The Taken King

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The Taken King

Long Live the King achievement in Destiny (Xbox 360)

Long Live the King

Complete the King's Fall Raid (Heroic).

Long Live the King0
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How to unlock the Long Live the King achievement

  • dirtysock47dirtysock47343,259
    05 Jan 2016 11 Jan 2016 15 Apr 2016
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    Hi. This solution will go into how to beat Oryx on hard mode. This is easily one of hardest things to do in TTK. let's get into some requirements you need to meet before you even attempt to beat him:

    1. Be at least 311 Light. If you are below 311 Light, you will be dealing less damage from normal. Have your teammates also be over 311 Light.

    2. Have the right setup. You definitely need a Defender Titan with Blessing of Light, and a Nightstalker Hunter. A mix of Titans and Hunters works best for Oryx, although Warlocks can be just as effective (always run Self-Revive warlock if you are a Warlock)

    3. HAVE THE TOUCH OF MALICE!!!!! THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! Try to have all of your teammates have it, but 4 or 5 should suffice. It is a scout rifle that has the perk where you regenerate your last round, and it does double damage, but at the cost of your health (you have the immortality bubble to counter the health loss). The Touch of Malice is tied to this achievement:
    Destiny (Xbox 360)Hunger PangsThe Hunger Pangs achievement in Destiny (Xbox 360) worth 47 pointsComplete "The Old Hunger" quest.

    Now, for the strategy. There aren't much differences from doing it on Normal, but there are a couple. I will go over the encounter step-by-step. Here is what you do:

    Knights on plates/Thrall: Nothing really changes here, but you do need to generate orbs for the Defender Titan. If a Nightstalker Hunter has their super, they lure all of the thrall to the center. When they are all grouped up, they fire their Tether shot and generate orbs (this works much like the Hard Crota strategy, where you generate orbs on the Hallowed Knights)

    Relic Runner/Plates: No changes

    Ogres: It is largely normal, but with one major difference. After killing an Ogre, a Light-Eater Knight spawns. If you don't kill this Knight, it will 'eat' the Blight that the Ogre leaves behind. It spawns the opposite of your plate (i.e. if you kill the back left Ogre, the Knight that will eat that blight spawns at the back right plate) There are three different strategies you can do. They are:

    1. Normal strategy: This is like doing it on Normal, except you just kill the Knights as well. This is the strategy you will probably complete the raid on.

    2. No-Knight strategy: This is where instead of killing the Ogres straight away, you get them down to low health, Once the runner gets the relic and slams, everybody goes up to the Daughters platform, then staggers Oryx. Once he is staggered, you kill the Ogres, then rapidly detonate the Blights. The point of this strategy is to prevent the Knights from spawning. This is an extremely hard strategy to pull off, and I would not recommend doing it.

    3. Challenge strategy: This is the strategy you use if you do the challenge mode for Oryx. You kill the Ogres and Knights straight away but instead of detonating the Blights straight away, you wait until there are 4 blights beside each plate, then you detonate them at the same time. This brings Oryx's health from 100-0 in one go. This strategy is actually pretty easy, and this is how I got the raid done myself.

    Ad (enemy) control/Helping with Ogres: You have the Titan Bubble (with one other guy) go up to one of the Daughter's Platforms (the one opposite of Oryx). The Titan pops his Bubble, and they use their Touch of Malice to help kill the Ogres and the Knights. This is what the Titan Bubble is needed for. Try to generate enough orbs to supply the Titan with at least 4 Bubbles (you do this by activating your Supers on the ads after the Blights are detonated/Oryx is staggered).

    Bombs/Shade: Nothing changes but I do need to note that if you use the Challenge strategy, instead of 2 bomb runs and 2 Shades, all 4 rounds will be the Shade.

    Final Stand:Nothing changes

    If you have followed all of the suggestions, then congratulations, you have beat Oryx on hard!

