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How to unlock the Survivalist achievement

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    The way this Achievement is listed is kind of confusing IF you do not read it right. I originally thought I could craft all of the ITEMS, not including the weapons (because I did the weapons separately), and the Achievement would pop, which is not the case, So craft all of the items and T-shirts first, then the weapons, and both, the Goa'th Amendment & Survivalist, should pop at the same time.

    I made this guide for 360 users because the video above, (and a few others) are Xbox One versions and items are in different places compared to the 360 version. This is a pretty quick way to gather what you need and get these done in one run around the map.

    Here are the items You need to craft: 8 Various Items, 4 T-Shirts, and 5 Weapons. They are listed as follows:


    Crowd Control = Beans + Barrel
    Edible Food = Sugar + Mouse Trap
    Bumper Car = Studio Light + Rock Block Pole
    Camp Fire = Twigman + Torch
    Skateboard = Skate Sign + Wood Plank
    Sweet Ride = Neon Sign (Furiously Fast) + Road Block
    Home Security = Baked Beans + Light Stand
    Shelter for Goats = Home sweet Home sign + Wood Plank


    Sneaking Boots = Moon + T-Shirt
    Realist Tail = Box of nails + T-Shirt
    Makeshift Back Pack = Fan + T-Shirt
    Journeying Scarf = Toilet Paper + T-Shirt


    Antiquer = Flour + Mouse Trap
    Gumshot = Gumball machine + Beer Bong
    Heartbreaker = Twigman + Wedding cake
    Mind Controller = Boom Box + Crystal Ball
    Minifun = Vial of Goo + Borken Minifun

    Mode: After Outbreak
    Needed Mutators: Anti Gravity & Inventory
    Optional Mutators: Angel, Flappy, Double Jump, Casual, or No Hunger

    From the starting point, Turn around and heads towards the two towers. After you crash through the barricade, grab two of the planks, if they disappear, on the right hand side of the fence (of the barricade) there are two planks covering a hole in the fence that you can grab instead.

    Next go to the fishbowl (this is the name on the building, not an item to pickup) which is at the end of the street on the right hand side. climb or fly onto the roof and grab everything from the pile (gumball machine, crystal ball, broken minifun, Vial of goo, and Mousetrap). drop down to ground level and to the left of the fishbowl there are 2 Roadblock signs (look like candy canes) grab both.

    Turn around and head to the bar next to the whiplash. Behind the bar you with find the twigman and the torch, grab them both. Behind the Sofa is another Twigman, grab it. Head back up the main street (where you were caged to start) and on the right side of the road is coffee stains studio, go inside and up stairs, the toilet paper is in the bathroom and the fan is on a desk across from the bathroom door, grab both.

    leave the house and head towards the mall. Go into the expresso Yourself store, first store on the left and grab a bag of sugar, Flour, the wedding cake, and the boom box. Go into the last store on the same side, The coffee trap, and grab another mouse trap.

    Exit the mall and Jump up to the highest platform on the left hand side of the mall, with a green bike, you will find 2 cans of beans, grab them both. Drop down into the construction site behind the mall and on a crate next to a worker is a box of nails, grab those.

    Head to the house directly across the street from the construction site (jump the fence), to the right of the house's front door is a barrel, grab it. Then follow the path (to the left of the same house) up to the graveyard. hit the tombstone on the left of the church door (which opens the door) go inside and on the face of the table the psycho is on is the Home sweet Home sign DO NOT smash the table, just lick it and grab it. the sign may "disappear" on you if you smash it and you'll have to start all over again.

    Leave the graveyard/church and heads towards the TV studios. Go to Stage One, the allright show, and break a lighting assembly. Take the Studio light and the stand. Leave Stage One and go right, turn right again at the Road blocks and go back to the building on the left where you see the sign "furiously fast" above the door. Jump up and grab it. Then fly up to the right hand side of the skater ramp. turn left and you'll see a sign that says "skate" jump over and grab it.

