The Taken King

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The Taken King

The King is Dead achievement in Destiny

The King is Dead

Complete the King's Fall Raid.

The King is Dead0
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How to unlock the The King is Dead achievement

  • Rampin LionRampin Lion152,499
    27 Sep 2015 15 Nov 2018
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    To unlock this achievement you have to complete the King's Fall Raid. This is the raid for the DLC "The Taken King".

    Own "The Taken King" DLC
    Complete The Taken King story line
    A Recommended Light Level of 290 (250 is the absolute lowest, you can only damage enemies up to 40 levels above your current light)
    You and 5 other guardians then need to dive in.

    Full Video Kings Fall Guide:
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  • DarkDan88DarkDan88329,185
    12 Feb 2020 20 Jan 2020 27 Jul 2020
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    This Raid is the hardest of the raids on the 360 Version, but with knowledge and practice, it becomes significantly easier. The first and most essential element is: communication. All of the puzzles and boss fights require the fireteam to be divided into specific roles. People must know their roles and what to do.

    Before I get into the mechanics of the Raid, let me go over the prep-work. Watch as many video guides as possible to familiarise yourself with the mechanics. Secondly, you will need to use your most powerful character, and have as high a light level as humanly possible. Lastly, you will need heavy hitting weapons, like high impact sniper rifles, and the Sleeper Simulant. Good armour also helps tremendously.

    The Raid can be divided into numerous parts. The first part is located in the Hall of Souls on the Dreadnaught. You will start off in the area leading up to the Court of Oryx. There will be two relics that appear in the room you start off in.

    Two people will be responsible for grabbing the relics and placing them in the statues. Two people will be responsible for clearing adds and destroying the barriers in the way of the runners. The last two will be responsible for taking out the barrier by the statues and killing the adds there.

    The first two relics are easy; they are in the room you start off in. Now, both relics should be picked up and placed into the designated statues at the same time. It is not essential they be done at exactly the same time, so don't sweat it if one person is a second or two behind.

    Now, grabbing the relics will activate these semi-corporeal barriers that block the path. The relic runners will not be able to use weapons (except for melee), and will be unable to damage these barriers. The first two relics should only active the barrier in front of you.

    Simply destroy it and kill the adds and have the two runners place their relics in the statue. Once this is done, you should get the message that 'a relic has appeared' and 'a statues hums with dark energy'.

    There are two paths either side of the area with the statues that lead down. The next set of relics will spawn by the bridges and the relics going forward will spawn deeper and deeper into these side areas. Grabbing these new relics will cause Taken to spawn in these areas, and two of the barriers on each side in addition to the big one in the middle area.

    Since the runner cannot damage these walls, and since there is the risk of Taken Cabal Phalanxes shooting them off the sides of the bridges, that is why they have someone with them. This process has to be completed a total of 6 times, once for each statues. Note that each two relics only activate a single statue.

    If you want, you could actually have the runners and the shooters alternate roles so that the shooter is in position to pick up the second relic, thus switch roles every run. Although, this is probably the easiest portion of the raid, so if you are having difficulty, then you need to up your game considerably. Once done, the portal at the Court of Oryx will activate, allowing you to get to the next part. The next portion involves two jumping sections. The first, The Crux, is the easiest, as it simply involves jumping across large, bell-like pendulums swinging back and forth.

    The second part of the jumping puzzle, Portico, is tougher, as it involves jumping to and from moving ships that are phasing in and out of reality. Moreover, you don't have particularly long to locate the correct ship and jump to it. Now, on easy, there is a platform you can jump to that gives a checkpoint that you can use to re-spawn from if you die, rather than restart all of the way from the beginning.

    Once someone steps onto the first tomb ship, it will take off. Although, there will be a bunch of adds you should kill first. Everyone should have their abilities that enhance their jumping as some of the jumps are quite tough.

    From the first tomb ship, the next one will be below it on the right. Now, the ship after this in the sequence will be slightly ahead of it to the right also. I am ashamed to admit that I have mistaken this ship for the one I am supposed to jump to more than once.

    So, stand near the front of the first tomb ship and look right and down. The next ship will also be to the right and down. Now, on this third ship, head to the front and the next ship will spawn in front of it. This ship will approach a fixed platform ahead. This is the one that will give you a checkpoint on easy, so jump onto it.

