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March Through History

Win 3 battles in the Historical Campaign

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How to unlock the March Through History achievement

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    This solution is still in the process of being made. Please be patient. I have now completed 3 of the challenges and unlocked the achievement. I will continue writing the guide until all levels are up. If you wish though, you can use this guide for the levels I have completed.

    NOTE: Some levels won't become available until later ages. If you don't wish to age up to complete the easiest levels, then just do whatever levels are available to you and do the easiest ones.

    I will list the levels from easiest to hardest. (#1 being the easiest). You only need to complete 3, so why not do the 3 easiest levels? :D

    1) Kenilworth
    2) Aleppo
    3) Dorostolon
    4) Calais
    5) Marienburg
    6) Thessalonica
    7) Acre
    8) Constantinople

    NOTE: In order to unlock the Historical Campaign, you must be at Age 4. I didn't start working on this until Age 5. It doesn't matter though as they select the troops for you, so do it at whatever age you want, once you unlock Age 4.

    In order to select the Historical Campaign, click on the battle icon in the bottom left of the screen. (The two swords) Now instead of clicking "Battle", click "Historical Challenges" which is right below Battle.

    So I just started working on this achievement and found even the first level to be quite difficult. After looking up guides on Youtube, I wasn't able to do it. Unlike everyone else who finds the first level to be extremely easy, I didn't. So I decided to somewhat follow the Youtube guide, but do it in my own way. Here's how...


    Okay, so this level was somewhat difficult at first. It took me about 5 or 6 tries until I got it.

    Step 1) Place all 3 of your yellow troops near the back of the castle. Immediately send them to attack the catapult. They use ladders, so they will just jump over the walls and take out the catapult right away. This way you don't have to worry about it later. Your yellow troops will probably die right after taking it out. If they manage to die before taking out the catapult, restart.

    Step 2) Now you want to deploy your troops on the camels, and lead them away from the castle. Don't worry, you're not timed so just play it slowly. Once they are far enough away from the castle, you will notice that you have some enemy ground troops chasing you. Wait until you're far enough away from the castle, where you won't get attacked by any towers, then attack.

    Step 3) Now immediately send out your archers and place them behind the ground troops and set them to attack them as well. Now place your blue troops to the left and right of the enemy and attack them from all sides. Do all of this right away. Don't let them attack any of your troops without all of your troops already sent out. You should only lose a few troops, you might not even lose any.

    Step 4) Now there are a few more ground troops but they won't attack until you reach their base. So what I did, is go into their base and then back out, so I didn't take fire from the archer towers. Lure the enemies out, and take care of them.

    Step 5) Now that you have the catapult and all enemy ground troops killed, the hard part and somewhat luck based part begins. Send all of your troops the attack the closest archer tower on the left. Once that falls down, immediately send all of your troops to attack the castle. Now you just wait, and hope that you get lucky and you take it down. Only my blue enemies were being attacked by the archer towers because they were surrounding the castle. My archers and Camel troops didn't die.

    Don't get frustrated if you don't get it first try, keep trying until you get it. Once you know what you're doing, things become really easy I think.


    This level was super easy for me and I got it on my first try. Hopefully you can too. Unlike the other, I used a Youtube video for this level and completed it with ease.

    Step 1) Firstly, send out all of your yellow troops and send them for the catapult that is inside the castle area. They will use ladders and take it out right away. After they destroy the catapult, direct them towards the castle so they can start bringing down the health.

    Step 2) Now send out all your other troops and take out the 2 archer towers on the south side, closest to the castle. Make sure to use your special troop's ability which is right above the character where you chose him. Send it to attack the towers and once they are both taken out, send him to attack the castle. They have ladders too and will do a large amount of damage to the castle.

    Step 3) Now have all of your blue troops and archers attack 1 wall all together. If they're close enough to the wall, the 2nd catapult won't hit them. Be ready for a 2nd attack of enemy ground troops though. Have your archers deal with them until the wall your blue troops are attacking falls. Once the wall falls, I sent everybody to attack the castle.

    This level was super easy and I will add videos for each level, once I'm done. Just hang in there. :)


    This one was hard. All the other video guides on Youtube told me to attack a certain wall and then send everyone in to attack the castle. This however didn't work, so I did some more searching and found a different method. This worked for me but it still took a few tries to master it.

    Step 1) Send out your yellow troops near the top right of the map. Don't worry too much about them. They will automatically climb the wall and go straight for the catapult. Once that's destroyed, set them to attack the troops. Your yellow troops will eventually die off.

