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Greasy Egg

Obtain the Untouchable medal 25 times

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17 November 2019 - 3 guides

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  • SH4D0WWULFSH4D0WWULF1,460,535
    22 Apr 2016 22 Apr 2016
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    Although the above methods do work a guaranteed method to obtain this,and with one controller......
    Start up a single player game on boring with no AI, simply grab the Puck and walk it into the goal for a slam dunk and press a,ensure you are aiming dead straight so the Puck kills you causing a disrespect, EVERY time I did this I got an untouchable medal
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,260,516
    12 Dec 2015 12 Dec 2015 12 Dec 2015
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    Philly's method is solid, but it's VASTLY easier to do this on a custom map. Minefield is a pain to move across at the start of each round without carelessly killing yourself. Other maps are easier, but any map is going to take a lot of extra time just from moving across it, grabbing the puck, and getting over to the dummy controller's goal. Make a map like this one:

    External image

    The rest is the same as Philly's solution: Grab the puck, shoot at dummy controller. This is easier/faster than premade maps because they're close together and virtually lined up every time the game starts. As soon as controller 2 has the puck, move him down so he's facing down the long hallway, and 'check' him with controller 1 with cn_A. Grab the puck and get in front of the dummy's goal. Run the dummy into the spikes up top (you can make this corridor a little shorter if you wish), and score with controller 1 immediately after the dummy dies. You'll get at least one, sometimes two or three of the three different medals you need for the 25-medal achievements.

  • Best ln PhillyBest ln Philly872,670
    18 Sep 2015 18 Sep 2015 18 Sep 2015
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    Edit: Do it on boring and kill second controller with flaming puck after slam dunk.

    Will edit tommorrow fully.... Too tired.

    The best way to do the 3 achievements for getting 25 medals is to triple up.

    Start a match on minefield, bring the ball to the enemy base, and put your second controller at the edge of the goal and shoot it him. This is for Shot-Blocker.

    Then bring the second controller that should still have the ball to the lower tight corner and check him with cn_A this is for the Rough-Houser medal.

    Pick up the ball with your first controller and bring it to the goal. Killer your dummy with the spike and then slam dunk your ball while he's still dead for the Untouchable medal.

    The only downside to this is that there is a possibility of getting a Sir-Dies-Alot or a Sharpshooter medal in place of the ones you need.

    The vast majority of the time you'll get 2 out of 3. A few times you'll get 3/3 and a few 1/3.

    This is still far beneficial to doing each medal in their own games. As it only takes 10-20 seconds more and loading up each level takes a minute or so with load times.

    Once you get one of the medals done you can take them out of rotation.

    If you get Untouchable medal done early I reccomend switching to the "boring" map.
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