryo Attack: 5,496
Max Energy: 47
This was my weapon of choice for speedrunning/speedkilling enemies in a section. Supplemented with the 100% damage increase power up when necessary - mostly for the sections where Wheeljack is fixing things.

As for melee weapons, they don't really matter all that much, I had unleveled A-Rank Devastator Drills and S-Rank Bumblebee Gloves that I had on my character at all times. You could equip something higher level, and something lower level based on your needs.

Commander SS Tips:
Headshot Grinding: This can be done combined with reversals, or just focus dodges. You will earn more points with the reversals, but against some of the larger enemies and bosses, the reversals made it hard to get headshots.
To get the Reversal, immediately pull LT after Focus Dodging with RB

Reversal Grinding: This is for occasions when your only enemies are Shield Users, Insecticons (especially Kickback, the Grasshopper), and top-down sections where headshots are impossible.
My method was RB > Hold-Y > RB
I found that being able to charge an attack allowed me more time to cancel my attack, so I used Y instead of X.

Speed Killing: When all else fails, sometimes it helps to take an SS gun you got from Prime and just obliterate things in 1 shot. This is sometimes supplemented with the damage power up.

Here are a few tips I've collected from Gamefaqs and EscapistMagazine:
Avoiding damage seems like your best bet at getting a high score, but that isn't the case. Earning enough points you'll compensate for the "No Damage" bonus and get an SS Rank no matter how many hits you take.

Instead of mastering the combat engine, you can simply farm for points. It's slow, but it works against bosses and any encounter. Also, don't forget, to SS Rank a full chapter, you only need to earn SS Rank on half of the sections -- you don't need perfect scores across the board.

Using a low powered machine gun, you can farm headshots for lots of points to go towards those SS ranks! Do reversals and rack up headshots, I was able to SS Commander pretty quickly with this method.

For fights that are top-down or full of insecticons who don't show their heads, you can do Vehicle rush attacks into vehicle attacks, or just simply grind reversals and quickly cancel them so you don't attack. You can also just grind focus points, but since focus only gives 5 points you will be spending some time grinding out the requirements.

You don't need ALL SS ranks, but make sure you do the side missions! Chapter 3 took me a few tries to get SS on but the rest were done very quickly.
Via EscapistMagazine:
Method #1
To earn lots of points, equip a weak low level Machine Gun and use Reversal Headshot attacks on enemies. You'll need to purchase this power from the store before attempting this method.

Wait for opponents to attack, then use the Reversal Headshot ability, shooting your opponents with bursts of weak attacks that earn lots of points. Dodge and aim with your equipped gun. It takes a long time to kill opponents, but time doesn't matter.

This works on bosses too. This doesn't work for all sections of the game. Top-down or other gimmicks don't allow Reversal Headshot moves, so you'll need to try other methods. But, as long as you earn SS in a majority of sections you'll earn the rank for the entire chapter.

Method #2
Normal Reversals will also work. Enter Focus then cancel by dodging out to earn extra points. This method can take longer, but it's easier for certain tricky missions later in Devastation.

Method #3
Combo Vehicle Rush into Vehicle Attacks over and over for high score. This works in Top Down areas, or while fighting annoying Insecticons.
The following below is a list of my results from playing through Commander and aiming for SS. Hopefully the notes I took while playing through will help some of you.
I'm not exactly sure what the cutoff for each of the grades are, if I was to guess, SS would be between 500 and 750 on average, but I would also guess that it varies from mission to mission. Regardless, I definitely scored over 3000 points on a few occassions just to be sure.
I was backing up my save constantly and while it helped, it also screwed me up a few times, and the game forgot that I played a mission, or kept the old data from a mission I restarted and did better on prior to backing up the save.

Data from my Commander SS Run
Chapter 1: 17 Missions - Missable: 4, 7, 8, 11, 13, 16
SS = 12, S = 4, A = 1, Overall Rating = SS
SS = 13, S = 4, A = 0, Overall Rating = SS
Mission 01 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 02 - S (Speed Kill)
Mission 03 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 04 - S (Speed Kill)
Mission 05 - SS (Reversal Grind) (30 b4 damaging)
Mission 06 - SS (Headshot Grind) - Make Backup
Side Mission 1 - SS (Speed Kill w/ a few Headshots)
Mission 07 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 08 - S (Speed Kill) Easy to miss, backup at 06
Mission 09 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 10 - SS (Reversal Grind)
Mission 11 - SS (Headshot+Reversal Grind)
Mission 12 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 13 - S (Speed Kill)
Mission 15 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 14 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 16 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 17 - SS (Headshot Grind) (Speed Kill = A)