    Drop back down in front of Studio One and there is a crafting garage to the right hand side. Begin crafting what you can (use the guide up top so you don't mix two wrong). After Crafting everything, go across to studio two and on the left hand side is a display with a moon, grab it.

    To the left of the display stand, behind a portable orange wall are two racks of T-Shirts. They can't be placed in the inventory, so you'll have to drag all 3, one at a time, to the crafting garage and craft them. go back to the Mall and the second store on the right, The owlister, has two T-shirts there, just drag it to the nearest Crafting spot (which is now the garage which is near where you started) and craft the last T-shirt.

    Now there is one weapon at this point to go. Exit the crafting point and go behind the house and drag the beer bong back to the crafting point (This is another item that won't go into the inventory), throw in the gumball machine and say hello to 45 Achievement pointstoast


    Sometimes some of the items like to "disappear" for whatever reason, if they do, here are a few "other" locations you can find the things you may need without starting over.....

    Sugar: in the barn off to the right of the house across from the construction site

    Toilet paper: In the store "Supermarket" in the mall

    Vial of Goo: In the Indian Casino on the top floor of the mall -or- on top of the Golden Tower

    Fan: On a stand to the left of the road blocks on the side of The Fishbowl

    Wedding cake: To the left of the judges by the Diving boards, near the Whiplash

    Flour: right hand side of the mall, outside, on top of a red container.

    Boom Box: Same area as above, along the back fence.

    Crystal Balls: Fortune Tellers Tent
    Additional Information Credit: Im the Lorax
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    Im the LoraxOh, cool thanks. Although I cnt really take the credit other than I found it mentioned somewhere else.
    Posted by Im the Lorax on 13 Dec 15 at 10:05
    Claudio 10 Juvevery good guide thank you. worked for both xbox 360 and xbox one version
    Posted by Claudio 10 Juve on 05 Feb 16 at 20:46
    WickedDeathYour welcome
    Posted by WickedDeath on 14 Feb 16 at 03:16
    JORAXNice guide. Wish I could get through it without the damn game crashing (happened twice now with only a few items left).
    Posted by JORAX on 01 Mar 16 at 23:29
    WickedDeathIt tends to happen a lot, especially with the sign on the table in the graveyard. I would hope this guide would help to avoid any restarts but unfortunately this game is very buggy.
    Posted by WickedDeath on 21 Mar 16 at 15:44
    GIERMOL94Guys, how do I unlock/activate Items Mutator?
    I have no idea why it is not available...
    Posted by GIERMOL94 on 09 Jul 16 at 19:11
    Im the LoraxI think you press pause and then it takes u to the menu, then click A on the mutatots you do/dnt want, then X to activate and it takes u straight back into the game
    Posted by Im the Lorax on 09 Jul 16 at 22:27
    WickedDeathYou unlock mutators during the game while doing certain quests.

    here is a link to them:

    To activate them , you pause the game, go to "mutators" , select the ones you want (they will move from the left menu to the right one) and then hit "X". if you don't hit X then they won't be enabled.
    Posted by WickedDeath on 18 Jul 16 at 19:45
    Mobius EvalonI was having the same problem as a lot of others where the Inventory mutator was simply absent. It should be immediately available as soon as you fire up the game after installing the DLC, and if it's not then that savefile will never have it.

    You have to delete the savefile on that storage device or select a device with no savefile on it to get the Inventory mutator to show up if this happens to you.

    As an aside, I was confused as hell about the mentioned fish bowl as well. I'm almost positive the solution author is referring to gumball machines and not fish bowls, considering none of the craftable items at the top of the solution even mention a fish bowl.
    Posted by Mobius Evalon on 21 Nov 16 at 22:12
    WickedDeathJust to clarify the whole "fishbowl" thing.... The fishbowl is the name on the building, I would assume it's a bowling alley, it's not an actual object to find or pickup.

    I fixed the guide and want to thank everyone for the positive feedback and comments.
    Posted by WickedDeath on 16 Jul 17 at 20:33
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