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Multi Cultural

Fully upgrade each civilization's unique troop

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How to unlock the Multi Cultural achievement

  • wizzardSSwizzardSS354,350
    18 Nov 2016 16 Nov 2016 20 Aug 2019
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    The servers closed in May 2019 and it is no longer possible to obtain this achievement

    What you have to do:

    For clarity, to get this achievement you must upgrade each civilisation's unique troop to Level 4, not Level 5.

    To create a unique troop, you must first build the Cultural Barracks. You are first able to build this in Age V (5). The Cultural Barracks has a different name depending on your civilisation:

    - Caernarfon Castle (Britons)
    - Hippodrome of Constantinople (Byzantines)
    - Les Baux-de-Provence (Franks)
    - Palace of Facets (Kieven Rus)
    - Citadel of Salah Ed-Din (Saracens)
    - Malbork Castle (Teutonic Order).

    In the Cultural Barracks, there are a choice of six units to build, which are considered unique to each civilisation. You can build all the units regardless of which civilisation you are and they are as follows:

    - Longbowmen (Britons)
    - Cheirosiphon (Byzantines)
    - Knight Templar (Franks)
    - Raiders of Muscovy (Kieven Rus)
    - Mamluk (Saracens)
    - Teutonic Knight (Teutonic Order)

    Each unit is considered unique because it costs pennants to build. Pennants are a currency that is civilisation-specific and are rewarded in the following way:

    - From your own civilisation only by building a Cathedral and/or University, which are available from Age III (3). You can pay 500 gold to change civilisation at any time.
    - By attacking other players. When you attack a player, you will only gain pennants from the opposing player's civilisation in that battle. You will only get pennants from damaging/destroying their Cathedral or University.
    - Random drops from chests rewarded by destroying other players' keeps.

    In order to "fully" upgrade each troop (i.e. get to level 4), you must advance through each level, for each troop. This costs as follows:

    - 500 pennants (Level 1)
    - 1,500 pennants and 87,500 wood (Level 2)
    - 4,000 pennants and 375,000 wood (Level 3)
    - 7,500 pennants and 715,000 wood (Level 4)

    For a total of 13,500 pennants and 1,177,500 wood, for each troop.

    You can hold pennants from every civilisation. There is a limit to the number of pennants that you can hold, which is defined by the Age of your Keep. However, in order to level up each unit, you must also have levelled your Cultural Barracks to Level 4. Each upgrade costs wood, and you can only do it in the following ages:

    - Level 1 - Age V (5) - 25,000 wood
    - Level 2 - Age VI (6) - 87,500 wood
    - Level 3 - Age VII (7) - 350,000 wood
    - Level 4 - Age VIII (8) - 525,000 wood

    For a total of 987,500 wood.

    The maximum level of troop you can build is restricted by the current level of your Cultural Barracks.

    So, in total you'll need over 8,000,000 wood and 81,000 pennants... not including the Keep upgrade or Cathedral/University costs. Yes, it's a struggle.

    - Don't change your civilisation for 500 gold. Gold is far more valuable elsewhere.
    - In my opinion it doesn't really matter when you reach the next Age for your Keep. Later Ages generally meant higher pennants on offer from battles (because you're matched against stronger opponents).
    - Focus on getting your own civilisation levelled before concentrating on others as you'll have a constant supply of pennants from your own civilisation coming in from universities and cathedrals.
    - Focus on one troop at a time. For the final struggle to Level 4 (715,000 wood, 7,500 pennants), only ever enter battles against an opponent with the pennants that you need. Skip all other battles.
    - Focus only on wood resources (use raiders) and cathedrals/universities (use.. whatever). Don't focus on winning the battle - you still keep the resources you have got even if you lose.
    - If you've just finished a battle and you're still just short of resources to upgrade it's almost certainly cheaper in gold to rush through another army than pay for the additional resources directly.

    My battle plan in the end was to simply build armies of soldiers (8), raiders (40), and rams (8). Then I searched for battles with accessible universities and cathedrals of the civilisation whose pennants I was after. They also had to have 600+ pennants otherwise it wasn't worth it. Sometimes it would take 20+ skips to find the ideal battle. Then I deployed rams to focus on gates near universities/cathedrals and the soldiers either took out siege engineers or tanked tower shots. Raiders went in afterwards to steal as many pennants and as much wood as possible. Usually I'd try to get over 50% (not worrying about the Keep), just to get a star and a crown reward for that achievement too. Don't forget you can also back out of a battle at any time and keep the resources stolen, and then you can use your unused troops on another battle.

    It took me 9 months from the start of the game to getting this achievement without spending actual real life money on gold. I was by no means rushing to get it, but even if you're playing for 16 hours a day you should expect to spend upwards of 2 months grinding this out. If you're just starting now, enjoy the struggle and come back in a few months! Hope that helps! wave

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    DaffyioneThe Gold store has been taken down. If you put a lot of effort into the game you can do it. No problems, but will be a lot of effort and a grind!!

    I played this for 2 weeks solid and unlocked 15/20 achievements, then played very casually for a two months then stopped.

    I saw this was closing down so just jumped back on to try and complete in the middle of December. Hoping that I can get it down in another 2 months or so...

    So I am thinking 4 months of solid grinding and effort, can easily be done even with the gold store down as I don't spend money on microtransactions and think that I will have done it :)
    Posted by Daffyione on 04 Jan 19 at 12:19
    CrysisWarXX3i started this game on last December and i still need 2 upgrades only and the 10 defences achievement
    Posted by CrysisWarXX3 on 02 Apr 19 at 23:17
    wizzardSSI started the game in Jan (2016), got all the achievements except four by April. Castellan and The Renaissance by July (3 more months) and Warlord and Multi-Cultural by November (another 4 months).

    ...just a heads up in case you're thinking of easing off now you're "nearly" there wink
    Posted by wizzardSS on 03 Apr 19 at 04:41
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  • IsaactehsuckIsaactehsuck85,741
    05 Feb 2019 13 Jan 2019
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    I am not far from getting this achievement, but it took me until now to realize this... Even if you've exhausted all of your troops and your usual heroes, you can still go into battle with heroes that you never use. Even with just two heroes (and no troops), you can usually get one or both of the buildings that give flags (Cathedral and University). The lower level heroes refresh in like 15 minutes and you can can hundreds of flags with just the two characters each run.

    My strategy now is to go in with my main heroes and my army to get the Keep (for the crowns achievement), and get as much wood as I can, and then go in with the unused heroes to get some more flags while I wait for the army to be replenished. This shouldn't take long to get this now.
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    FaSCoRPthat is a good idea if you are done with the rest of the cheevos. not bad :D
    Posted by FaSCoRP on 01 Mar 19 at 14:02
    planchetflawWish I thought of this last year!
    Posted by planchetflaw on 25 Mar 19 at 13:49
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