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Trial of the Empress achievement in Dragon Age™: Inquisition

Trial of the Empress

Even Ground on: slay a level 16 or higher Fereldan Frostback.

Trial of the Empress0
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How to unlock the Trial of the Empress achievement

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    18 Dec 2015 19 Dec 2015 19 Dec 2015
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    This achievement requires that your entire party be level 16. You then turn on Even Ground and kill the Fereldan Frostback in the Hinterlands (north of the northeastern campsite). If, like me, your main problem is finding a save with a decent level that hasn't killed the dragon, this video may help you. I could only find one at level 13 and I had no interest in doing more quests and shit after I've already done so much. I used this method to level to 16.

    THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO. I just wanted to share it because it seems like the best way to level. I know there's a method involving giants but they eventually stop respawning and if you're underleveled you aren't killing them quickly anyway. Basically you unlock the Hissing Wastes and bring a mage, go to the camp northwest of the starting camp (closest one) and then go into some ruins right by the camp, down the stairs and through the door. There's 4 torches here and you're supposed to hit them in a specific order. Instead, we want to use the torch in the back, on the right side (assuming you're facing inside from the entrance). When you use the torch, 2 rage demons and 2 of the smaller demons spawn. Kill them. After they're dead, the torch can be lit again and they'll respawn. It's obviously tedious, but it gets the job done. The Demons are much easier to kill than a giant, so I was futzing around the computer and letting my allies kill them. And, when you need to restock potions, the camp is like 100 feet away. You'll get about 400 experience per group.

    Another thing to note is that near the ruins (above ground) is some tables with papers on them. One of the papers gave me 5000 experience, so make sure to snag that.

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    The SCHWARTZ 00FYI, in case anyone is wondering in 2020, this exploit still works.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 24 Feb at 05:17
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    To obtain this achievement you must reach level sixteen before killing the frostback dragon which is located in the Hinterlands. To turn on this trial or any other hit start and go to options.
    Normally this dragon will be level 12 so it is likely you will have killed it to early. If you are lucky enough to have a save before killing it then load it up. Non-level 16's need to progress through the story until 16 and everyone in the party is 16 then activate the trial and fight it. If you are unlucky like me then you will need to make a new save and reach 16. This can be done on any difficulty so if you are having a problem beating it then put the game on casual.
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    BiggDopeAh, good point. I'll have to double back next time I get on and see if that's the case. Thanks for the tip, I completely forgot that could be the reason.
    Posted by BiggDope on 10 Sep 15 at 13:12
    GoGoActionTeamI had the same confusion as the trial itself says it scales enemies to 'the same level as the inquisitor' but I can confirm that everyone in your party has to be at least level 16 as well for the Fereldan Frostback (which is a FIRE dragon for some reason) to be scaled up.
    Posted by GoGoActionTeam on 15 Sep 15 at 13:05
    Zer0eSince no one has posted a comment in almost 4 years, it is safe to say that things may have changed. I got the achievement earlier today as a level 16 Inquisitor, but the other 3 members were all 15. I did this on Nightmare too (doubtful that matters). One thing of note, I noticed that at least one did level up after the dragon's death. So there is a tiny chance that all 3 leveled up and caused the achievement to pop. Or just you need to be 16.
    Posted by Zer0e on 15 Jul 19 at 20:53
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