Experienced sovereign achievement in Imperia Online (WP)

Experienced sovereign

Reach 100 000 net points

Experienced sovereign0
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How to unlock the Experienced sovereign achievement

  • HiradCHiradC264,798
    15 Oct 2015 15 Oct 2015
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    A few tips from having played this style of game before:

    Focus on levelling your resources, and actively check them to ensure you are allocating any idle workers. Have your housing a couple levels higher than necessary to ensure you won't be losing population at any point.
    Research the bureaucracy to increase efficiency and banking to increase the interest gained from deposits.
    Make sure you get a vassal and annex other areas to increase resources/tax you receive.
    If like me you're playing purely for achievements you don't need a massive army, I was only attacked by a player once in the time it took me to get all achievements, it was mainly barbarian camps. If you are going to proactively attack to loot resources though feel free to build up an army, I mainly had archers to defend garrisoned in my fortress.
    Don't forget everyday to use your free wheel spin, temple casket and do the poll for gold.

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    QuailFighterusing the website to get your free wheel spins and caskets has been much better for me than using the phone to get these. I rarely get empty caskets online, where on the phone it seemed that they are more often empty than otherwise. also online you can get free army everyday.
    Posted by QuailFighter on 24 Nov 15 at 19:54
    Moscow TimmyOne important note to add to guide: I reached 100k point but did not collect the achievement right away (I am trying to beat my friend's achievement streak and was waiting to pop the achievement on a day I didn't have time to play). After a certain amount of inactivity your empire is cleared from the servers and you must start over from scratch. So now I get to grind this achievement twice...
    Posted by Moscow Timmy on 20 Mar 16 at 16:05
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  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,742,022
    21 Oct 2015 01 Sep 2015 02 Sep 2015
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    Net points are the amount of points that your village/empire is worth. To check how many points your village/empire is worth, go to map. The number is displayed under your name. After having played this game for an evening, I have 650 points.

    You get points for upgrading/construction buildings, researching things and recruiting soldiers. The most efficient way of doing so is by following the quest line, and by allocating all of your workers to gathering resources. The more resources you have, the more you can build.

    A quest for reaching 200 net points and a quest for reaching 500 net points have already come by, so also for this achievement you need to have the quest unlocked. These quests showed up in the quest tab furthest on the left for me.

    The amount of points you get is calculated like this:

    1 net worth point =1000 gold / 1000 wood / 1000 iron / 1000 stone spent on buildings or research
    1 net worth point = 500 gold / 500 wood / 500 iron / 500 stone spent on army recruitment.

    So it seems as if spending resources on recruitment is twice as efficient as possible, though for completing quests you have to research things and construct buildings, so I advise you to do more of these (since completing quests earns you resources, which you can spent on completing more quests, earns you more resources, and so on).

    This will obviously be the longest grind in this game.

    Thanks to Shadow Kisuragi for adding information.

    To be updated.
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    Itzz Sh0wt1m3Ah right, awesome.
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 15 Oct 15 at 10:26
    Bootybandit1I just had my whole game reset on me BS
    Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 22 Dec 15 at 15:59
    yossarianoYeah this happened to me on my first attempt. I joined a realm a couple of months before it ended. Realms have a finite lifespan, typically up to around six months so this achievement IS time limited. Also try to join realms with a x4 time multiplier to make it go faster.
    Posted by yossariano on 16 Jan 16 at 15:17
  • NicholasNicholas#8183393,550
    19 Jun 2017 19 Jun 2017
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    First before anything else, if you're going for this, look at the bottom icons and scroll over to Realm. Click that. This will tell you how long til the Realm ends. You don't want to be really close and then the realm ends which means you start from the beginning again.
    This took me about 2 weeks of checking into the game lots of times, upgrading a lot and expanding my empire.
    My ultimate goal was to upgrade Centralization as much as possible. This allows you to expand to more squares which means you can get more resources so you can expand more.
    Don't forget to both defend and upgrade your expanded regions. Everything you do seems to get you points from building to recruiting soldiers.
    Also the higher your Architecture and University the cheaper your upgrading will be. For example Centralization level 6 costed more than 4 million gold, with 2 upgrades it costed 3.8 million instead. It also took a few hours less too. That's not to say that the Architecture didn't make this particular upgrade less than upgrading Architecture than Centralization, it's just to show how it makes everything cheaper.
    In the end I had taken over 5 regions for a total of 6 with the beginning one, had 4 vassals, 1 trading post and 1 military post protecting it.
    Also try to complete as many daily quests as possible so you can get the rewards cause once I got 42,000 diamonds. And notice the treasure chest under the wheel. I saved those til it reached the max of 60 which gave me a massive reward.
    It's a bit of a grind, but if you keep checking in it doesn't take that long to get.
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