    Step 2) Now deploy all your blue troops near the bottom entrance. Set them to attack the archer tower on the left. Now deploy all of your archers and set them to attack the same tower. (If any enemy ground troops attack, wait until the archer tower gets destroyed and your troops will automatically attack. I know it sounds like suicide but it's the only way I was able to beat this. A lot of this relies on luck and speed.)

    Step 3) Now once that archer tower is destroyed, head to the one that's on the right. It is next to the left wall that is surrounding the castle. (Please watch the video to see which tower I'm talking about, if you're confused.)

    Step 4) Set all your troops to attack the next right tower. (This is the tower on the left of the opening towards the castle.) Once that tower falls, set both your blue troops and archers to attack the castle. It is important that you ignore the ground troops. They will either kill you or they won't. This level required a lot of luck. Hopefully their castle gets destroyed before they can kill you all off. Good luck.

    The first video is the one I mentioned in the guide. The second is the one, everyone else likes to try. Feel free to give that a try if you can't try this method.

    METHOD #1

    METHOD #2


    Possibly the easiest mission in the game so far. If you are having trouble, take out the ground troops before attacking the castle. I finished it with about 2 of my people left. It was pretty close, so if this method doesn't work, attack the ground troops first.

    Step 1) Send out 1 set of Heavy Infantry (Blue) and set it to attack the nearest wall, next to the archer tower. (Please watch video to see the exact wall I'm talking about.) Then send out your Battering Ram and set it to attack the same wall. Send out 1 more set of Heavy Infantry (Blue) and have them attack the same wall. Send out 1 group of Archers and Pikemen as well and attack the wall.

    Step 2) Once the wall falls, send out everyone and set everyone to attack the castle. (If you're having trouble, take out the ground troops with your archers first.)


    This one is quite difficult and will require you to replay it a few times to learn your own strategy. I still decided to tell you how I did the level though, if you wanted to try it my way. First of all, I couldn't find any videos on Youtube that showed what I did, so I will put a video if mine doesn't work for you.

    Step 1) We will be attacking the nearest wall closest to us. This one has 1 out of 2 catapults on the level. Deploy 1 battering ram and attack the wall's gate. If you don't destroy the gate before dying, restart. If you do manage to stay alive, attack the nearest ground troops. If there are none nearby, then attack one of the towers. We want to get rid of all towers and buildings in this area.

    Step 2) Now once your battering ram gets destroyed, deploy all of your Pikemen and Archers near the bottom of the map. You don't want to lose any to the archer towers or catapults. This should lure any enemy ground troops left towards your position. Take out the enemies on camels with your Pikemen and attack the enemies on foot with your archers. Hopefully you don't lose to many.

    Step 3) Now direct your Pikemen to attack the Ballista tower and your Archers to attack the Guard house. Now before they get there, deploy all of your Cavalry (Horse troops) and direct them to attack the Catapult.

    Step 4) Okay this is where it all comes down to luck, timing & distraction. Send out your final 2 battering rams to attack the 2nd gate. Once the catapult is destroyed, focus attention on the Ballista tower. Once the Guard house is destroyed, get your archers out of the area immediately. They will be used for distracting the 2nd catapult when you attack the castle. Once the Ballista tower and Catapult are destroyed, take out the archer tower on the right.

    Step 5) By now your battering rams should have destroyed the gate and all the towers should be destroyed in the area you were clearing out. Ignore any ground troops as you need to do this next part fast. Send your battering rams to attack the castle and your archers to go along the left side and take all the attention from the catapult. (They will most likely die.) Now just send your cavalry (Horse troops) and Pikemen to attack the castle. If you get lucky, they will destroy it fast without dying.

    Below is a different method if you prefer visual guides. I wasn't able to complete the level following this guide, but I used some of his methods shown in the video. (This is not anything like I did, this video is just to show you another strategy if mine doesn't help you.)

    METHOD #2


    This level is incredibly easy and incredibly short. There shouldn't be much trouble at all with this one. :)

    Step 1) Deploy your battering ram right next to the enemy gate in front of you, and set it to attack the gate. Now deploy all of your Cavalry (Horse troops), Archers & special Troop. Have them take care of all the ground troops.

    Step 2) Once the gate crumbles, direct your battering ram to the 2nd gate. Your troops should be taking care of most ground troops.

    Step 3) Use your special troop's ability and direct it to the 2 closest guard towers on the left. Once those are taken out, the 2nd gate should be down. Now just send all of your troops to attack the castle. Ignore the catapults because the castle will be down before they know what hit them.