    On hard, there is no checkpoint, so there is no point. Either way, the next ship will spawn directly alongside the prior ship. Whether you are on the platform or on the prior ship, you can easily make this jump. However, it is about to get harder.

    The next ship will appear in front of this one, however, you should wait until you hear the 'whooshing' sounds that happens right before a ship disappears before going for it. Now, on this next ship, there will be a ship that goes past before the one you are supposed to jump onto. It will also knock you off the current ship if you don't crouch and move to the back. The ship you have to jump to will appear above, from the right.

    This is a particularly difficult, high jump. Your best bet is to sprint from where you were crouching and then launch yourself towards the next ship. The next ship will appear ahead going the opposite direction. The penultimate ship will be ahead and travelling to the right, and the final ship will be ahead of you, below you, and rising upwards.

    This last ship will bring you up to the centre platform. There will be more adds here for you to kill. Once everyone is across, you will need two of you to each stand on activation plate either side of a tomb ship on the other side of the platform once everybody else is on it. This will send the tomb ship off, and deactivate a semi-corporeal barrier that knocks everybody off.

    Once across and to the other side, the two plate activators can get on the tomb ship once it respawns, and then two people on the final platform can stand on plates on that side to bring the two in the middle over. You can then jump into the lift that will take you to the next area: the Basilica.

    This next part is divided into two sections: opening the portal/door to the Warpriest, and then Warpriest boss fight itself. Opening the door/portal is fairly simple in its mechanics, but can be ruined by poor communication or people just not doing the right thing(s).

    When you arrive, there will be a bunch of adds kneeling in front of the doorway, two of which will be yellow bar acolytes. It is important that nobody fire their weapon, get too close to the adds, stand in the centre plate for too long, or run off to the sides until EVERYBODY IS READY.

    Doing one of the aforementioned things is enough to activate the annihilator totems and kill everybody. Now, on either side will be a path leading down to an orb. When everybody is ready, three people per side will run past that orb and over to their respective annihilator totem.

    You will split into two teams. Two people per team will wait by their respective orbs, whilst the other two will remain in the middle. When you are ready to kick things off, the guys in the middle will light up the adds in the middle, and the other guys will sprint to their respective annihilator totems. Once the adds in the middle room are dead, the other two guys need to rejoin their teams.

    One person per team will pick up the orb, which will give them a protective bubble that protects them and anyone in the radius of the bubble from the poison gas in the two side rooms. That person must remain at their annihilator totem as long as they have the bubble.

    The bubble holder will gain Aura of the Unraveller, with a countdown of 30 seconds. Once this reaches zero, that person will gain Deathsinger's Power x10, and a new person will get the bubble. The person with Deathsinger's Power x10 will need to run to the centre plate until they no longer have Deathsinger's Power, and one of the other two people on their plate will get the countdown.

    Moreover, every time someone gets Deathsinger's power, a Boomer Knight will spawn on each side on the balconies. Kill them ASAP, or they will ruin your day. Meanwhile, adds will be spawning in the lower levels and coming out of the portal in the central chamber. Meanwhile, the people in the centre plate will have to deal with Wizards that spawn in the balconies in the central room. Again, kill them ASAP.

    Once Deathsinger's Power is gone, the person in the centre plate needs to run back to their team, and a new person will get the Deathsinger's Power. So, essentially, this is a kind of relay race. Everytime the two people with the Deathsinger's Power discharge it into the central plate, a rune on either side of the portal will light up.

    Both sides will need to do this 10 times each. Once done, you should get a notification that the Warpriest has deemed you worthy, or whatever, and you will be able to progress deeper into the Basilica to face the Warpriest.

    There will be three plates. One in the middle, beneath the platform the boss spawns on, one up the stairs on the right, and one up the stairs on the left. Standing on all three will spawn the boss. Now, in front of the platform the boss will spawn on are three large, black monolith looking things. These are instrumental in the fight.

    For starters, they will reveal the glyph sequence. Secondly, huddling behind them will protect you from the Oculus. You will need to split into teams of two. Two people per plate, essentially. Although, one person will need to be ready for when the Glyph Sequence starts. As, when this happens, glyphs on the back of the monoliths will light up, revealing which order to stand on the plates.

