Castellan achievement in Age of Empires: Castle Siege


Successfully defend your castle 10 times

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How to unlock the Castellan achievement

  • thanatos8285thanatos8285415,020
    24 Jun 2018 25 Jun 2018
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    As mentioned, the only way to get this achievement is to be attacked 10 times and successfully defend. This can't be boosted. You just have to hope your attackers bite off more than they can chew. Here are some ideas/tips:

    Make sure all of your walls are fully upgraded, and use them to compartmentalize your base as much as possible. Don't create a base layout that has a single wall going around every building you have, because as soon as one single section of your wall falls, you essentially no longer have a wall. Create a honeycomb style base which protects your resource storage buildings, your keep, and your emplacements.
    --Especially make sure your keep is well protected, since that's an immediate star for the attacker (and therefore a loss for you) if it's destroyed.
    --Military buildings are completely irrelevant, do not waste space inside your walls on them.
    --Your resource collection buildings (farm, mill, and quarry) hold only a very small amount of resources, so they also do not need protection.
    --Lastly, your pennant generating buildings also do not need protection for the purpose of this achievement. You will lose quite a few pennants in your defenses, but you generate a LOT of your own pennants, far more than you will lose, and many will attack your base just to get your pennants without regard for resources or crowns. So every defense where someone only attacks your pennant buildings and then retreats with 500 or so flags is another successful defense for you. For this reason, put the two buildings close together and relatively unprotected to make them extra appealing.

    Towers can be used as part of your walls, but even once they're defeated and collapse, attackers can't step over the rubble. This makes them function as permanent, unbeatable wall pieces which also attack for a duration. If you followed my advice above regarding a honeycomb-style base design, the joints of your walls are crucial, because an attacker who takes out the joins of your walls gets access to every section of the honeycomb that touched that joint. So by using defense towers as joint pieces for your walls, you cut off any routes your attackers have to easily access multiple areas of your base, and the longer you can stall them, the more of their troops you can take out, giving you better chances of keeping them below 50% destruction.

    Do NOT rush to upgrade your keep as quickly as possible. Make sure every defense you have is maxed out (traps included) before upgrading your keep at a bare minimum. My personal approach is to be sure every single possible thing (troops, research, walls, resources, defenses) is maxed out before I upgrade my keep. The more advanced your age, the stronger the attackers will be, and you want to be sure your defenses can keep up with them.

    If you find yourself getting desperate, you can CONSIDER (though I doubt it will come to this) leaving your resource storage buildings and pennant buildings in a small cluster, completely unprotected and far from your keep. With ample resources and pennants and no defenses to worry about, the temptation will be too much to resist for attackers to clean you out with a single infantry unit. This will give them a great haul but still not give them more than 50% of your base, so many will be willing to take the loss for all the resources. You will lose a lot of resources this way, which is why I do not recommend it, but it would work for the Castellan achievement.

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    A 0 UB3RLOZ3RMisleading achievement i defended my castle but my counter did not go up tho my attacker did do 87 percent lost to my stuff it should have a different achievements description also do you think having g my stuff in the four corners good idea it is a invisible barriers and I also guarded my castle now with towers over it all the only way you will destroy my keep his with projectiles
    Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 15 Jan 19 at 21:26
    thanatos8285If they did 87% damage, then it was considered a successful attack. Your entire base is considered your castle, so if they get any stars, they succeeded. And no, I wouldn't consider the 4-corner approach to be a good strategy. You want as much overlap in your defenses as possible. Dividing everything into 4 mini-camps makes it that much easier to overwhelm the defenses and get to your keep, which is an automatic 1-star win.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 15 Jan 19 at 22:13
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  • Davis 888Davis 888598,174
    25 Aug 2018 08 Jul 2018 08 Jul 2018
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    I was having trouble having anyone even attack me for the longest time and this helped me. I was Age 6 before I started this, but the more early you start you may be better off as attackers will be less skilled and less upgraded.

    As far as building your defense, thanatos8285 has some good points. A tip which I have found so far to be super helpful and I have not seen on any guide so far is to bait people into attacking you.

    How you ask? Using taunts.
    I made out a word that taunts people (such as "try me", "you stink", "eat me") using items from the honor tab such as flowers, scarecrows or torch's.

    Be warned, if you do this you will probably be attacked more often, so you will want to do this when comfortable with your castles defense. Once you have it the way you want you can set this up, and make sure to have it somewhere easy to see for the people scanning. If you are lucky you might even get people who are not prepared and distracted by your message. Try to be considerate and use anything vulgar at your own risk, not sure if you could get banned for it.

    External image

    I hope this helps! Any suggestions or comments feel free to just let me know.
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