Chapter 2: 12 Missions - Missable: 07
SS = 7, S = 5, A = 0, Overall Rating = S
SS = 8, S = 4, A = 0, Overall Rating = SS
Mission 01 - SS (Mixed Points)
Mission 02 - S (Speed Kill, No Damage)
Mission 03 - S (Speed Kill, No Damage)
Mission 04 - S (Speed Kill, No Damage)
Mission 05 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 06 - S (Speed Kill, No Damage)
Mission 07 - SS (Reversal Grind, Min=30)
Mission 08 - SS (Turret Minigame)
Mission 09 - SS (Headshot+Reversal Grind)
Mission 10 - SS (Headshot+Reversal Grind)
Mission 11 - SS (Headshot+Reversal Grind)
Mission 12 - SS (Reversal Grind, Min=45)

Chapter 3: 9 Missions - Missable: 03, 04, 05
SS = 6, S = 2, A = 1, Overall Rating = S
SS = 7, S = 2, A = 0, Overall Rating = SS
Mission 01 - SS (Speed Kill)
Mission 02 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 03 - SS (Reversal Grind, Min=30)
Mission 05 - S (Speed Kill)
Mission 04 - SS (Reversal Grind, Min=30)
Mission 06 - SS (Reversal Grind, Min=30) - (Possible to get an S with a Speed Kill on this)
Mission 07 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 08 - S (Speed Kill)
Mission 09 - SS (Headshot+Reversal Grind)

Chapter 4: 5 Missions - Missable: N/A
SS = 4, S = 0, A = 1, Overall Rating = SS
Mission 01 - SS (Reversal Grind)
Side Mission 1 - SS
Side Mission 2 - S
Mission 02 - SS (Headshot+Reversal Grind)
Mission 03 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 04 - A (Speed Kill)
Mission 05 - SS (Headshot+Reversal Grind)

Chapter 5: 3 Missions - Missable: N/A
SS = 2, S = 1, A = 0, Overall Rating = SS
Mission 01 - SS (Reversal Grind)
Mission 02 - SS (Reversal Grind)
Mission 03 - S (Speed Kill)

Chapter 6: 6 Missions - Missable: 05
SS = 4, S = 2, A = 0, Overall Rating = SS
Mission 01 - SS (Reversal Grind)
Side Mission 1 - SS
Mission 02 - A? --> S (Speed Kill) - I definitely got an A on this, but the final results screen said otherwise
Mission 03 - SS (Reversal Grind)
Side Mission 2 - S
Mission 04 - S (Speed Kill)
Side Mission 3 - S
Mission 05 - SS (Reversal Grind)
Mission 06 - SS (Headshot+Reversal Grind)

Chapter 7: 11 Missions - Missable: 05, 07
SS = 7, S = 4, A = 0, Overall Rating = SS
Mission 01 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Side Mission 1 - Skipped
Mission 02 - S (Speed Kill)
Mission 03 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 04 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 05 - SS (Speed Kill)
Mission 06 - S (Speed Kill)
Mission 07 - SS (Speed Kill)
Mission 08 - S (Speed Kill)
Mission 09 - S (Headshot Grind Attempted)
Mission 10 - SS (Headshot Grind)
Mission 11 - SS (Headshot Grind)

Please keep in mind that you might have to check your records screen, and select your results from each Chapter before the achievement will pop.

Weapons (Continued):
Keep in mind that if you are in need of good weapons, Challenge #49 is the best for grinding for them. Additionally, be sure to check out the shop after each run for a refreshed stock. It would seem that an item in the top slot (the most expensive) typically has a maxed out stat roll, which can be much higher on average than one that drops randomly.

Unique/Named Weapons (for those who might be interested):
Prime's Axe (Optimus)
Ion Blaster (Optimus)
Grimlock's Gloves (Grimlock)
Galaxial Launcher (Grimlock)
Bumblebee's Gloves (Bumblebee)
Bumblebee's Blasters (Bumblebee)
Sideswipe's Swords (Sideswipe)
Flare Gun (Sideswipe)
Wrenches (Wheeljack)
Star Saber
Dark Star Saber - This one shoots lasers when swung
Forge of Solus Prime - I recommend stacking AtkSp+ on all hammers
Grimlock's Sword
Fusion Cannon
Fusion Cannon Mod
Starscream's Null Ray
Shockwave Blaster
Menasor's Cyclone Gun
Menasor's Ionizer Sword
Devastator's Drills - Charged Attacks with this launch drills
Small Blaster
Solar Beam Rifle
Photon Eliminator Rifle
Photon Disruptor
GZS-3 & MA685
Magna Shot
Golden Hunter
Grappling Hook
Battle Blade
Wrecking Ball
Drill Missiles

Be sure to also check out the Xbox One Achievement Guide here:
Solution for Platinum in Transformers: Devastation
As well as a skilled player's Commander SS run on Youtube which can be found here:

The video should help you find the missable missions.
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