    It is important that the plates are stepped on in order, and that the person on the plate does not get off before the sequence is complete, otherwise you will get the notification that the sequence has been broken. Anyone still standing on the plates at this time will start taking damage until they get off.

    So, once the Warpriest arrives, adds will begin spawning on either side of him, and in the middle, beneath the Warpriest's platform. Some yellow bar acolytes will appear, along with some regular acolytes with ogre laser vision. At some point after this, three yellow-bar Hallowed Knights will spawn. One on each side and one in the centre. Killing all three will start the glyph sequence.

    The person calling out the glyph sequence will need to position themselves so they can see the backs of the monoliths, as they will begin glowing in sequence. The first in the sequence will be glowing blue. Each plate has to be activated according to the same sequence.

    The person who stands on the last plate will gain a red bubble around them, and should have a notice pop up saying that they have the 'Aura of the Inititate'. A countdown will also appear on the screen. If this countdown reaches zero, the person with the aura will die and the aura will pass to someone else. In order to stop that from happening, the person with the aura will have to kill adds in order to reset the time.

    To space things out a bit, wait for the time to go down a little before killing an add. Everybody else should be focused on DPS'ing the Warpriest. Now, it is important that everybody stays in the red bubble, otherwise you will not do any damage to the Warpriest. After laying into him, at some point a notification saying that 'The Warpriest summons his Oculus'. When this happens, everybody needs to huddle up together behind the nearest monolith. Anybody who does not do this will die.

    You have to make sure you kill the Warpriest no later than the 4th round, as there are only three monoliths. If you can't kill him by the 4th round, then his Oculus will simply kill the whole team and you will have to restart the fight. You should use high-impact sniper rifles and/or Sleeper Simulants. It also helps if a Titan Defender pops a super with Weapons of Light active.

    You will next have to navigate Golgoroth's Cellar, which is a pitch-black labyrinth with pitfalls. To exit, head right, then take a left, then a second left, a right, and then head straight forward towards the light (making sure to avoid falling into any hidden pitfalls). Everybody needs to be at the end in order for the door to open.

    You now must face the ogre, Golgoroth. The aim here will be to have two people distracting Golgoroth, whilst everybody else lays into him. You should start off by having 3 people on each side with a direct line of sight for the two paths on either side of the pit, as adds will spawn here once the battle starts.

    Once the adds are dead, the two people on distraction duty need to get into position. There is a spot on the left side where you can hide behind a box whilst still being visible to Golgoroth. The person there needs to shoot Golgoroth in the back until he gets the notification 'Golgoroth focuses his rage'. However, Golgoroth needs to be facing away from that person in order for them to get his attention. Hence the 2nd person needs to make sure Golgoroth is facing away from the other person. Once Golgoroth is focused on that person, the 2nd person can rejoin everybody else.

    Everybody else must then jump into the pit and shoot one of the orbs on the ceiling. This will drop a puddle of goo that gives people standing in it a damage buff. Once the first person has Golgoroth's gaze, they will have 20 seconds before they lose it. They should announce when they have 10 seconds left so that the guys in the pit can focus on bringing down another orb and for the second person to get ready to take Golgoroth's Gaze.

    If done correctly, you will be able to alternate Golgoroth's Gaze between the two distractors, and the four guys on pit duty will be able to bring down each of the ceiling orbs and deal massive damage to Golgoroth with high-impact snipers and/or Sleeper Simulants. This is the general strategy. When everybody is ready, shoot the big orb in the middle of the ceiling to spawn Golgoroth.

    If you play your cards right, then you can take him out in one round. If someone fails to capture his gaze, everyone has to leave the pit and the two distractors must retreat, because adds will spawn in again if this happens. Also, if you don't kill him fast enough, he will become enraged, which will cause people to go blind and then die. There is no way of preventing a wipe once that happens.

    After this fight, you will have to deal with another jumping puzzle, and one that is much easier than the prior one involving the tomb ships. It is difficult because you have navigate these really narrow ledges whilst having to watch out for hidden bumpers that will pop out of the wall and knock you into the abyss below.

    The first ledges are below, in front of you. To get to the next ledge, you will need to sprint, since standing too long in certain places activates the bumper(s) of doom. There will be two more bumpers on the ledges below. You basically have to edge along the ledges whilst avoiding the bumpers until you get to an activation plate. This will activate a bridge across the gap. Whilst holding out your ghost makes it tangible, it doesn't stay tangible once your ghost is unequipped, so you will have to have one person stay on the plate with their Ghost out to allow the other 5 to continue.

