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The Taken King

Night Court achievement in Destiny (Xbox 360)

Night Court

Complete "The Court of Oryx" quest.

Night Court0
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How to unlock the Night Court achievement

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    This quest primarily takes place at the Court of Oryx on the Dreadnought.

    The Court of Oryx quest is a quest you will eventually receive from Eris Morn after you have completed the Taken King questline and proceed to work on other quests.

    In order to complete the Quest related to this achievement, you need to successfully complete:
    • 6 Reciprocal Rune Summonings
    • 3 Stolen Rune Summonings
    • 1 Antiquated Rune Summoning

    After successfully completing those, talking to Eris Morn will complete the Quest and earn you the achievement.

    You earn:
    • 300 Defense Class Artifact
    • Autumn Splendor Shader
    • Crota's Bane Reputation
    • This Achievement (Yay!)

    For the official Questline text and descriptions, you can see the details here:

    Important Notes:
    1) It is strongly recommended that you are at 300 Light before attempting the Antiquated Rune Summoning, however, if you do attempt this, and aren't doing well, my friend was able to shut off his Xbox before the event timer ran down, and was able to return to the game and still had his Antiquated Rune.

    2) You have to charge the higher-level runes before they can be used.
    • Reciprocal Rune (No charging required)
    • Stolen Rune (Needs 3 Reciprocal Runes to be charged)
    • Antiquated Rune (Needs 3 Stolen Runes to be charged)

    3) You get credit for the Runes that others use, it does not have to be your own rune in order for you to earn the achievement.

    4) Each boss has a trick to beating it.

    Reciprocal Rune Bosses:
    Vorlog (Taken Knight) - Bullet Sponge with changing Shield Damage Types (Easiest)
    Lokaar (Wizard) - Teleports a lot (2nd Easiest)
    Bracus Horu'usk (Centurion) - Kill all the adds and his shield will drop (3rd Easiest)
    Krughor (Orgre) - Get an Exploding Thrall to explode in proximity of him and his shields will drop (Can be a pain if you can't get the thralls over near him and he is in a bad spot)
    Alzok Dul, Gornuk Dul, Zyrok Dul (3 Wizards) - Must kill simultaneously or they revive (Can be bad with randoms trying to help)
    Mengoor and Cra'adug (Large Knight Twins) - Must get them close to one another to drop their shields (Can be bad with randoms trying to help); Cra'adug is the white range-attack-only knight, if you stay close to him, jumping over his head so he can't hit you, Mengoor has to come to you to attack, damage them when he gets close.

    Stolen Rune Bosses:
    A combination of any 2 Reciprocal Rune Bosses (Prepare for FPS drops and lag, especially with the 3 Wizards)

    Antiquated Rune Summoning Boss:
    Kagoor (and the Serville Ogre + Maleficent Eyes + Common Ogres + Shadow Thralls)

    Kagoor is a wizard and has a shield that makes her immune to damage until the large yellow-named Ogre is killed, which is when her shield will drop.
    The Yellow-named Ogre (Serville Ogre) is a massive bullet sponge and if you don't play this event correctly, you can spend your entire time just shooting the Ogre and never get any damage done to Kagoor

    In order to best drop the Ogre's health, you have to kill the Maleficent Eyes that appear around Kagoor and her pet Ogre.
    Killing the eyes provides you with a buff known as "Ogre's Fury", which provides you a massive damage boost against the Ogres.

    I'd also like to note that it appears that the "Ogre's Fury" buff stacks if you kill multiple eyes.
    You also lose it if you die, but that's kind've to be expected.
    Without any buffs, I was doing over 1000 damage per shot with a 288 Scout Rifle, with 1 buff, I was getting 3000+ and with 2 buffs I was getting 7000+ damage per shot.

    Strategy my group used:
    First of all, none of us were at 300 Light, but I still recommend it, instead there were 6 of us all at around 290. We managed to all end up in the same world.
    We stayed back, shooting the eyes and the oracles, and switching to shotguns as the common ogres got close, constantly reviving one another.
    When the Serville Ogre was super low on HP ("one-shot"), one of the 2 Titans ran forward and popped a Blessing of Light Defender Bubble that we all ran up through, and then the 2nd Titan deployed a Weapons of Light Defender Bubble where the chest spawns.
    Having the two bubbles allowed us to run through the additional units without dieing and gave us a much needed damage boost to finish off Kagoor, we did it in 1 shot, as giving the event time to respawn the Serville Ogre would likely result in failure.

    We used this method 3 more times after completing it the first time, the only time we weren't successful is when the Weapons of Light Titan had died before getting to where he needed to deploy his bubble, which resulted in much less DPS than was necessary and we had to reset.

    Video soon to be added.

    Earning Runes:
    Reciprocal Runes can be earned by:
    • Opening Chests that are aboard the Dreadnought
    • Killing certain enemies in patrol
    • Completing some of Eris's quests.

    Stolen Runes can be earned by:
    • Completion of a Reciprocal Rune Summoning
    • Rank 5 Crota's Bane: Can purchase Stolen Runes (from Eris Morn)
    If you still need to get your rank up, joining on someone doing the Court of Oryx summonings will earn you the following rep for each completion:
    +25 for Reciprocal
    +50 for Stolen
    +100 for Antiquated Rune

    Antiquated Ruins can be earned by:
    • A completion of a Stolen Rune Summoning
    • Ranking Up Eris Morn/Crota's Bane Reputation (Legendary Drop Rate)
    • Completing the Nightfall/Raid

    And don't forget, you don't have to use your own runes in order to get this achievement!
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    Its Uncle KevJust wanted to add my two cents in. You do not need to be light level 290 or even recommend it for the tier 3 fight. I managed to defeat him with 2/3 others at 260-270 no problem. It's not even that hard of a fight to be honest. Once the ogre is gone and toucan attack with your super it's over.

    Also i don't know where the information about charging your runes came from? I was able to do tier 2 and 3 right off the bat if and when I had any. Maybe I'm just confused on what you mean.

    Also this is a great way to earn rep for Eris Morn now. I've farmed this area on the one and it works wonders since she doesn't give out bounties anymore.
    Posted by Its Uncle Kev on 22 Sep 15 at 09:02
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