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The Invincibles achievement in FIFA 16 (Xbox 360)

The Invincibles

Win all 4 matches in an Online Draft Mode session in FIFA Ultimate Team

The Invincibles0
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How to unlock the The Invincibles achievement

  • LuckyKantLuckyKant
    24 Sep 2015 19 Oct 2015 20 Oct 2015
    Not everyone wants to boost, so here is a guide on how to improve your chance on winning legitamely.

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    Picking the optimal FUT Draft squad can be complicated, but it is crucial in ensuring you give yourself the best possible chance of winning. Planning your team is almost as important as playing the matches, as the rewards for winning FUT Draft are certainly worth the effort. From your captain, to your manager, no selection should be overlooked.

    Entrance Fee & Rewards:
    You can enter a FUT Draft for a fee of 15,000 coins, 300 FIFA Points, or a Draft Token (available in FUT packs from the store). If you lose, the reward will match the value of the entrance fee. The quality of your FUT Draft Rewards depend upon the progress you have made, the further you go, the better the rewards. Prizes are random and range from;
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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    Choose A Formation:

    After entering a FUT Draft, you are given a choice of five random formations. If you are only comfortable using certain formations then we advise you stick with them, if the particular formation you like to use is unavailable then find a similar variation. If you don’t have a particular formation preference and you’re comfortable experimenting, then our advice would be to choose a formation that matches the same positions as the current in-form players (including Legends) that are available in FUT Draft at the time. We tend to stick with formations including wide midfield positions, this is so that if we draw in-form Ronaldo or Messi we can utilise them effectively


    Chemistry is a must in FIFA Ultimate Team, without it even the best players in the game can feel lethargic and lose their spark. A mediocre/mid-rated player with 9/10 chemistry will generally perform to a more consistent level and sometimes surprise you with a few moments of magic! Now this is where squad building comes into play, in FUT Draft you really need to make a decision as to the basis of your team chemistry early on. If you’re getting to your fifth/six player selection and you still have no idea what league/nationality your team will link up by, then you’re probably going to have to rely on a bit of luck to get near 100 team chemistry from this point. This doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind, but you must do so early on as there are a limited amount of selections.

    For less/moderately experienced FIFA players we strongly recommend committing to a particular league early on and try getting 100 chemistry this way. This may mean that you will have to forgo selecting certain top players at times and pick those lower-rated non-rares instead, but in the long run this will be worth it. More experienced FIFA players can attempt to build full chemistry hybrid squads, but it has to be noted that this is difficult with the limited selections you are given. Linking a team by nationality is similar in the fact that it’s more unlikely to consistently offer players from a particular nation in each required position.

    Chemistry Styles:

    We’ve mentioned this before in our FUT Tips, chemistry styles do make a difference! A hunter on a defender or a shadow on an attacking player isn’t going to do you any favours, so focus more on chemistry styles when faced with tough selections. Choose styles more beneficial to a specific position as well as the style of the player you are selecting and you’ll feel the difference in their performance.

    Something we’ve recently discovered is that when you confirm your draft selection (after selecting your manager), all the players in your starting XI will keep their original chemistry styles (the ones you selected them with) and the players in your subs and reserves can actually change. You may be asking why we’re sharing this info with you and why it even matters, but this can be used to your advantage. Once you have decided on the starting XI you’re going with, make sure all the players with good chemistry styles (the ones well suited to their position) are actually in your starting XI (forget team chemistry here for a second). All the players that have bad chemistry styles (even the ones that you will be starting), put them in your subs/reserves. Once this is done, confirm your draft (the next step after selecting your manager). Now go back to the squad edit screen and rearrange your team back to the original lineup you plan on playing with, hopefully you should notice that all the chemistry styles you wanted to keep have remained and a few of the ones you weren’t happy with have changed. This isn’t set in stone and we’ve only actually tested it on Xbox One, but we can confirm that this has worked multiple times. Maybe it’s a temporary glitch/bug, but it’s worth taking advantage of for as long as you can do so.

    Early Subs:

    You may have played FUT Draft or even normal FUT matches for that matter and wondered why players pause the game at the first opportunity and sub certain players in. The reason this is done is to use the best possible squad you can, whilst keeping the highest chemistry. When you sub a player in FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry doesn’t change, as soon as the match starts all chemistry is locked. This is particularly useful in Draft mode as you will often have top-rated players on your bench that you couldn’t fit into your team purely because you didn’t want to play with low chemistry, all you have to do is sub the player in whenever you want and they should now perform to the best of their ability. Remember this tip and use it, because this really will give you best chance of progressing through your Draft and hopefully win the 4-in-a-row.

    Final Tips:
    • Legends have Orange Chemistry Links with every player! If you pull a Legend in FUT Draft or even as a Loan Player, definitely take advantage of this!
    •Each week 7 Legends will be in FUT Draft for Xbox users. The first rotation was on September 28th, followed by new rotations every Monday! is a great site to check your opponent's stats in FIFA 15. You can see his win % etc

    I take no credit for this guide. Most information is from
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