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First steps in royal diplomacy

Enter into a dynastic marriage

First steps in royal diplomacy0
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How to unlock the First steps in royal diplomacy achievement

  • Ellinas WarriorEllinas Warrior92,003
    11 Sep 2015 15 Sep 2015 19 May 2016
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    General note: You can play the game on a web browser on
    If you only play on Windows Phone, disregard the spoilers.
    If you prefer to play on a web browser, reveal the spoilers.
    Note: This quest is under the "Great people" tab (4th tab).

    A dynastic marriage is a marriage between a Great Person of your imperial family and a Great Person of another player's imperial family.
    Note: A marriage with a Great Person of the imperial court is NOT a dynastic marriage.

    There are 2 ways to enter into a dynastic marriage:
    - Offer your Great Person to another player as Marriage Candidate and he/she accepts.
    - Another player offers you his/her Great Person as Marriage Candidate and you accept.

    Conditions for a Great Person to marry:
    - 16 years old
    - Never been married (You can't marry again after the death of the spouse)

    To offer your Great Person to another player as Marriage Candidate:
    Notes: You can't send the Emperor, the Heir, a Governor or a Warden General.
    You need to know the username of the other player.
    Go to the next spoiler if you play on a web browser.
    1. Open the palace,
    2. Go in the family tree,
    3. Open the profile of the Great Person you want to offer as Marriage Candidate (do not click "Marry" next to the Great Person),
    4. Click "Marry abroad",
    5. Search and select the player you want to offer your Great Person to.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    Now, the other player needs to accept your Marriage Candidate.
    Note: If the other player does nothing, the Great Person comes back to your empire after 24 hours in a X2 realm, 12 hours in a X4 realm or 5 hours in a X10 realm.

    To accept another player's Marriage Candidate:
    First, another player needs to send you a Marriage Candidate. (You'll receive a in-game message if that's the case.)
    Go to the next spoiler if you play on a web browser.
    1. Open the palace,
    2. Go in the family tree,
    3. Click "Marriage Candidate",
    4. Click "Marry" under the Marriage Candidate,
    5. Click "Choose" under your Great Person,
    6. Confirm.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Note if you play on a web browser: Time to switch back to Windows Phone to unlock the achievement.

    When you've completed the quest, go to "Achievements" to claim your reward and your achievement.

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    SizzlingGoreAnyone still need help I'm looking for it also
    Posted by SizzlingGore on 30 Jan 16 at 08:01
    kris37Same ere pm
    Posted by kris37 on 08 Jul 16 at 07:13
    NicholasYour solution is good, however the game has changed a lot especially lately. Now everyone plays like the web version on both phone and pc/tablet.
    If you have married 2 of your great people together, and they have had children, you can also marry them abroad. They can't marry in your empire though. To see if you have this, when you click family tree see if there is an option for "relative" at the bottom of the screen. If so, you can marry the abroad also.
    Also when searching you only usually need to type the first few letters of the name you are searching for, the game should find the name for you.
    You also said you can't marry a governor or general. You simply need to remove them from Governor and/or general and you can marry them. Just tap/click the red x in the corner of the governor and/or general tab to remove.
    Governor and general are either in palace or fortress, either location works
    Posted by Nicholas#8183 on 07 Jan 18 at 15:59
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  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,741,999
    10 Sep 2015 02 Sep 2015 27 Sep 2015
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    This quest will be unlocked from the start. You will need to have and adult person in your royal family, who is not already married. (see in the palace) At the moment of writing this, I have 4 members of the royal family, The Emperor and his wife, and their 2 children (15 and 7 years old). I have to wait until one of these 2 children reaches the age of 16. Then I have to find another player, who has an adult member of the royal family, of the opposite sex. It takes 1 day for a person to get 1 day older. So 1 day after you've started the game(24h) you can marry an ally.


    You can only marry someone from your alliance, so you can already enter an alliance if you haven't already. select the palace -> select the person you want to marry and then select their image, marry abroad and type in the username

    Obviously, once you've met the requirement, go to the achievements, and claim your reward, to unlock the achievement.
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    DovahkiinI have a female. Game name Any2803. Thanks
    Posted by Dovahkiin#1584 on 14 Dec 15 at 08:42
    Gunstar RedAfter trying unsuccessfully to find someone on TA in my realm, here's what worked for me: Apply to as many almost full alliances you can. Most will reject you but one will eventually allow you to join. Then look through the most active players in the alliance and find one with a single eligible partner and send the noble off to propose marriage. Active players will usually want a free great person in their court. Hope this helps someone else.
    Posted by Gunstar Red on 24 Dec 15 at 22:58
    Balky LepalI have a male to marry off, if anyone has a female. Gamertag is Balky Lepal.

    P.S. I also have a second male that I can trade off next week, and I'll gladly help out anyone who needs it on a first come basis.
    Posted by Balky Lepal on 22 Apr 16 at 02:09
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