    This one may or may not take a few tries depending on what you do. If you do exactly as I say, you should be able to get this on your first try. The level is fairly easy, if you do everything the correct way.

    Step 1) Deploy 4 troops of Pikemen in the top right corner. (See video for exact location) Don't mess around with them as they will be mostly used as a distraction. Instead, right after, deploy all of your Catapults in the same area but further away. (Just so the enemy catapults can't hit you) Then direct your catapults to take out the two towers in the top right corner.

    Step 2) Once the two towers are destroyed, send all your catapults to attack the top right wall shown in the video. You should also send out 3 more troops of Pikemen and don't touch them. (These will also be used as distractions for the enemy catapult)

    Step 3) Now send your catapults to attack the final wall in the corner that would open up an entry way to the Keep. Your catapults should also be able to take care of the tower on the right. While this is going on, send out the rest of your Pikemen to attack the same wall. This will distract the enemy catapults once more and possibly save your catapults. (If your Pikemen & Catapults are all destroyed before this wall gets destroyed either restart or try getting lucky.)

    Step 4) Once the wall goes down, direct your remaining catapults and Pikemen to attack the Keep. Now send out 12 troops of Ladder Invaders to attack the Keep. Once they reach the Keep, send out the remaining troops of Ladder Invaders and direct them to attack the keep.


    Quite a simple map, but it may take a few tries. This one will be focused on keeping your battering ram alive, clearing out the Ballistic towers and ground troops.

    Step 1) Right away, send your Battering Ram to attack the bottom left corner. You should have enemy ground troops after you, so wait until this get close to your Battering Ram, then send out 2 troops of Teutonic Knights and place them in between your Battering Ram and the enemy ground troops. This will distract the enemy ground troops and give your Battering Ram time to take down the wall.

    Step 2) Once the wall is down and the enemy ground troops are killed, direct your Battering Ram and 2 Teutonic Knights to attack the catapult. Now send out the rest of your Teutonic Knights and direct them towards the wall shown in the video. Make sure you also take out the enemy ground troops ASAP.

    Step 3) During all of this, you should send out all of your Heavy Crossbowmen and send them to destroy the Ballistic tower on the right. Once that's destroyed, have them take out the one on the left. Once that's done, send your Heavy Crossbowmen to attack the same wall your Teutonic Knights and possibly Battering Ram are attacking. Ignore the archer tower on the left.

    Step 4) After that is done, send everybody to destroy the keep. There are a lot of towers and traps but your Teutonic Knights do so much damage, they will be done before they even knew what hit them.

    Video Credit

    Dorostolon - PROXYMITY
    Constantinople Method 1 - Frostygem
    Constantinople Method 2 - Dwi Prazetyo II
    Aleppo - Unreal Prodigy
    Acre Method 2 - Age of Empires: Castle Siege
    Kenilworth - PROXYMITY
    Marienburg - Bảo Nguyễn Đức

    If you see anything that you can add to help make this achievement easier or to help out the solution, please leave it in the comments.

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    erod550I don't know if they updated Aleppo or what but there are way, way more defending ground troops in that mission now than there are in the video and they just decimate all of your troops before you can even get the keep below half. If you take the time to fight the troops then the archer towers tear you apart before you can down the keep. I would definitely say that one is not the 2nd easiest anymore.
    Posted by erod550 on 04 May 16 at 20:20
    PiCkLE SQU1DOkay, thanks for the update. The game seems to update a lot and I don't know if I can continue updating the solution like that because I honestly don't remember the fights that well anymore. Do you think I should take the solutions down?
    Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 04 May 16 at 21:26
    Bazroy99Nah keep it up - it's working a treat for me! Nice one.
    Posted by Bazroy99 on 13 Jul 17 at 15:25
    WardieshireGreat guide man, I did the 3 missions that you suggested were the easiest and defeated the keeps no problem.
    Posted by Wardieshire on 15 Jan 18 at 04:55
    PiCkLE SQU1DThanks guys. I will keep them up if they're still helping.
    Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 15 Jan 18 at 05:27
    OnzaGreat guide. It gives me hope that I might actually unlock this, someday.
    Posted by Onza on 25 Jun 18 at 21:13
    OnzaDone. Might even try some of the others now, it's like free resources.
    Posted by Onza on 26 Jun 18 at 16:05
    wagnerasaThanks for the guide
    Posted by wagnerasa on 11 Oct 18 at 03:48
    PiCkLE SQU1DThanks guys!
    Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 12 Oct 18 at 00:51
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