    There will be more activation plates, each requiring one person to stand on the edge with their ghost out, until one person reaches the last activation plate, which activates all of the bridges, enabling everybody else to continue. This will bring you to the final area, the Threshold. However, before you can fight the big bad boss himself, you have to deal with his two daughters, first.

    Both fights take place in this same area, though, and the mechanics are somewhat similar. In this area are two large towers, and four smaller ones. The four small towers each have an activation plate. When the fight begins, one person will be chosen at random to become 'Torn Between Dimensions'. You can tell if it is you because your vision becomes monochrome/black-and-white.

    A spark will appear above one of the four activation towers. Players will then need to activate each plate anti-clockwise from the tower the spark is hovering over, in sequence, one at a time. Meanwhile, the person between dimensions has to then tackle a series of platforms that appear in order to grab the spark. If anyone gets off their plate, then the platforms will fade, potentially plummeting the spark runner to their death.

    It helps if you assign players to each tower, and designate their replacement if they are chosen to be the runner. After grabbing the spark, the runner has to slam dunk the spark onto the shield protecting one of the deathsingers. Ir Anuk is always the first to have her shield dropped. Now, the aim is to weaken both Deathsingers until both have a sliver of health left. Then kill them one after the other. Both Deathsingers will activate a fiery blast upon their deaths, which is only survivable by being in the protective aura of the player who was torn between dimensions.

    In order to get Oryx to appear, you have to run down to the end where the shining Taken orb is. Now, the mechanics are relatively similar to the Deathsingers' fight, in that the four activation plates are involved. However, the runner is not chosen at random, and the first plate in the sequence is randomly chosen by Oryx (although the initial choice seems limited to just the front two plates). Once again, the sequence will continue anti-clockwise from the first.

    When Oryx appears, some Taken adds will spawn in at the far end. Shortly after, two Taken Knights will spawn on the front two plates. After killing them, Oyrx will slam his fist on one of the activation plates. This will be the first in the sequence. Now, it is important that the designated runner be the first on, as the first person on the plate gets 'torn between dimensions'. Have the person who is assigned to the plate jump on after. Then each person must stand on their plate, one at a time, in sequence to activate the hidden platforms.

    Of course, as the activators jump on their plates, an Ultra ogre called a 'Light-Eater Ogre' will spawn by each activation plate. They need to be killed ASAP as they can kill the runner, and also will drop black, blight-orbs upon their death. These are bombs, and if someone gets too close to them, it will go off, and anybody not covered by the Aura of Immortality will be killed. If the ogres die too close to the central path, then it will almost certainly be a wipe.

    Once the runner has the spark, they need to run back down to the ground. There will be a yellow-bar Knight called the Vessel of Oryx, who is invincible unless you have acquired the Spark. He will also aggressively seek out the closest blight bomb. Once you have the spark, he becomes vulnerable. Once he is dead, you all will gain the aura of immortality, making the party invincible.

    However, after the Knight is killed, Oryx will open his chest, which will glow white. A black orb should be visible inside of his chest. Basically, everybody has to blast the crap out of Oryx, otherwise he will thunderclap and kill everyone. If you see the notification 'Oryx calls upon the darkness', it's game over.

    You'll know if you've done enough damage, because he will stagger back slightly. Now, at this point, you can send four people off to the detonate the four bombs and then run back to the protective bubble, whilst the other two lay into Oryx. If you're not inside of the protective aura emitted by the runner, then the explosions will kill you.

    These bombs do extra to Oryx. Once back at the bubble, continue shooting the crap out of Oryx's chest. Once the bombs go off, he will fall down. At this point, if his health is below 50%, then, when he reappears at the front, he will teleport the fireteam one by one until you are all in a pocket dimension where you will have to quickly kill the Shade of Oryx. If you don't kill him fast enough after the last fireteam member is teleported in, then everyone will die. Also, your health does not regenerate here.

    After defeating the Shade, you will be teleproted back to the main arena. Once Oryx is down to his last sliver of health, he will appear at the front again, and open his chest. Simply throw everything you've got at Oryx, and he will bite the dust and slowly drift away into space whilst slowly disintegrating.
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