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Child Of The 80's achievement in GunWorld: Xbox One Edition

Child Of The 80's

Finish O....Nevermind, you can't do this. Really? Ok then. Finish Old-School Mode without dying.

Child Of The 80's0
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How to unlock the Child Of The 80's achievement

  • AwooAwoo
    04 Apr 2016 04 Apr 2016 09 Jun 2017
    While the ratio and low number of completions may make this seem like a daunting task, the game is really not as hard as it first appears. By doing the levels in the right order, using the right gun at the right time and utilizing various cheesy methods, this is indeed quite a simple task. Not easy, certainly not something anyone could do, but nowhere near as hard as the TA score makes it out to be.

    The only gameplay difference between Normal and Old-School mode is that health pickups now only restore one health point instead of two. Not a huge deal, so feel free to practice the final level as much as you want in Normal before attempting this. I highly encourage going for both endings in Normal before trying Old-School, just so you have a decent grip on how to make it through Temple of Guns and its boss as safely as possible.

    As for level order, you should go:
    New Gun City > Mount Scorcho > Rhulke > Fett's Train > Forest of Chad
    Feel free to switch the first two around if you think Scorcho is harder. I personally die more often on NGC, so I started with that. Make sure you get every Torpeagle seed bag (one in each level, all available with no extra guns). This is extremely important, as you need at least four shots with it to make the second phase of the final boss doable in a safe-ish way. More Dual Magnum and Back-a-Pack-a-Pult seeds also do not hurt, if you can get them safely.

    After the initial two hard levels, the remaining three should be fairly easy. The Dual Magnums from Rhulke completely destroy Fett, and picking up more seeds for them in his stage means that you can also make short work of the Spider Queen, who can otherwise be a bit of a scary fight.

    EDIT: Some new boss weaknesses have come to my attention recently:
    - Rhulke is a joke if you use the Drill Gun since it can hurt him whenever, not just when he's in the air or stunned after a charge. Two seeds are enough to kill him.
    - Dennis (NGC boss) is extremely weak against the B-Uzi, two clips are more than enough to kill. Thanks to Chizzy for that discovery.
    - The Spider Queen takes one whole health chunk of damage from every Drill Gun shot. If you jump and shoot up, it's pretty easy to hit her until she starts moving fast, at which point you may want to switch weapons.

    Use those tips as you see fit.

    For Temple of Guns, don't hesitate to use the Torpeagle and Backapult to destroy particularly pesky blue/red spike enemies. Your seeds are refilled when you enter the temple and before the final boss, so you don't need to worry about running out.

    Here is a video of my full Old-School playthrough with no deaths. Study it, learn how to make hard obstacles easier, and this should be very attainable with a bit of practice. Note that this run is by no means as safe as it can be, so feel free to play more carefully if you prefer.

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    Jamal2807Nice broooo! U r MLGGGGG thanks for the Video , i want to Buy that Game soon. The Boss fights Looks doable. But some jumping Parts Looks annoying . But this Games Looks sooooo cool to Not Play IT because of one hard achievement
    Posted by Jamal2807 on 07 Apr 16 at 13:05
    ChizzyI prefer Scorcho/Rhulke first and second, then Fetts Train, Forest, NGC. Only because the B-Uzi rapes NGC boss.
    Posted by Chizzy on 01 May 16 at 13:56
    Skeptical MarioI've been working on this and arrived at a similar level order: New Gun City -> Mount Scorcho -> Forest of Chad -> Rhulke -> Fett's Train. I know I can do it, I just need a good run with few mistakes.
    Posted by Skeptical Mario on 28 Nov 16 at 19:21
    Silver SalvoI agree with chizzy on this one. Getting through ngc isnt too tough with enough practice, and the amount of damage the b uzi does to dennis is insane.
    Posted by Silver Salvo on 10 Dec 17 at 22:30
    SSJunusIf it wasn't for the randomness of falling into holes because of sh*tty programming, I feel like it would be possible. Much respect to those who have the patience to pull this off.
    Posted by SSJunus on 13 Nov 18 at 18:56
    EvandalistThe random falling in to holes/shitty collision detection is what caused me to stop going for the achievement after 5 winning runs were ruined on the final stage and its boss.

    - 2 times I died in the spike pit on the last level when I glitched and fell through the propeller platforms I was on at the time.
    - 2 times I got stuck in one of the disappearing blocks on the extended block platforming segment. I couldn't jump out of them so I was stuck until the block I was stuck in disappeared and dropped me to my death in to the bottomless pit below it.
    - The final death was against the final boss itself. As I blew up the last of the 4 explosion blocks to finish him off when the explosion went off I glitched through the floor of the room itself and got booted back to my Xbox dashboard.

    I'll probably get back to attempting it at some point in the future but I'm in no rush due to the sheer amount of fuckery I experienced the last handful of times I was attempting this during GTASC 2017.
    Posted by Evandalist on 18 Jan 19 at 00:46
    WizZy PLSo nice dying right after killing last boss ...
    I keep getting hit by this Torpeagle gun at the last boss bc it keeps going after me where I can't dodge it.
    Posted by WizZy PL on 24 Jan 21 at 02:20
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