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    SIDEAURAJOHI need help I'm still looking for a group who that want to beat oryx on hard. Pls send me a msg n we will do.
    Posted by SIDEAURAJOH on 02 Apr 18 at 07:32
    DarkDan88You forgot to mention the changes made during the Warpriest and Golgoroth encounters. When you're opening the portal, it spawns yellow bar knights, the Warpriest gains additional attack, and when you fight Golgoroth, when you step in the puddle to damage him, one person randomly gets the unstable light debuff, which causes them to explode and kill everybody around them after a short countdown.
    Posted by DarkDan88 on 12 Feb 20 at 17:58
    Shadowless EdgeI try and refrain from commenting on solutions asking for people but am not having the best luck. Is anyone interested in doing the Heroic Kings Fall? Looking to get a group together for next weekend.
    Posted by Shadowless Edge on 31 May 20 at 09:06
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  • DarkDan88DarkDan88372,412
    12 Feb 2020 13 Feb 2020 13 Feb 2020
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    First of all, if you've never played King's Fall at all, don't attempt it on Hard first. If you haven't beaten the Raid on at least Normal, then do that first. Normal is easier, and so is more forgiving, and so would be better for learning the Raid. Once you have learned the Raid inside and out, then and only then should you consider moving on to Hard mode.

    Moreover, if you have completed Shattered Past, Hunger Pangs (Part 1), Hunger Pangs (Part 2), have The Old Hunger quest unlocked, and have completed the first step in the Road to King's Fall quest, then beating the King's Fall Raid on normal will enable you to complete the Old Hunger quest and the Road to King's Fall quest. Doing so enables you to unlock Hunger Pangs (Part 3), which is the final quest needed to obtain the Touch of Malice.

    The two people on add control for the Oryx encounter need to be Titans with maxed out Defender sub-class (have one assign their bubble blessing of light, and the other weapons of light), as that will counteract the negative effects of the Touch of Malice. It also helps if these two are either at max light level or as close to it as possible. One person will need to be a hunter, in order to tether thralls to spawn orbs, and the person on plate 1 needs to be a warlock with self-resurrection unlocked (in case they get slammed by Oryx whilst standing there).

    For the remaining two players, it is advisable to have another Titan on hand with a maxed out Defender sub-class, with blessing of light. This is useful during the encounters against the Shades of Oryx. The last player can be whatever class you want, so there is some freedom in that regard. Everybody on a plate should have the Sleeper Simulant, and a high-impact sniper rifle, such as the 1000-Yard Stare. This will be necessary in staggering the Light-Eater Ogres to help the two on add control and in taking out the Light-Eater Knights. One headshot is a one-hit kill on a Light-Eater Knight. If you are unable to kill your Knight, let add control know. Add control are responsible for killing the 4th Knight in addition to the 4th Ogre.

    It is important to note that the Light-Eater Knight will spawn diagonally across from each plate. So, if you are on the top-right plate, your knight will spawn in the pool in the top-left and vice-versa. Also, it can be tricky taking out the Knights for the plates in the bottom, since there are pillars blocking line of sight. Body shots with the Sleeper will hurt and most likely stagger the Light-Eater Knights, but not kill them. It can take 3 shots to kill the knights with body shots using the sleeper. Always go for the head if you can. If you can only manage body shots, alert add control for assistance. For actually killing Oryx, the best method by far is simply using the challenge method (detonating four sets of light bombs after the fourth round).

    Now, for the rest of the Raid, there are no real changes to the relic running portion, or the pendulums. However, when you get to the ship jumping, the checkpoint on the ledge on the left halfway along the sequence will no longer give you a checkpoint on Hard. So, if you die, you will have to start all the way from the beginning. This is another reason I recommend running through on Normal, since if you suck at parkour like I do, it will greatly familiarise yourself with the sequence and build up your parkour skills.

    The only real change to the totem running portion is that more enemies spawn, and that it will start spawning yellow-bar knights on the ground, making it slightly tougher. During the Warpriest encounter, the only change is that the Warpriest gains additional attacks, such as the Taken Captain blast, etc. The only change to the Golgoroth encounter is that, once you are in the pool buff-spot, one player will randomly be selected for a debuff called 'unstable light'. This will start a small countdown that, once it reaches zero, will cause that player to exploder. That player won't die from it, but it will kill every player next to them. That player will have to leave the pit early to avoid killing their team mates.
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